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  • The game should run on a toaster

    Even with minimum specs, games with higher graphical fidelity will always require greater graphics processing power, memory, and memory bandwidth. That's just the way it is.

    Insisting that games remain compatible with old hardware is to insist that games do not improve graphically.

    ... and oh the irony of those who claim Pantheon must innovate to be successful then complaining about hardware requirements that accompany graphical improvements.
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    Net neutrality never stopped my ISP from throttling Netflix. The whole thing was a facade to add more regulations giving established isps an even greater stranglehold. At least now we will have less govt intervention telling new isps what they can and cannot offer and how much they have to charge. If they can overcome the gauntlet of frivolous lawsuits the big companies throw up for upstarts, we might actually see our internet subscriptions go down in price for a change.
  • Pre-Alpha Starts Today!

    Torval said:

    It's not puzzling at all. Gamers give passes to stuff they like and are unforgivingly critical of stuff they don't. Thing are filtered through these two different lenses.

    People that take pot shots at this game and then in the next thread explain why it's okay in their game. Some of the people in this thread have and will do the same thing to another game in another thread.
    I personally don't understand why people care what other people do with their money, as long as it doesn't negatively affect you. I can only imagine it's envy. Whales in a f2p game are a far cry from someone who willingly donates money to help something they want be created. In a f2p game it offers an unfair advantage. That is not the case here.

    Torval said: So the whales in this game are loved and described as something other than whales. Whales in other games are idiots who spend thousands of dollars propping up a game. You know if someone only read this post they probably wouldn't even know which game we're talking about because it's so prevalent.

    Personally I think that it is ridiculous and a mistake, but it's not my project and I don't have any problem with people choosing to run it that way. Just like I love ESO but think the $125 house is idiotic like the $100 Rift horse, or locking content behind a sub or loot crate. We're still all riding that train full steam ahead and not even considering what all that means or that it might mean something.

    Maybe I'm out of touch and completely wrong, but my spidey sense tingles a little at the ecosystem. It is not stable and it appears to moving in an unsustainable direction. Just a thought.

    Ideally games will be made again that are popular enough on their own merit without needing shake down one's players or offer in game advantages. That is what I hope comes of this current batch of indie games. Otherwise, things will just continue to trend down. Even if the economy is picking up, nobody is going to throw money away cloning games that struggle on cash shop models.
  • Graphics

    They should save that sorceress walk animation for when players have been drinking.
  • Niche

    Mendel said:
    Kulharin said:
    I'm ready for Niche games, every online PVE focused game I play now is exactly the same in presentation; super easy, casual tutorial content up until max level/end game... everyone rush to end game effortlessly... new expansion is released; previous challenging content is nerfed and old items made irrelevant to get you to the new end game tier... rinse and repeat... I'm over this crap.  We need niche games.
    I don't know about this.  It seems to me that a game made by the same people that created those easy versions that you don't like, leading severely understaffed teams, with nebulous schedules, and functioning on a shoestring budget aren't likely to be the solution.  I agree that new ideas are needed, perhaps desperately so, but looking to the past to find those ideas just doesn't seem the best way to get new and innovative games to play.  Squeezing lemons doesn't usually produce chardonnay.
    The pursuit of whats new and innovative is a mirage. Doing away with features that defined the genre and bringing in "the new", was exactly what got us where we are today: vapid single player mmos that offer more back-patting than challenge, more convenience than immersion, and a lack of a reason to keep playing, leaving virtual worlds virtually empty.

    You talk about old design as if it's incompatible with the new, but the old is only the foundation. Pantheon will have plenty of new stuff or improved old stuff built on top of it.