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  • Shroud of the Avatar - Nearing Launch, A Lot Has Improved - MMORPG.com

    I tried the game early on and never could understand why some people feel they have to be so venomous in criticizing it. There were a couple things I asked for help with, but the basic gameplay tasks and actions seemed natural enough. Maybe some people are just spoiled and/or mentally lazy. Anyway, seems like adding shortcuts wouldn't be asking too much of an upgrade/update.

    Many people spew venom at games for the simple reason that the game is different, or may somewhat deviate from the game systems that they have been recently accustomed.  I suppose it doesn't occur to said people that with extended play time, this game system and way of doing things, will also become quite natural.  Riding a bike or roller skating, without training wheels, was also awkward when we first tried them, but with time we became just as familiar with performing those activities as well.  We all complain about WoW clones when they are released, but when a game dares to be different, all hell brakes lose.  Its a lose, lose situation for game developers.  Which is why the MMORPG genre is as stagnant as it is today.  That multi-million dollar investment toward innovation, or to try something different, is simply just not worth the risk.  The gaming population, and their varied personal preferences, are a terribly difficult demographic to satisfy.

  • About Action Combat

    AlBQuirky said:
    Scorchien said:
    the point you argued with me was ...  ""Also,Tab -Targeting is still used more in MMORPGs by a very large margin .. Its not even close  ""

       I still stand by that and have proven that point ...
    I shudder to stick my nose in here, but 52 MMOs out of 600+ is still less than the 10% already mentioned and forgotten.

    As for "going back to tab targeting", how many of your list are less than 3 years old? Where is this "retro tab targeting trend" you spoke of?

    Now, there is also a mention of "MMORPGs", which could muck up the whole thing, depending on one's definition of "MMORPG." Tab targeting does play into the "RPG" portion, in my opinion, but that's definitely not a given to any other player's opinion.

    Well said.

    I realize that there is a lot of confusion among many regarding this subject which is why I was really trying to be patient and understanding while discussing the subject in this thread.  I believe that many are under the misguided opinion that simply because one is able to tab target a mob, that this automatically makes the game tab target combat.  Defining the difference between Action Combat and Tab Target Combat is a lot more complicated than ascribing a game as Tab Target Combat simply because one is able to tab from one mob to another and after pressing a key watching the trajectory of the attack strike the target.  There a distinct difference between the two combat styles.  Sometimes they may bleed into each other subtly, yet the difference remains if one has a true understanding of the foundational mechanics that drive each combat style.

    In a nutshell though, without going into deep detail and specifics, the difference lies in that in one style (Action Combat) the player is actively mobile and manually engaged in blocking, dodging, free lance targeting while attacking and in combat.  In other words, the player is mobile and active while in combat, hence the term "Action Combat."

    In the other combat style (Tab Targeting), the player stands stationary after tabbing a mob and proceeds to attack by pressing offensive assault skills.  Generally speaking, with this style, the game can either reward you with points that you can assign to the various categories such as block, dodge, parry, agility, etc.  These categories can also be found in gear, and when each is combined, allow the game to arbitrarily (RNG based) determine whether you are executing these actions (blocking, dodging, parrying, etc.), and how well you are able to perform and/or executive these abilities. 

    There are other combat dynamics that are integral to each, and that factor into the differences of each stated mechanic, but for the sake of brevity that is the basic difference, and the one that can be most easily recognized distinguishing one combat style from the other.   

  • About Action Combat

    Scorchien said:
    Scorchien said:
      Altho i play and enjoy both .. I find the action games just easier spam fests with simplified systems .. ...BDO being a shining example of this turd like spam fest .. Helen Keller could PVE that game with a 10 minute K+M lesson ..

     Also,Tab -Targeting is still used more in MMORPGs by a very large margin .. Its not even close 

    Might want to prove your point, not just make it.

    The ratio of games deploying action combat over tab targeting is at least 10-1 if not a whole lot more.  You can probably name MMORPGs that utilize tab targeting with one hand.  Right off the top of my head ... WoW, FF series ... and err ... (draws a blank) .....

    Action Combat on the other hand ... (points to almost entirety of "Games Tab" on this forum).

    tell ya what .. go over to the drop down , look at the games that have Tab Target and action .. check there players numbers .. it wont even be close .. matter a fact Lineage and Wow alone have more players than all the Action MMORPGs combined

      off the top of my head ..

    Guild Wars
    Anarchy Online
    Secrwt World
    Age of Wushu
    Regnum Online
    Project Gorgon
    Maple Story
    Fallen Earth
    Knight Online
    Fiesta Online
    DC Universe
    Dark Age of Camelot
    Villagers and Heores
    Dragon Nest
    Voyage Century Online
    Tree of Life
    Tree of Savior
                         but i digress

    I don't understand the above post.  Most of those games employ action combat.
  • Cant recommend ESO

    ESO is a great story telling MMORPG.  If you don't mind reading and are into story telling MMORPGs, then ESO is for you.  It offers much more than story, of course, but story telling and its relevant quest lines are one of its strengths.  If you like dungeon crawling, the dungeons are pretty cool too.  If you don't like reading or quests, however, or find mindless game play or mob grinding fun, then you will obviously not like ESO.  ESO requires a bit of aforethought.  It is not for the shallow minded for sure.   
  • Funcom Teasing Mysterious Game Announcement for February 28th - MMORPG.com News

    Better enjoy the hype because, given past experiences, it may well be all down hill from here.