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  • World of Warcraft in one single patch is now top #1 MMO in the world

    WoW is back to being top #1 MMO in the world in terms of how amazing the gameplay is compared to other MMOs. Its modern, but still a challenge and takes effort like it did in vanilla/BC/WOTLK

    In one single patch, they made the game back to a very classic WoW feel when leveling. It takes effort to level. The mobs are hard to fight, dungeons are finally a challenge again (now people need to work together instead of going LOLing through the dungeon) and raids are very hard as they should be.

    They heard the cries of millions wanting a challenge again in WoW, where it was like Classic (and BC/WOTLK) style gameplay. Now no longer do you run around 1 hitting things with your brain turned off, now you gotta actually play the game...even with heirlooms (which have been nerfed finally)

    Blizzard succeeded in not just bringing me back...but now no longer wanting to play any other MMO like I was doing since Cataclysm. 

    Never had so much fun in WoW since vanilla/BC/WOTLK

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  • Why don't more sandbox/open world MMOs like Ashes of Creation add PVE servers?

    Renoaku said:
    Because Sandbox MMORPG needs to be open to both PVE, and PVP, like Crow Fall / Ashes OF Creation, there is no sense in having full PVE or PVP on a sandbox, Dark Fall for example to date because none of the other MMORPG has been released yet Dark Fall still one of the best MMORPG games that are Sandbox due to open world, PVE, and PVP / Full Loot.

    Arche Age & Albion are examples of failures of the Genre massive failures, Arche Age as we know has the big argument of pay 2 win, but they took a PVE game that was full PVE except for certain events and turned it into a game of griefing where you could declare war on the same faction and force PVP during trade runs and such with no countdown warning, and dictatorship of hero made me quit the game they lost over $1000 a year from me alone, and a lot of people started leaving around the time of this.

    Ashes OF Creation, and Crow Fall seem to be doing it right though, but obviously, I won't know until launch, I just know the concepts look very good for both games, but developers could always take the wrong path.

    https://discordapp.com/invite/ashesofcreation  If any are interested in Ashes OF Creation.
    But you wouldn't need to play on a PVE server if you want to do PvP so it wouldn't effect you. PVE players should have a choice if they want to play a sandbox game and don't want to do PvP. That doesn't effect PvPers at all, not real PvPers. It only effects gankers, but no one cares about them anyway since they self-destruct their own game environment (as seen in age of conan pvp servers and WoW pvp servers as two examples that are soon to be removed)

    Real pvp is in games like planetside 1/2, or fps games and what not.

    I'd play a PvP MMO if it was purely based on skill. And I play lots of PvP games, and love planetside. However MMOs generally do not have real PvP, hence why the MMO genre has so many people who only want to do PvE. And one would think since there are so many PvErs (in the MMO genre especially, other genres PvP is generally more popular), MMO companies would cater to them more.

    Which goes back, you lose nothing to those who only want to PvE. Unless you are a ganker, then no one cares about you anyway but other gankers. But if you are a true PvPer, then why would you care if there was a server where it was PvE only? You wouldn't ever have to play on it.
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    Scorchien said:
    ive had no performance issues , except when they did they bigger graphic update 10 montgs ago .. otherwise its smooth

    awesome :) thanks. Sorry for getting the games mixed up. I legit got mixed up with Genom/Gorgon. A kinda similar name and I knew Gorgon was going on Steam. Then I saw genom recently released on steam and forgot it was Gorgon xD

    Anyway...I have site bookmarked, so after I get back from camping gonna get GORGON (:P) downloaded and try it out.

    Any tips or anything or is it a game better to discover on your own like the good old days?
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    I guess Gorgonite is something involving Skyforge. From what I could tell, its some weird translation of Skyforge and its translated to Gorgonite. I dunno, but I couldn't find much on google. Only search that comes up Gorgonite is for Skyrforge as the top search and image results. Maybe its a boss or something I dunno.

    Genom is a sci-fi MMO, don't need to talk about it again.

    Gorgon is some java based MMO, but has pretty awesome features and content to make it unique. Doesn't look nearly as good as Runescape currently does, but looks like it could be a lot more fun.

    I guess Gorgon is like a modern Asheron's Call since its from the original AC makers. Which is awesome, since Asheron's Call was my first MMO I ever played.

    Scorchien do you know how Gorgon performs? I don't mind terrible graphics if game is good and performs well. Especially if its from the original makers of Asheron's Call, that game was awesome. Like EQ2 is a ton of fun but wow is the game not optimized at all lol. Is Gorgon pretty stable in regards to lag/performance?

    And I think where I got confused is Gorgon is supposed to launch on Steam and its been like 1+ year since then or at least several months and I assumed it already launched, so I got it confused with Genom lol. 
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    Scorchien said:
    Oh, I guess Project Genom and Gorgonite are different games. I just looked up Project Gorgonite and 


    Looks like Gorgonite MMO is that Skyforge game or something. 

    I'd definitely wait and see about Project Genom. Looks like it has WAY better promise. Skyforge is heavily pay to win and pretty bad MMO.
    what the hell is gorgonite ... and Project Gorgon is nothing remotley in even the smallest way like Skyforge... 

      Why dont you at least take the time to read up on anything before you post ..

               And im actually trying to help you here .. your constant posting that is not relative to the game/discussion , is not a good look bro ..

    No albion is a game best played on a tablet..thats what all the youtubers says in the reviews.

    And this gorgonite game..is it ready to play..released ?
    It looks realy bad if i must say..but maybe it has good game play value..im open for it :D
    DarkestOverloard said "Gorgonite" game. That is what I was talking about. I looked it up and Google showed up results for Skyforge and most of the screenshots for Gorgonite are for Skyforge. Maybe Skyforge is Gorgonite in a different language or something...either way, its pretty pay to win and pretty bad.