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  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    Scorchien said:
               So , for all those wanting a Trial .. it is coming ... from the dev

    "We do plan on having a free trial, but I'm afraid I don't have a solid ETA for you on when that might be available."

      I dont think it would be to far out

    Who would be waiting for a trial... I mean it was literally free to download and play for years until a few days ago wasn't it?

    Maybe everyone doesn't follow games as religiously as others do on game forums and the first time they will see or hear of it is when they see it displayed for sale on Steam.  I would say that holds true for the majority gaming demographic.

    Novel concept, I know.

  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    DMKano said:
    Typically the 1st weekend after Steam launch is the highest peak of concurrent players on steam - currently Project Gorgon has 265 concurrent players on steam, so we'll see how high it peaks today and tomorrow.

    Thankfully, there's only two folks putting time into this project, so generating thousands of players isn't incredibly necessary.

    I don't think the couple behind this is banking on it as their livelihood.  At least, not from what I've read.

    That's not very reassuring.

    As a fan attempting to peddle the pro-PG aspects of the game, I wouldn't work too hard in advocating the above point of view.  

    It wouldn't work very well in as far as pulling in those players looking to invest in the long term viability and commitment to the game.

  • Steam Launch Day Coming on March 13th - Project Gorgon News

    Far be it for me to criticize a developers financial worth of their project.  However, we as potential customers would be remiss if we were not as honest as possible in assessing, and providing input, regarding said product's honest financial viability.  In the current state of the MMORPG market, as it pertains to competitively comparable products on the market, their $29.99 price tag (and this is with a 25% off sale on Steam), is a bit on the high end.  Considering PG its not the type of game that would otherwise entice impulse buying due to eye candy visuals, I honestly don't know if the price is justified.

    I would suggest that, at least upon initial release, they rethink their financial business model.  Players will be less vitriolic in their criticism if they are allowed to try a game without being saddled with such a high entry fee, only to be disappointed after giving it a brief once over.  If your game is good, it will garner support and increase in popularity regardless.  A worst case scenario is not an option as generally speaking, with few exceptions (FFXIV:ARR), MMOs are only given one chance to make it right before they are written off, and discarded, by a very unforgiving gamer population.  

    Off the top of my head I would, at least, suggest a Free Trial option to get your game populated and moving forward in a positive light.  Absent that, perhaps a lower entry fee to say, at most, $14.99 (preferably $9.99) with the condition that the price will go up within, say a 3-6 month period, to entice players to purchase the game before that time lapse.  IMHO, this is a reasonable start for PG at this point, and would at least foster good will within the community.  The game does have deep systems potential that I feel will not be realized unless it utilizes a customized, and well thought out, business model. 

  • Steam Launch Day Coming on March 13th - Project Gorgon News

    In a nutshell ... Deep on game play and features, shallow on graphics and animations.
  • Shroud of the Avatar - Nearing Launch, A Lot Has Improved - MMORPG.com

    I tried the game early on and never could understand why some people feel they have to be so venomous in criticizing it. There were a couple things I asked for help with, but the basic gameplay tasks and actions seemed natural enough. Maybe some people are just spoiled and/or mentally lazy. Anyway, seems like adding shortcuts wouldn't be asking too much of an upgrade/update.

    Many people spew venom at games for the simple reason that the game is different, or may somewhat deviate from the game systems that they have been recently accustomed.  I suppose it doesn't occur to said people that with extended play time, this game system and way of doing things, will also become quite natural.  Riding a bike or roller skating, without training wheels, was also awkward when we first tried them, but with time we became just as familiar with performing those activities as well.  We all complain about WoW clones when they are released, but when a game dares to be different, all hell brakes lose.  Its a lose, lose situation for game developers.  Which is why the MMORPG genre is as stagnant as it is today.  That multi-million dollar investment toward innovation, or to try something different, is simply just not worth the risk.  The gaming population, and their varied personal preferences, are a terribly difficult demographic to satisfy.