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  • Caspien clarifies that there will be no support for 1000 player battles

    Only time will tell. :)
    Only if that game ever sees the light of day.
  • Good Rhetoric About Why We Need A Better MMO?

    anemo said:
    You could probably make a pretty awesome MMO If you took everything that was in the cash shop and made it a social mechanic:

    • Want an experience gain boost.   Spend 10 minutes "sparring" (mechanically dueling) with another human.   
    • Want to improve drop rates.  Spend a few minutes looking at another adventurers "journal" (mechanically have every "quest" have a corresponding journal page that has some lore tidbits)
    • Want rare cosmetics.  Give each crafter the ability to apply skins that are earned on repairing gear.
    • Want an "I WIN" button (self resurrection, out of class damage boosts, and similar) .   Make it require assembling an artifact from a bunch of different adventurers (IE: Shield of Arav quest from Runescape which had tradable items that were down mutually exclusive quest paths, but where you needed one of each).
    • Want BIS gear being rare/difficult/annoying, require each tier of gear to have more and more people needed for it's "improvement" ritual.  (poking at the K-MMOs that have item shop hells that can destroy items when enchanting).
    • Want pets/summons to have limits.  Make it so that each pet has a consumable timer that is character specific, and after the timer is used up it stays at 0 until it's in another adventurers possession  (and they use up the timer).  (IE: two people can trade their used up summonable pet, and both come out way ahead with new usable summons)

    That mechanically sounds like it would be a good design start for a PvE sandbox.   Especially if you get everything spinning into some sort of feedback loop.
    That mechanically sounds like something I'd give a pass completely.
    There's a good reason MMOs moved away from constant dependency on other players. It doesn't work. It just makes those who aren't in a social mood go "Meh... I don't wanna deal with this shit today. Guess I'll play something else for now..." and that's how you lose your players to the competition.
  • $50 tent added to cash shop - and it's a damn good one

    Albatroes said:
    Is it account-wide or 1 character? Sounds good for account-wide
    It's account wide.
    I will likely wait for one of the discount coupons they frequently hand out though, and buy it when it's 20% or so off.
  • Games dead. Final score 1/10

    As with most cases, we're getting one side of the story here. And while there is no lack of immature elements in game, it's no worse than other MMOs. Somehow I doubt the OP is nearly as hard to offend as he claims, and I suspect a high level of better than thou attitude was involved in making him a prime target for trolls, based on the little I've seen of his posts on this thread. His mistake was probably that he kept engaging them despite knowing they were getting under his skin.
  • Kickstarter keeps being a poor fit for mmorpg development

    AAAMEOW said:
    BruceYee said:
    What you're saying can be determined after Pantheon, CU & Crowfall come out.
    imagine any one of them with the certainty of a proper budget.
    I'm just happy the new wave of kickstarter game won't be cash shop heavy.
    Hah! :joy: