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  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    Just because your MMO interactions lacked meaning, doesn't mean that was the case for everyone else. I still play games and stay in contact with people I met 20 years ago in EQ.

    If all your interactions including the ones in your day to day are meaningless, it may be time for you to look inward.
  • Niche

    Mendel said:
    Kulharin said:
    I'm ready for Niche games, every online PVE focused game I play now is exactly the same in presentation; super easy, casual tutorial content up until max level/end game... everyone rush to end game effortlessly... new expansion is released; previous challenging content is nerfed and old items made irrelevant to get you to the new end game tier... rinse and repeat... I'm over this crap.  We need niche games.
    I don't know about this.  It seems to me that a game made by the same people that created those easy versions that you don't like, leading severely understaffed teams, with nebulous schedules, and functioning on a shoestring budget aren't likely to be the solution.  I agree that new ideas are needed, perhaps desperately so, but looking to the past to find those ideas just doesn't seem the best way to get new and innovative games to play.  Squeezing lemons doesn't usually produce chardonnay.
    The pursuit of whats new and innovative is a mirage. Doing away with features that defined the genre and bringing in "the new", was exactly what got us where we are today: vapid single player mmos that offer more back-patting than challenge, more convenience than immersion, and a lack of a reason to keep playing, leaving virtual worlds virtually empty.

    You talk about old design as if it's incompatible with the new, but the old is only the foundation. Pantheon will have plenty of new stuff or improved old stuff built on top of it.
  • Graphics

    Kyleran said:
    Dullahan said:

    No he is not kidding himself, How does EQ have infinitely more depth to its game play than AC? I know the guy before was being rude but you have nothing backing your claim besides your friends say so. Did you play AC?
    Yeah just me and my friends and around half a million other people who chose EQ over AC. The real question is did you even play EQ? Serious question.

    It doesn't mean AC was a bad game, but it speaks for itself. Just the people playing on the EQ pvp servers would have been more than all their pvp players and a few of their PvE server playerbases combined. And this wasn't a WoW scenario where another established publisher came along years later with updated graphics, EQ and AC were contemporary. AC even had advantages in some of the features pointed out like a non-zoned world and better graphics, but those things were not enough to pull people away.
    So, people thought more popular equals better, even back in 1998 eh?

    I thought that was just a WOW thing. 

    Since always. More people thought it was better, but that doesn't make it any less subjective. Regarding better gameplay, yeah I'd say the game with weaker graphics, a clunkier engine and a zoned world that still had 5x the players probably succeeded in achieving better gameplay. Or sorry, gameplay that "appealed to more people" for the sensitive who cannot tolerate such definitive adjectives like 'better'.
  • Pantheon will be at Twitch Con this weekend

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  • "The Pantheon Difference" (from the official Pantheon website)

    This thread has really devolved into a sad display of mental gymnastics.

    If you can create a new character, but have nothing new to explore or achieve, its a huge stretch to call such a game alt-friendly. A game with a huge open world and unique content for every race is definitely alt-friendly.

    As such EQ and Vanguard were the pinnacle of alt-friendly, and it seems Pantheon is being created in a similar fashion.

    Let's also stop pretending that because some progression is "gated" that it somehow prevents you from enjoying a new experience, with new content. After all, every game is gated behind levels or some construct. Just because a level 1 can't go to that end game dungeon and slay monsters, doesn't mean there isn't something fun that character can partake in. This line of reasoning is intellectually dishonest and misinformation.