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  • Around the Verse - Frankfurt Studio Update on Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    rensta said:
    Ohhhh they are waiting for their backers to die! Clever!
    One of the first things they ever talked about was their "Death of a Spaceman" idea. Perhaps it was the one time CIG were honest with their backers?
  • CIG is working hard to implement VR

    Chris Roberts:
    YEAH on the VR FRONT, um, you know, the game's very much built to be VR FRIENDLY because, you know... like al-um... almost all the UI is DIAGETIC and the stuff that isn't we're putting more into being DIAGETIC and we wanna improve the whole DIAGETIC FEEL... ah... so... ahh... you know... our biggest HOLDBACK on the VR is really just we're still doing so much base level REFACTORING and the ENGINE and the RENDERER will, you know, be starting on you know, the X... the VULKAN, the X12 kinda REFACTOR as well, a-and we're doing so much OPTIMISATION that we sorta feel like, 'we've gotta get that done... FIRST', and... get the base level engine stuff more like FINISHED, not constantly working REFACTORING

    And then we'll... we'll PUT VR...

    Cos we had actual, you know, VR support quite a while ago but again as we CHANGE stuff it BREAKS and then your engine team, you go, 'are they gonna go fix the VR stuff? Are they writing that new... that new... you know like the PROCEDURAL PLANETS that EVERYBODY can experience', and... so that's always been... that's kind of what's happened in those situations

    But once all that stabilises of course we're gonna go and get that supported and when we're building things, you know, we're aware of like I said the DI... putting everything in the world itself, ah... which is quite friendly for VR or... you know... and moving your head around and TRACKING the same thing it's like... we track... ah... your HEADLOOK and actually, you know, I... I'd thought that we'd turned it on in 3.0 but it will be something that you can disconnect your LOOK from your AIM... as a PLAYER... ah, you know the AI can already do that...

    Cos that's also something that's potentially useful where you're... you know... you're a CERTAIN way, you don't have to look around to like move your gun to look at it

  • Curiosity ..

    Erillion said:
    If you think they would, you are naive.

    There is a lot of manhours behind such a report ... which translates into cost. Money you could put to better use elsewhere if you do not have to create such a report. Money that you could use to pay their code monkeys a higher salary for all the crunch time and blood/sweat/tears moments in game development.
    I think the naivety here is believing that extra cash will go to the code monkeys as wages... :)

    Erillion said:
    Nah, who am i kidding ? This is a company on the London stock exchange ... that is money better handed out as profit to the stockholders, of course !

    Ah yes, the big, bad studio stiffing it's customers just to line their own pockets... all on the back of their £3 cosmetics, meanwhile the studio fleecing people with $700 in game items are only charging that because it's for the good of the backers....
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Babuinix said:
    Again with pointless comparisons.


    If the business model was one of a released game who rely on the cosmetic funding model most of the cool stuff would be behind a paywall to keep the business running, which is what elite does.

    All in all it's all optional, nobody forces anyone to buy anything.

    I love you. You bring up games like Elite when you want to slag them off and talk up Star Citizen but when someone else does comparisons you call for the waaambulance :)

    Star Citizen is pay to win and there's no getting around that. Earning stuff in game is not exonerating it from those claims no matter how much you squint.
  • Teaser For The Upcoming 'Beyond - Chapter One' Patch

    In last nights 'Discovery' livestream they showed off some of the graphical updates to planets, these have been done so that, from space, people can identify what the planet's composition is and where they will be more likely to find minerals.

    We also got to see the new ship (Chieftain) in action, price in dollars? Zero...

    They have also included a whole bunch of trade updates that will make it far easier to figure out where to buy/sell, the price you can get from various markets, demand and so on.
    Also included was a Tech Broker who will allow you to unlock weapons in return for minerals/metals or whatever.
    And lastly they showed a new mission type (solo or wing) involving the Megaships which I would imagine will be expanded to other parts of the game.

    56 mins 33 secs if timestamp doesn't work