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  • Patch 3.1 Released for all backers

    Erillion said:
    >> Sounds like you'd have trouble even making it to the canyon <<<

    Not anymore.
    Why not anymore? That reddit post was made just yesterday so perhaps it would be useful to state what has changed since then...

    Is server stability better? Haven't logged on in a bit.
    It's crashing quite a lot, really quite unstable tbh, the framerate has increased but so has stuttering (due to trying to load in assets faster).
  • Guinness Book Of World Records

    Elite was the first game to feature a [3D] procedurally generated world, while Frontier: Elite II was the first game to feature procedurally generated star systems. Frontier: First Encounters was the first game to contain procedurally generated terrain and textures. Procedural Generation uses random inputs to a computer ‘procedure’ to create something unique that also adheres to certain rules, such as Elite II’s star systems. These were generated by the game aggregating the mass of material within an early solar system into planets and moons that obey the laws of physics, but which have slightly randomised material distribution in order to ensure each system’s uniqueness.

    Pretty cool.
  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    MaxBacon said:
    Eyes shut, fingers in ears and lalalalalalalala
    You posted your opinion and view, I posted mines, but it seems you aren't satisfied, you want to break me into submitting to your opinion as fact, well, refer to the previous post once again.
    No Max that is not what I am doing at all. You are perfectly entitled to give or withhold your opinion as you see fit, everyone has to respect that. The above comment was in response to you posting something entirely unrelated to what was being asked. It just felt like a copy/paste response.


    I do think it's a shame that we, as in all of us, cannot have more civil discussions but as is so often the case, assumptions are made about people's intentions, history factors in, lines are drawn, the handbags come out and it just gets more and more about 'you're wrong, I'm right' instead of any semblence of decency.

    Personally I find whiteknights pretty infuriating because they refuse to concede or even entertain validity in other people's views, seemingly done out of some weird sense of loyalty to whatever it is they are defending. Any so-called hater will tell you that their are good things about Star Citizen, they might not admit that a lot of the time because of forum PvP, but hearing WKs admit that their are any bad things is really like trying to leech blood from a stone :)
  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    Psychos1s said:
    Yes why not, this transcription is simply there to point out that he completely dodges the question being asked, there's nothing in it that is offensive. It's funny, you see a lot of English footballers when interviewed on television say, "you know" and "em" quite frequently and in all my years I've never heard it referred to as a speech impediment.

    If there's one thing we can draw from this discussion it's that people will go to amazing lengths to be offended and claim discrimination.

    Anyway, some more gobbledegook
    Q: Will this be more Squadron 42 based? Are you planning to provide any extra content updates after Squadron 42 Episode One is released or just patches and bugfixes?

    Erin Roberts: Yeah I mean at the MOMENT it's... I mean the PLAN is... is... it's SQUADRON, and we HOPE we won't be patching it, a-haha! I mean really, SQUADRON for us is gonna be, eh... we REALLY wanna make sure... and that's not a big thing that's why I'm kind of... very... quiet about it and don't show it too much... until we you know... until we want you know to do different stuff and things but...

    THAT'S the thing we wanna release, and when we release it we don't want to have, you know... I don't... well... WE WON'T RELEASE IT if... if we...

    And the GREAT thing about the way we do this is, you know... we... we... when... and especially because we're LIVE and you know we can just... you know, you DOWNLOAD it... is we don't have you know... we don't have some problem where somebody says, 'Well you have to get to MANUFACTURING by this date, oh well we'll just finish this off and we'll patch it later'

    So, you know, we want that FIRST experience when it comes out, we feel it's a good experience the first time it goes out and people will really BLOW THEIR MIND
    But Squadron because obviously A, we think it's a massive great story and a brilliant game, and we wanna make sure we don't RUIN it, so...

    So Squadron WILL come out when it's ready, so hopefully, on the PATCH side, you know, I... I mean you can't say... MAYBE there'll be one or two EDGE CASE PCs and we'll find some problem and fix it, there's a little patch for THAT... but hopefully... hopefully it should really work well.

    Straight after that, the plan will be to go straight on to the second episode.

  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    I saw Somthing Jones' transcript for some of this interview and it was hilarious, I have next to no idea what Erin was banging on about.

    Q: And improvements to persistence as well?

    Erin Roberts: Em... to... to... em... persistence and stuff yes there's a lot of improvements to persistence, there's improvements to ECONOMY, so we make it so, you know... you know... so... you know... it... it's gonna be, you know... uhm... the, you know... no... eeehhh CARRYING CARGO to make it on your map and stuff, how that works is gonna be different in terms of what you do and how you're doing things like that.

    So THAT sort of level of stuff will come in, and then obviously the next BIG iteration for all that kind of stuff will be 3.2... um... where we're gonna add a BUNCH of new FEATURES such as mining, um... and SALVAGING and stuff like that.

    So people can go and MINE and make money that way, um, SALVAGE and um... things like that.