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  • World of Warcraft in one single patch is now top #1 MMO in the world

    WoW is back to being top #1 MMO in the world in terms of how amazing the gameplay is compared to other MMOs. Its modern, but still a challenge and takes effort like it did in vanilla/BC/WOTLK

    In one single patch, they made the game back to a very classic WoW feel when leveling. It takes effort to level. The mobs are hard to fight, dungeons are finally a challenge again (now people need to work together instead of going LOLing through the dungeon) and raids are very hard as they should be.

    They heard the cries of millions wanting a challenge again in WoW, where it was like Classic (and BC/WOTLK) style gameplay. Now no longer do you run around 1 hitting things with your brain turned off, now you gotta actually play the game...even with heirlooms (which have been nerfed finally)

    Blizzard succeeded in not just bringing me back...but now no longer wanting to play any other MMO like I was doing since Cataclysm. 

    Never had so much fun in WoW since vanilla/BC/WOTLK

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  • Call of Duty Swatting leads to death of a innocent man in Kansas

    This goes to show, violent video games lead to violent actions. But porn and porn games have never led to murder.

    Looking at a nude body has never messed up someones mind so much where they will commit murder, like people who are really young and play very violent games and their brains grow into thinking violence is okay. 

    I remember seeing a movie years ago, and a family had their young kids (dunno exact age, looked like elementary kids) and they were laughing and clapping during the scenes where heads and body parts were being chopped off with blood everywhere. But then a boob popped out, they made a loud gasp sound and walked out of the theater with the kids. As they walked out I shouted at them and laughed at how hypocritical they were.

    But violent video games are even worse for kids because they are actually commiting violent actions through the games. Yet, the kid can see heads being blown up with blood everywhere...but...OH NO A BOOB
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Cleffy said:
    I don't mind the censorship private companies engage in. I do mind when the federal government censors content.
    Well that's exactly what the Obama administration would have liked to have done towards the latter part of this past election cycle. Hillary even hinted at it, wanting to shut down Breitbart 4Chan and others. Fringe sites and online media outlets were catastrophic to her campaign. Had she been elected it would've went in the opposite direction and existing policy expanded on to enable the government to make it as difficult as possible for people who operate sites like these. Trump takes the position to do away with as much big government regulations as he can get away with, across the board. He isn't targeting net neutrality specifically.

    This whole manufactured outrage about what ISP's can theoretically do now is just pissing in the wind. The vast majority of Americans are against the theoretical evil ISP's 'might' do if they aren't governed. And since their main concern is offering a palatable product that is deterrent enough against doing it. There is nothing to deter big government from infringing on your rights though, any time they take a step back, it's a step in the right direction.
    in regards to the quote "Fringe sites and online media outlets were catastrophic to her campaign"...

    in before "but muh russia narrative" for hillary losing...pretty much nothing big or important came out of that lol. 

    So you think that if people only watched mainstream media instead of getting their news online from independent sources that wouldn't have had a serious impact on the election? Just lol.

    People rejecting the mainstream media narrative (which online news sources largely enabled them to do, since there was you know, a fucking alternative) was the single biggest factor in this past election. I wasn't talking about Russia, that wasn't really a thing until after the election had already taken place.

    So I'll repeat, Fringe sites and online media outlets were catastrophic to her campaign, because they were. (And just in case I didn't make it clear, thank god),
    nah, I was agreeing with you :) 

    Funny thing is, so much time and money has been wasted on the russia investigation, and all that has come out of it...a couple politicans met with some russian person and lied about it, but if they told the truth it wouldnt have been illegal or a big deal. That is it after so much time and money. And supposedly obama administration agreed with it anyway lol, though they deny it, there has been evidence of the contrary. Besides, obama met with russians as well

    Also, it has actually been proven the FBI investigators are heavily agenda'd against Trump. They are all heavily biased to get rid of Trump, that isn't a proper investigation. They have texts from the current investigators that said they need a plan in case trump got into office and how much they hate him.

    As for conspiring. Even the young turks, who were huge hillary supporters did this old video they havent removed yet

    obama conspires with russia right there in the video they show.  And its by The Young Turks, huge liberal channel
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    Kyleran said:
    Yet one more plus for my switch to single player games.

    MMOs are already single player games
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I would love for everyone to honestly answer a simple question. An abridged response please.

    Who do you think American tax payers have a better chance of influencing when there is something incorrect or unfair? The government or a billion dollar ISP?

    Please think before you answer because the name calling and insult portion of this conversation follows shortly after.
    Actually, neither.

    If the government controls the internet, then you get heavy censoring (just look at Venezuela and recently many Europe countries that ban anything that they don't like because it hurts their feelings and go to prison for saying anything bad over a single twitter post lol. They treat it more of a crime for a negative twitter post than rape and murder). That hasn't happened in the US luckily, but it shows that government should not have access to internet for a free internet.

    However, on the other side of things, billion dollar ISPs have a HUGE monopoly. There is very little choice. In my area, there is only one ISP to choose from if I want cable...many other off-brands are owned by these very few ISPs so even if you have another provider, chances are its owned by the multi billion dollar ISPs.

    Neither choice is good. What there needs to be is more choices and more internet companies to choose from, that are high quality. Like pop up independent providers. I guess google is sorta in their internet thing, but they only chose small rural towns for some reason and haven't done much in a long time as far as I know. But google is again, a huge multi billion company...but at least its sorta another choice.

    Right now however, most people literally get at most 3 providers if they are lucky they can choose from...then a bunch of an illusion of choices most likely still owned by one of the 3 providers. Or in my case, if I want cable, I literally only have one choice of a provider for internet.

    So ISPs controlling the internet is as bad as the government controlling the internet...with the caveat that...government can still control the ISPs anyway so...really it doesn't make a difference at all
    If you think government having control in the internet is good...look at Venezuela or Europe where they very heavily censor everything. If you say anything bad in say UK on Twitter, they can somehow find you in a day or two, but somehow can't find rapists and murderers for years and then the rapist says he doesn't know what "no" means and they let him free and the person who says something bad on twitter spends years in prison.

    If you think ISPs should have control, that is just as bad as well since having a monopoly is never good for competition or making a better internet, though the government still really controls the ISPs so its not that big a difference. 

    So as I said, needs to be a 3rd choice. The internet shouldn't be owned by the government, nor owned by a monopoly of very few large internet companies.