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  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    AlBQuirky said:

    Players these days ...
    Some of them were also playing back then, UO, EQ, AC1. You aren't the only veteran here.

    Actually, even people who joined the genre later during Vanilla WoW are still part of those people who know it wasn't always about AOEing 5+ same level mobs at once and surviving. Even back then you still had to be careful with your pulls, and elite mobs were actually elite and would kill you.
  • MMORPG that could be played idle on second screen while working ?

    Lineage Revolution on Android. Auto questing...
    If you want it on PC, it's simple... VMWare Player + Android x86.
  • Do you think your video gaming has had a negative impact on your life?

    ikcin said:

    Most people here are obviously addicted to the games, but some struggle to admit it.

    No need to make assumptions about other people's life in order to try to justify that other thread you made about penalizing play time...
    It almost seems to me that you are trying to project your own weaknesses on others.
  • ESO - Depressing color palette?

    All zones have a different feel. Of course you have "gloomy" ones, but also vast prairies, deserts, snow covered mountains, etc...

    Now if you still don't like the style after exploring more areas, because it seems to me you've only seen a very small part of the game, and if you have an nVidia card, there's that new "Freestyle" thing that allows you to change the aspect of many games including ESO.
  • Intel Coffee Lake 6-core (Out Now)

    Vrika said:
    It's not an overclock btw, it's one parameter in the Z370 bios, "optimize muti core performance". It simply puts all cores at the maximum official turbo speed. 
    You're right, my mistake. It's not an overclock, you merely compared your processor's boost clock to alternative processor's base clock in a synthetic test that suits your processor particularly well.

    In actual rendering performance Ryzen would have been about even with your processor:

    Source: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3230369/components-processors/core-i7-8700k-review-prices-specs-benchmarks.html
    Color me impressed, Ryzen is definitely not bad in those specific cases indeed. The problems the platform had at release have obviously been fixed.

    The same article also says that the 8700k has the best single threaded performance, still making it the best processor for gaming. Their 3DMark result on the second page is bullshit, since they only display the CPU multithreaded score which is not a gaming test, what they should have posted is the total score. All the other tests comfirm the Intel lead.
    You can see that even older Intel processor with the same number of cores than those Ryzen are beating them in that Blender test (279 for the 8/16 6900k vs 300 for the 8/16 1800x). So as I said, if one wants to notch performance and money isn't a problem, Intel is still the way to go.

    I'll make those tests myself on my platform when I'm back home to compare.

    It's nice to have AMD back to something competitive after so many years of being far behind Intel. It can only be good for us end consumers.
    Thanks for that link.