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  • Facebook Going Head-to-Head with Twitch with Direct PC Livestreaming - MMORPG.com News

    Wizardry said:
    I heard some news today the Russians hacked into FB.

    On topic of live streaming,i feel the idea was once a great idea,to share gaming with others.

    However ,what Twitch has become is atrociously bad,a disgrace to both Twitch and gaming.

    Live streaming has become 2 things only and almost NEVER about the gaming or topic at hand.

    1 a Sexist place to make $$$,tons and tons of females go on flirting and showing cleavage to simply get money.
    2 a Place to throw up the 4/5/6 donate icons,subscribe,FB.Twitter/You Tube,similar to point 1,it is all about $$$ and nothing else.

    So it is not about sharing your experiences/skills/hobbies or whatever,it is simply a place to make money and Twitch makes boat loads which is why FB wants in on it.

    Want to talk with that streamer..TOO BAD,pay me first,then i'll let you talk but even then most likely i'll ignore you ,but hey thanks for the $$$.

    It is a blemish ,a black mark on gaming and streaming.

    Yeah the Dow took a 300 point hit mostly due to Facebook's security flaws and some business about a huge hack. Probably more political hoopla to create  even more Russian hysteria nonsense.
  • Facebook Going Head-to-Head with Twitch with Direct PC Livestreaming - MMORPG.com News

    Ugh, I don't know which gulag i hate worse.... Was really hoping You Tube was going to make a push and promote their live streaming but even they have started to get bad with censorship.
  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    Gave in to Saturday Afternoon boredom and bought this one,  After 5 hours here is my initial thoughts. Terrible graphics and unable to run on ultra with a 980 ti, Animations are ass as well, im told these are place holders . So the game sucks right? Nope iv been really enjoying it. The reality is the core game , exploration and just overall feel is so good you kind of look past the ugly. To be honest the ugly comes from the animations more than the graphics themselves. There is a very free feel to the game, Its a grind but a good grind. I won't bore you with to many other details other than to say , yes i think the game is worth 30 bucks . 

  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    Im no cheapskate but the price is a little steep to just buy this on a whim looking the way it does. I mean they are not even trying to wine & dine me with those screenshots. Give me a trial or something....
  • What would bring you back to WoW?

    The scale thats the one thing i want brought back. Remember Vanilla , the first time you left your starter zone and opened the map and realized the scale of the world blizzard had created and how much more there was to see ? Thats what i want again. These budget "theme park" Expansion zones just dont cut it any more.