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  • Why I quit.

    ... and you weren't aware of any of this before starting to play the game?

    The above are obvious to anyone who did as little as ten minutes of research before downloading the game.
  • BDO latest patch - karma penalty doubled for killing other players

    ananit said:
    Miffi89 said:
    ananit said:
    Sovrath said:
    ananit said:
    they just rewarded karmabombing assholes with that karma update and that's just sad.


    Whilst a lot of what you said has merit, a big flaw in what you're arguing for is that there is no consequence for those who were pk'd. Therefore even if someone decides to fight for the right to grind there (which obviously was a chosen mechanic, otherwise they wouldnt have such limited spaces for good exp) the one who lost simply has to walk back, no repercussions or negative effects given to them. I'm all for choices in PvPing, and if you do so take your repercussions, but what is morronic is that those who wish to karmabomb, have nothing holding them back from doing so because them dying means nothing. Keep the karma penalty, but bring back the 1% loss of exp. THAT kept people from karma bombing and meant that those who PvP'd knew the risk of them losing both karma and 1% exp. It is what kept the 'choice' in a good balance.

    I agree, it doesnt need to be a gankfest, I dont like that, but completely pandering to carebears isnt the right way to go either, there needs to be a balance in choice s others have stated.
    dude you are arguing with either a troll that never played bdo (or never past lvl 50) or a karmabomber, quit it.
    he is just regurgitating the same bs every people like him repeats.
    for them, karmabombing doesn't exists, there are no rotations in grind spots and pk'r are psycopath and they'll flat out defend griefers because of their skewed view of open world pvp.
    and when they turn yet another game into a carebear land with their constant forum whining, they'll move on to the next because when you strip a pvp centric endgame game of its pvp, there is nothing much else to do. it's been like that for a while and it's not gonna change.

    Talk about regurgitating the same BS?  Ever hear of the pot calling the kettle black?  Your words are the height of hypocrisy partner.  The fact that you consider endless PvE grind rotations an endgame thing in BDO says everything we need to know about you.

    Regarding this "karmabombing" nonsense, how can anyone be considered a "karma bomber" when it is your own voluntary act that causes you to get negative karma (karma bombed) in the first place?  In other words, if you had not engage that person there would be no supposed "karma bombing."  It is your own lack of self restrain that motivated you to gank thereby contributing to your own demise.  To blame others for a penalty imposed on you due to your own voluntary actions is dumbfounding and the epitome of entitlement and self victimization.      


  • BDO latest patch - karma penalty doubled for killing other players

    ananit said:
    Sovrath said:
    ananit said:
    they just rewarded karmabombing assholes with that karma update and that's just sad.

    whoa, now wait a minute.

    You're saying a player or more likely "a set of players" should be able to come into some guys grinding spot and harass him out without any penalty?

    If you want someone out "then mean it". Step up to the plate, take your penalty. If you aren't willing to take your penalty then you shouldn't be doing it.

    However, I see your point as that also means the person not willing to leave doesn't have to do anything to win the day.

    I'm not sure what the fix to that can be.

    But I do remember, in Lineage 2, seeing these asses harassing lower level players. I wanted them out so I took the penalty and removed them. If it was "easy" then there wouldn't be any deliberation, any "hard choices".
    i don't know the solution either but the last couple updates are definetly a step in the wrong direction.

    for further reference : in bdo you have 300k karma, as long as you have more than 0 karma you are fine, if you go below 0 it's the equivalent of being red in lineage 2. killing a player used to remove 60k karma, now it's 120k.
    karmabombing is the act of intentionnaly messing with a group or individual that is grinding somewhere by killing a few packs on their rotation to force them to pk you only to come back again and again until either one of them turns permared or they give up and you just steal a part of their exp without ever attacking them in pvp.

    the karma changes don't punish pk'rs, it rewards griefers. and man do these griefing clans/individual karmabombers take adventage of it

    according to the devs on stream, the karma changes were implemented because there were too many new players being pk'd.
    and it's not really their fault, the poor new players just follow guides telling them to go to sausan at 53~54 forgetting the important part : having the gear allowing you to grind there.
    and they just flock there in huge waves of soon to be griefers, they start killing mobs (slowly and inefficiently with their bad gear), get asked to leave first (sometimes not) but why would they !? every damn guides on the internet tells them to grind there ! it's the first real grind spot in the game and new players are simply not used to how it works : people are doing rotations between spots of mobs in a specific order !
    and then they get pk'd by people actually grinding there because these new players are unknowingly messing up their rotation.
    and then they go to the forums and start whining, and they are legion ! you can't exactly blame them for that, they lack experience. and then the devs listen to them.
    what they don't realize is that the changes to karma that they are so happy to see implemented will be their undoing later on when the roles inevitably swap and their exp spot gets invaded by waves of new griefers.

    i really don't think the solution to the pk issue was to increase the penalty for killing someone because it just rewarded griefers giving them license to invade other people's spot without fear of being punished which wasn't possible as easily before the changes. people are now fearing to do pvp in a pvp game :neutral:

    the smart thing to do would have been to make more high level areas worth the effort and grind, in order to make experienced players go to these places and let new players grind their heart out in sausan. if the experienced players are nowhere near the new players, the new players are less likely to get pk'd.
    instead they turned the already overcrowded sausan garrison into the eldorado of xp/hour for anyone 53~60 while at the same making it impossible to get rid of griefers.
    right now if you are solo or duo grinding a place that is meant to be solo/duo and 3+ players come up and just kill a few packs of mobs no matter how inefficient they are, you cannot get rid of them for fear of going negative karma (and going negative karma in bdo is imo far more harsh than being red in l2).

    sorry for the wall of text but it's imo a deep issue in the game right now and i see a lot of people rejoicing over this update without understanding the whole thing.

    I stopped reading reading your post right here ... 

    ... karmabombing is the act of intentionnaly messing with a group or individual that is grinding somewhere by killing a few packs on their "rotation" to "force" them to pk you
    What is this "rotation" BS you speak of and who is "forcing" you to do anything?

    There is nothing in the BDO game play description that identifies a game play mode that allows for players to lord over large portions of BDO real state in an effort to maintain any type of PvE "rotation." This is something that was entirely made up by min/maxers in an effort to maximize their PvE EXP efforts. Though not necessarily an exercise born by the PvP-centric, it is definitely an act that they took ownership of as a means of claiming a right to mercilessly annihilate anyone who dared venture into their "rotation" area without sustaining any type of penalty for doing so.

    PvP-centric players always want to claim BDO as a PvP game.  If BDO is a such a PvP game then why do you insist on being allowed to maintain a PvE "rotation" of PvE mob killing for hours on end without any type of PvP game play taking place whatsoever?  And Lord forbid anyone who dares venture into "their area" for some PvP.  They will whine and cry like babies calling these players "griefers" and "Karmabombers" for daring to disturb their precious PvE "roation" and engaging them for a bit of PvP.

    Crying because you may lose a bit of karma after ganking another player because they interrupted your PvE "rotation" is hardly hardcore PvP.  It is a classic definiton of the term carebear.  And its certainly not something you are "forced" to do, it is an act that you voluntarily chose to do because you lack the social skills to engage in diplomatic discussion whereby you may be able to share said rotations.  And if you chose not to share, then guess what?  That's what PvP is all about, isn't it? 

    If you were truly a hardcore PvP player you would welcome PvP at all times, and run around at max negative karma regardless of the consequences because you are that awesome. BDO is, after all, a PvP game.  I mean, what good is it really to PvE grind for hours on end in a PvP game if you're going to be PvEing 95% of the time in an effort to prepare for something you're only going to be doing 5% of the remaining time (PvP)?  

    You can't make this stuff up people.  It just boggles the mind.

  • BDO latest patch - karma penalty doubled for killing other players

    Kyleran said:
    Non-consensual PvP is akin to an MMORPG terminal disease.  It eats away at a game until its eventual and certain death.  The only reason developers opt to include it in their MMO's is to maximize their bottom dollar profits by poaching away at the hard-core PvP-centric demographic, but it is always just a matter of time before developers put their game under the knife and cut off the disease (non-consensual PvP) in an effort to save it before their game dies.  It happens in almost every MMORPG.  Some of them manage to survive after making change, others not so much.

    CCP would like to disagree with you. If anything EVE has more non consensual PVP than ever before, probably whats helping keep the game alive at this point.

    Eve is an anomaly in the MMO sphere.  For years it has been the torch carrying model for the OWPvP-centric crowd in an attempt to assign non-consensual OWPvP a measure of viability in the MMORPG genre, yet they'd be hard-pressed to find another with equal success.  That said, I wouldn't necessarily categorize Eve as an MMORPG in the classical case.   It's a space sim/FPS type shooter that carves a niche all by its lonesome.  And even though it stands alone its niche, it has never really been a powerhouse in the MMORPG industry.  It is a game popularized by its monopolized niche.
  • Tera really deserve more hype than this.

    Covet78 said:
    Endgame is garbage. unless you plop down 700$ to buy stuff to sell in the auction house, you are not getting endgame gear for pvp. The entry bar for pvp is way to high. Even with a subscription, it'll take about 7 months of grinding the exact same dungeon 4 times a day on your 8 different characters to get endgame pvp gear just for one character ... that is unless you plop down 700$ or so. 

    After getting 2 pieces I gave up. got my weapon and chest and after that said f*** it. It was taking way to long. 

    I've never understood this undying fascination that some have with "endgame."  It's like the rest of the game is irrelevant and all they want to do is rush to endgame as quickly as possible before they can finally begin enjoying the game.  As a matter of routine, my game "ends" at endgame for precisely the reason you state above.  I simply refuse to jump on a treadmill that requires a player to run the same dungeons 100s of times to gain a +1 sword simply to fight an updated version of a mob with +1 HP, only to do it all over again when the next expansion comes around requiring everyone to once again jump on a treadmill and run a different dungeon until your face turns blue to acquire yet a different skinned +1 sword to fight yet another iteration of +1 HP mob.  Its an instinctive behavioral impulse reward concept more commonly employed by scientist for hamster experiments.  For the life of me I can not understand why human beings would fall for such a mundane game mechanic.  We are human beings not hamsters, but there will be no evolution or change in this genre and game developers will continue to treat us like hamsters unless you begin to object to this type of game play by communicating to them that you demand change with your wallet.