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  • Do we really need "massive"?

    Scot said:

    Let us not forget that Massive also refers to the size of the game you are playing in, which is so important for everything from exploring to PvP zones. 

    But there is a reason our planet's major cities and features like the Grand Canyon and the Pyramids are so popular. Massive is better.
    Right this 100%.  For me game world size has become more important than the number of players running around. I feel like Conan Exiles really nailed the world size . The player per server to world size ratio is perfect. I want the world big enough i can get lost or hide in but at the same time I want to see people being active and playing.

     One of my biggest complaints about WOW's Xpac's over the years has been the game world size. I never understood how they could go from this massive continent concept  of Vanilla to these little islands of each xpac. I always loved the fact there are still some random area's in vanilla wow (azeroth) that i have probably never seen, I like that.
  • Magnetic - The Boomsday Project - Hearthstone Videos - MMORPG.com

    I wish WOW was as on the ball as hearthstone is when it comes to expansions. They sure bang them out fast
  • When do you "resent" seeing other players online?

    If you are getting upset cause someone stole your chest while you were clearing mobs then you are not getting the purpose of online games. Its all about relationship building, For every 1 dick that kill steals or swipes your chest there will be 5 players that acknowledge you and pass on by. When you create a care bear environment where the player next to you has ZERO effect on your gameplay it completely waters down the immersive multiplayer experience. The truth is the dicks make the multiplayer player experience that much better because when you find decent people you form a bond, add them to friends list, maybe join their guild, raid together, talk.... Thats what the Multiplayer aspect is about.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    Phry said:
    Ungood said:
    MadFrenchie said:

    ...raging against a position most (specifically the ones you seem to be responding to) aren't even taking...
    The irony that he'd level the accusation I've used a strawman against him. It's just one bad faith argument after another with this guy. It's gotta be a troll or a Poe.
    you liked two twitter accounts that did not have the same name.. what do you want from me a lolly pop.. LOL?

    and the twitter post about Gamergate, if TB was not in charge in some manner, why would anyone single him out about not being in the wiki..

    But hey.. don't let something like common sense get in the way being insufferably absolutely right.
    You quoted me, appear to be responding to me, but absolutely nothing you are saying makes a lick of sense.

    The only Twitter post I've shared here ("liked?") was from Genna Bain, TotalBiscuit's widow. Perhaps you need to read it again?

    Bain NEVER supported sexism, bigotry or harassment of ANY KIND. Rather, he publicly disavowed and condemned it. 

    This is who you're referring to as a "total pice of shit"?

    Why are you so quick to smear a dead man's name? Are you just too lazy to investigate for yourself? 
    After the latest hit piece from Forbes on Totalbiscuit, i basically have zero respect for such media outlets, that they willfully support the slandering of someone who is dead, and then complain because of the backlash they get because of it, typical SJW's they just can't handle it when the things they say come back to bite them in the arse.
    Media and Journalism has become total garbage. They no longer report the news they create it. Being a journalist is suppose to be about presenting a un-biased report of only the facts to educate your reader on the story and then let them form a opinion, Not a one sided opinion piece that aims to sway the reader to join their political crusade. 

       Although things have hit new lows when it comes to Journalism and reporting in general ( This is way bigger than gaming) the good thing is people are starting to wake up and call them out on it. 
  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    why should I?
    Why should I care enough to give you reasons? You’re an adult, are you incapable of figuring out if a game is worth playing?

    Does someone tell what to wear each day as well?
    Actually yes, my wife does. I'd have no fashion sense otherwise.