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  • 3.3 (late) Brings Nothing New to Development

    NorseGod said:
    Robsolf said:
    Linif said:

    If this were 2-3 years in, I'd have alot more sympathy for its defenders.  3-4 years, even.  But 6+ years and barely in Alpha is limbo.  This IS NOT how you make games.  This is not even how you make software.

    This isn't for the cult to answer or defend. This is all Chris Roberts. What does he have to say?

    He loves podcasts and videos. Are there any videos of him being held accountable for this?

    More importantly, will he respond with slogans, excuses, or solutions?
      You mean Chris "I absolve myself of that" Roberts?
  • About Those Ship Prices....

    Too soon to say as a lot of pricing will have to be worked out when balancing the game. It's rare a company will stick to it's guns when there's an obvious problem with pricing and hardly anyone is buying ingame ships.  As of now most ships aren't finished and there are little to no content in place for a lot of the specialty ships. Perhaps payouts for missions will be adjusted.

    I have to smile when I see people saying, well then this isn't the game for you, because one, there is no launched game yet, and two telling people the game isn't for them during alpha when the game isn't finished is questionable to say the least.  That's making a big assumption that what's being planned will actually be in the game exactly as written.  I'm sure the early backers can tell you it ain't so.

    I feel this way about any game that's still in alpha or early beta as a game can change a lot before launch and a lot of games are still being completed for years afterwards.  
    I can't disagree, it's clear that a lot of people were shocked at the pricing and what it would imply so hopefully it does get changed. It does concern me a bit though because they've been running with this significant increase in pricing for a couple of years now...

    If I was to go all conspiracy-like, I would propose that these high prices were shown for a reason, ie "look how much you're going to pay in game if you don't buy now, get your ships at a 'bargain' price while you can..."

    As for Babs, a while ago he was complaining that all topics were just haters trolling, as soon as a non-trolling discussion is started he's the one that starts trolling... :)
  • About Those Ship Prices....

    Disclaimer: Obviously numbers are subject to change but CIG have repeatedly shown that ships are high value assets and income is low value, the suggested in-game price for the Polaris as an example (25m-30m UEC), CR talking about hard and fast ramp up for ship cost etc and at the opposite end, the low amount one earns for trading/mining etc in the PU.

    Towards the end of the stream they visited a ship dealer on Hurston where we got to see in-game prices for a few ships. The cost and time involved based on the mission they had just undertaken made those prices seem extortionate, ie 4000 UEC for an hour long mission with an upper mid-range ship costing 21.5 million UEC (so over 5000 hours to obtain at that UEC p/hr ratio).

    These numbers are based on income being 2.5x higher than what was obtained in the demo
    • Aegis Hammerhead: 21.4 million UEC, this $650 ship now costs $21,429 in game, will take 2143 hours to earn which is almost 2 years at 3 hours per night.
    • MISC Prospector: 1.6 million UEC, this $155 ship now costs $1620 in game and will take 162 hrs, almost 2 months at 3 hours per night.
    • Origin 85X: 616,000, this $50 ship now costs $616 in game and takes 62 hours, almost 3 weeks at 3hr p/night.
    • Aurora LX: 220,900, this $30 ship now costs $220 in game and takes 22 hours, about 1 week at 3hr p/night.

    The question then, is how long will it take to earn a $1000, a $1500 or a $2500 spaceship?

    My concern is that this will just push people away from the game, not only will it create a mega-disparity between those that have bought ships and those that haven't but it will also make grindy F2P games look like an absolute breeze, it is masochism on a whole new level.

    When Elite started it would take about 2-3 weeks to earn the top end ship and people found that way too intensive. Once you had the hull you then needed to A-grade the modules which could quadruple the value of your ship. SC will be doing something similar, are people really going to spend 6000 hours maxing out their ships? That's almost 6 years maxing out a single $650 ship...

    I can understand that CIG need to give wallet warriors value for their money but do they only want wallet warriors playing the game?
  • I Think I Made a Mistake 2 of 2

    Why you see my observations as arguments I will never know.  You said my observations were wrong.  How did I argue with you about that?  Why pick fights with me?

    One thing I've noticed is that the people who are against SC tend to be more civil then those who are for it.  Perhaps it says something about the type of people the game is attracting.  
    Yes there's a lot of that. It's a big reason why the community is viewed as rather toxic.
  • Citizencon Stream is Paywalled

    Don't know if the Relay article got posted 


    CIG has crowdfunded over $190 million to develop Star Citizen and untold millions more from subscribers.  CIG lives off of the goodwill, generosity, and excitement of the Star Citizen community. Poisoning the well by forcing the members of that community to throw them yet another $20 USD just so they can keep apprised of the game they helped finance is just absurd and frankly paints CIG as wildly out of touch.