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  • Diablo Devs Throw Ice Water on the Fires of Blizzcon Expectations - MMORPG.com

    I really feel like Blizzard has become a company that marches to the beat of their own drum.I don't think the fanbase has a voice anymore. Blizzard is on par with a movie studio, When a new movie is being made fans don't determine the plot or the actors or if there will be a sequel or a trilogy.

    Diablo fans want D4, We want a expansion to D3, We would love a Diablo MMO.

    What they are going to give us : A cartoon on netflix, A mobile Game and some sort of APP that link to our social media and then at the very end they will tease a battle royale Diablo survival game no one asked for, As someone told me awhile ago on these forums, devs dont just sit around with a thumb up their ass they have tons of data to base these decisions on..... yeah fortn$te data
  • MapleStory 2 Review - It's a Great Time to Jump In - MMORPG.com

    If you can get past the childish graphics there is a very good casual MMO here. I'm embarrassed to say I'v put a hour or 2 into this game the past few nights and really enjoyed it. The people that made this game "get it" when it comes to what MMO players want. What does it say about the current state of WOW if this is my go to game and BFA just came out....
  • Overwatch & the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Share Insights on How Funds are Used - MMORPG.com

    Draemos said:

    Why are they donating to breast cancer when the vast majority of their customers are men. Donate to prostate cancer... It's just as deadly and woefully underfunded in comparison .

    The reason attention is brought to breast cancer the way it is and for a entire month in October is because it is one of if not the most treatable and curable if detected early. The whole push for Breast cancer awareness is for women to get their annual mammograms.

    As far as prostate cancer goes as men we would have warning signs such as difficulty or constant urination or sensation to pee. At which point you would see your doctor ect ect, even then Prostate cancer is one of the least deadly cancers you can get as a matter of fact it is very common in men. With breast cancer its a very treatable cancer if caught early and its not something that can always be easily detected among women. Often Women will get a Mammogram despite not feeling any lumps or having any pain symptoms ect ect & discover cancer... Hence the push for breast cancer awareness and to get those check ups done. I hope I'm explaining myself clearly enough where you understand Breast cancer has a certain set of circumstances around discovery and treatment that push it to the forefront of awareness.

    I know why you said what you said especially on this site where some try to push a political agenda or a political ideology but this is not the fight you want to make. October Breast Cancer awareness month is a good thing, Some of us have wives or girlfriends (hopefully not both lol) & sisters But all of us have mothers. Women we love are apart of lives and this is a good cause and not a political one. I really hate preaching to people on any subject but if you do your research you will see this is a good thing, In the world we live in today its gotten harder to tell.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Community to Sponsor 'Tamriel for Ta Tas' Charity Livestream - MMORPG.com

    Psym0n said:

    OG_Zorvan said:

    I thought calling breast "ta ta's" was declared sexist and mysogynistic?

    Ta ta is a slang word for rich white people here in the Netherlands. Try reading it in that context ;)
    On the subject though, I don't have anything against breast cancer research or donations. But every year a lot of guys die of the ball cancer. Friend of mine got diagnosed 2 weeks ago, they told him it's the most common cancer for guys. Really weird that there is almost no event, information or checkups that get promoted. While the female side gets massive attention every year.
    I think it's mostly to do with the fact that "ta tas" are, well, prettier than the genitalia you refer to.

    Consider that cervical cancer, the truly female equivalent to testicular cancer, doesn't seem to get the same coverage.  Don't get me wrong; I'm not knocking any coverage of any events to raise funds for any kinds of cancer, just saying that the reasoning for the media focus on breast cancer is not just a result of how common it is among women (and men), but also how we perceive the body parts associated with the cancer.
    The reason attention is brought to breast cancer the way it is and for a entire month in October is because it is one of if not the most treatable and curable if detected early. The whole push for Breast cancer awareness is for women to get their annual  mammograms.
  • Bethesda Opens Russian Office to Bring 'Incredible Roster of Games' to CiS Nations - MMORPG.com New

    I thought i read awhile ago on this website Russia was going offline when it came to twitch and online video games ? Putin must have discovered Maple Story 2 its very addictive!

    (Funny Putin GIF goes here)