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  • No one wants to look at what happened !

    Kyleran said:
    Dartanlla said:
    mmolou said:

    Crafting wise, no MMORPG has done it better than SWG, either before, or since, I would even go further and claim that nobody has implemented gathering resources for crafting better than SWG did either, and the best items in the game were made by crafters, not mob drops.

    Look at EQ2 crafting when it first released, not quite as good as SWG, but very, very close, lots of dependency on other crafters. More involved than just click a button and gain an item.

    As for combat and PvP, once again SWG handled PvP better than any MMORPG since, the way abilities functioned in a different way when used for PvE as opposed to PvP was great, the flagging system/factions worked perfectly.

    As far as combat balance, I feel that is where MMOs go wrong in the first place, trying to get balance, when really, they should be aiming for a rock/paper/scissors type system.

    Obviously the above is just my opinion, and sure, not every older MMORPG (or MMOwhatever) has or had better systems than newer MMOs, but you can certainly find older MMOs that do have, or had, better functionality of a certain system than a lot of MMOs today.
    SWG was an awesome game!  It was the first MMO I played and I have so many great memories playing it.  The crafting system was amazing.... and it was STAR WARS!  But to be honest, if they re-released SWG at whatever pre-NGE point was deemed the pinnacle and it was updated with better graphics than any game that currently exists, I probably still wouldn't play it.  The classic MMO's were good, but they were good for their time.  I am looking for something new.  Here is my wish list for an MMO:

    1. It has to be hard.  I want to lose the first fight against the easiest mob and have to work to overcome it.  I want to die often, so I am encouraged to improve.
    2. No maps.  I want to have to explore on my own and get lost.  The world should be big, but not empty and devoid of content.  Cities and village should be big enough to hold a believable population size.
    3. No quest helpers.  No indication of who has quests.  No pointing me in the right direction.  Quests should be more like riddles you have to figure out than go here and kill X.  Quests should also have multiple paths to choose from and/or multiple ways to complete them.
    4. No fast travel.  Going from one city to another should be a journey that you have to prepare for.  A journey you may not survive.
    5. No levels and no XP gain from killing mobs.  I don't want to play the get to max level as fast as you can type of game anymore.  I also want to be able to invite a friend to join and both of us can play the same content without some kind of fake auto-difficulty system.
    6. No classes.  I want to be able to build my character however I want.  I want each player to be unique with no two the same.  Right now I am leaning toward a healing archer ;)
    7. PvP is okay in the game, but I don't want it to be a gankfest.  If it has open world PvP, then I need there to be systems in place to protect me sometimes (guards, criminal penalties, etc).
    8. I want a lot of content that can be completed by me and 3 or 4 friends.  I want each of us to have roles that we fill, but I would like to see a new combat system that does not rely on the Trinity.
    9. I want skill based real-time combat.  No tab targeting, no cooldowns and let's get rid of RNG completely.  But at the same time I want the combat to be deeply strategic.  I want to be able to craft my own magic spells and tune them to my play style.
    10. I want AI that is smart.  I want the mobs to be challenging, not just because they are powerful, but because they can out-think me.  AI should seem more like you are playing a human and less like a bot that just runs at you swinging.  AI should be unpredictable.
    11. I want a player run economy where the best items are crafted by players.  A game where crafting is a role equal to combat, not a secondary skill that everyone gets.
    12. I want social systems in cities that more closely approximate social systems in real life.  I want player run city governments.  I want NPC and player run guilds with levels and ranks to achieve.  I want a limited number of player run non-instanced shops in each city where players bid on them each week and they go to the player willing to pay the most rent that week.
    13. I want a game that does not focus on content that each player can complete alone, but focuses more on content that is shared by all players while it is active.  You may be able to complete a quest on your own, but it isn't your copy of the same quest everyone else gets.
    14. The game storyline is mysterious and compelling and does not focus on the player.  The player can completely ignore what is happening in the world if they want or they can investigate it and further the storyline for everyone in the game.
    15.  Game systems should be designed to encourage community.

    If anyone knows of a game like this, let me know ;)

    You have a better chance of being hit by lightning...twice in one day vs the possibility of this exact game ever being made.

    Classic mistake, looking for games with a large laundry list of "desired" features.

    If you find a game that contains even 5 of them you should be playing the heck out of it. (Several come to mind btw)

    But likely you won't,  for "reasons" so all I can say is, better consider wearing rubber soled shoes going forward. 

    There are the people who spend their life waiting for an hypothetical ideal game, and you have the people who spend their life playing games... ;)

    YashaX said:
    What is wrong with being able to progress through some of the content solo and needing a group to do some of the content?
    Nothing for people like you and me, but a few people seem to want others to be forced into their play style by the game.
  • Poll: Do you worry about not being able to run a game?

    Kyleran said:
    With the computer I have, which is upgraded at least once a year?
    Nope, definitely not.
    Clearly in the "I'm Rich" category.

    Nope... in the "my work replaces my CPU and motherboard (+RAM when needed) with the new generation for free" category ;)
    I'd still have my old 4790k if that wasn't true.

    The graphic card remains my problem though, but the 980ti is as fast as a 1070 and I have no need to replace it yet.
  • Intel marketing Optane as being like extra DRAM

    Sorry, but PC OEMs being dishonest isn't Intel's fault... this article seems to have a bias to me and assumes way too much. I guess some builders conveniently misread the latest Intel FAQ to their advantage.
  • No one wants to look at what happened !

    To make it short, I'm talking about games I've really experienced first hand while he's fantasizing about games he never played... ;)
  • No one wants to look at what happened !

    Scot said:
    This is so much fact, it should be a sticky on the main page of this site.
    Facts are not opinion. Facts are the same for everyone.
    Your opinion is not a fact.

    Forced grouping disappeared because most people don't like to be forced into something, specially during their leisure activities, but enjoy having the choice of what they can do instead.

    Grouping is still there, and going strong. But people group because they want it, and not because they are forced into it anymore. And of course, the games offering such choices have millions more players than those old school forced grouping relics.
    Indeed I was not a absolute fan of the amount of grouping needed in say DAOC. But its swings and roundabouts, if you don't do it grouping you do it solo, and which play is better solo or grouping? For me it is grouping, so there you have a quandary.

    Of course if you are the sort of player who happily goes through an entire MMORPG without grouping this is not an issue. But that brings me back to my original point, if you are that sort of player can't we put them in their own bubble and get on with grouping? :)

    But the idea about giving each solo players their own shard or whatever you want to call it, does not solve the problem. We still have issues with the grouping only shard of the game, and we may find players want to nip in and out of both shards. Which if you think about it is more or less what we have now.
    I'm the kind of player who is having a blast in a group or a raid when he has the time to do it (and also the mood), but who also enjoys being able to make progress outside of those activities when I either don't have the necessary contiguous time or if I'm just in the mood to enjoy a story solo by taking my time.

    To me, the biggest enemies of me grouping are those randoms who are like "go go go! faster, faster!". Nothing makes me leave a dungeon group faster, and considering most of the times I'm the tank... well... you see what I mean. That's why I stick to guild groups too nowadays.

    If there's a cutscene, I want to watch it, and not being insulted by some kiddie in a hurry because I didn't completely forget the "RP" in "MMORPG".