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  • Why don't more sandbox/open world MMOs like Ashes of Creation add PVE servers?

    Kyleran said:
    to add. PvPers lose nothing if there are PVE servers. Carebear pvpers do lose innocent victims (ganking) and people who only want to PVE. But otherwise nothing else is lost. Then PVErs get their own space to play in, and the two can coincide on their own servers. PvPers get to play with people who love/like PvP, and (carebear) PVErs their own thing.
    In some sense, you are saying removing a huge chunk of the food-chain wouldn't affect predators at all. 
    Also to add. PvPers lose nothing from people only playing on PVE servers. 

    You know why?

    a large amount of PVE only players (or what pvpers call carebears) would never play a pvp forced game

    So pvpers still lose nothing
    Here's the thing, some carebears like me can be enticed into playing a PVP game if it has designs which let me control the level of risk.

    An alternate rules PVE server would likely draw me away from the PVP world,  while the absence of it probably won't discourage me from playing.

    Its true, they'll totally lose the PVE only player, but those are the toughest to keep happy over the long term if the budget won't permit regular delivery of new content.

    CCP got thousands of dollars in sub fees across 7 years from someone who is about as carebear as they come ..

    Well, as far as sandbox MMOs go that are PvP everywhere...EVE Online definitely does it the best. I think they designed it that carebears even like it.

    You can stay in high-sec and be relatively safe (never been suicide ganked ever in 4 years of playing. Maybe just careful or maybe lucky or/and RNG lol). Or can go to low-sec for excitement. OR, go to null-sec and outside of chokepoints...null-sec is surprisingly safe as well.

    But here is where CCP succeeded. The above feature of security in space is only a tiny part of why EVE is the only real successful sandbox MMO to date.

    It has TONS of PvE content

    You can do so much PvE that you don't really need to do PvP at all. In fact, I've read people saying they barely have done any combat in the game unless they got forced into it. Otherwise they focus on all non-combat stuff. They do all the other stuff outside of combat.

    No other sandbox MMO lets you do that, nor has a fraction of PvE content that EVE Online has

    Hence why even carebears like EVE Online, despite it being open PvP. Heck, I'm also the most carebear of carebears, carebear as they come and I love EVE Online. 
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    So I glanced at wiki, but decided to figure it out myself and be surprised like how I did MMOs of old.

    Here is my first hour of play...didn't play too long but its kinda getting late

    Needed to make an NPC happy. Was pretty confused. Tried various emote commands /joke or /silly but I guess game doesn't have that.

    Knew game was about exploration, so I just took off and looked at everything and interacted with most stuff I could.

    Found a way to tame rats (I figured it on my own. Was pretty simple really). Found how to make NPC happy and also learned you can sleep and eat stuff for helpful bonuses.

    Guess one NPC likes certain gave her some objects and she likes me a bit more lol. Good thing I picked stuff up. Dunno what that did though to make NPC like me more, but hey. It did give me a tutorial window about it and I read it, but the NPC seemed the same still. But maybe I need to talk to her more when I play again.

    I know in the post above

    "Carefully read when you speak to NPCs learn there likes and dislikes , to earn favor which unlocks , many things .. Skills/Recipes/Quests  etc..."

    So maybe I missed an option since I was ending the game so was kinda going fast. In any case, I'll check that part out more tomorrow.

    Think there is like 2 or 3  puzzles left to do to figure out besides the way off the island which I know how pretty much, but want to explore first.

    Coming from modern MMOs where you can autopilot to quest objective, do quest, autopilot back to NPC...all with your brain turned was very different going in and not knowing anything or how to do quests or anything else.

    Really made me think how to do things and actually explore and figure it out.

    I haven't found any spells yet though or any weapon besides my fists and my sword/shield...I saw someone with a spell, so gotta look and find it. Guess there is a bow somewhere to find too.

    Only thing I don't like is the combat animations or maybe its how combat works in general. I don't think its the latter though. It doesn't feel very smooth, dunno if its the animations or what...but its like playing a really old game of early 2000s lol. The graphics themselves are fine enough actually. I've seen way worse graphics in sorta newer games and they perform way worse.

    However the animations seem really off to me. Not sure if its cause its on unity (pretty sure its unity right?) or what, but I dunno. 

    Rest of game seems fine so far. Still a lot to figure out of course, still on tutorial island. Animations I doubt will change as I play though, but maybe rest of game will make up for it.
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    Oh, I guess Project Genom and Gorgonite are different games. I just looked up Project Gorgonite and

    Looks like Gorgonite MMO is that Skyforge game or something. 

    I'd definitely wait and see about Project Genom. Looks like it has WAY better promise. Skyforge is heavily pay to win and pretty bad MMO.
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    No albion is a game best played on a tablet..thats what all the youtubers says in the reviews.

    And this gorgonite it ready to play..released ?
    It looks realy bad if i must say..but maybe it has good game play open for it :D
    Its mostly negative reviews

    Keep an eye on it though, the rework is supposedly coming along. The game looks really bad right now, but the rework is massively upgrading the graphics. However, its mostly just bugs and lack of english translation and unfinished features. It has a long way to go.
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    Scorchien said:
    FF14 is not on your list ?

       and you could take a look at Project Gorgon
    Final Fantasy is always good. That is one of my favorite MMOs.

    As for Project Gorgon. It gets pretty bad reviews on steam. But its made by Russians and they are completely reworking the game, though its only localized to russian and there hasn't been much translated to english. It looks like it could be an awesome sci-fi MMO though if the rework ends up being good. Its early access, but I'd wait for rework. 

    (to OP) could try finding more niche MMOs. There is Ryzom, but its pretty low pop. Ryzom is pretty awesome though and the only PVE sandbox MMO that exists.

    There is SWG Emu if you liked SWG. The SWG Emu on basalisk server is amazing, sadly no direct download and gotta torrent SWG to play it, so I'm unable to play. And the CDs don't work on windows 8 or 10, and I don't want to buy it again. But SWG is still by far the best MMO to ever come out.

    There is also Istaria, where you can play as a dragon (only MMO where you can play as a dragon). Its pretty oudated graphics wise though, and the world design is pretty bad (mobs are grouped up instead of spread around realistically throughout the world. There is huge areas where literally nothing is happening and its completely barren. But that might not bother you