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  • Gamestop with large 3rd quarter loss

    The hard sell on the game Insurance and power up reward membership was a bit much, They should have gotten a liquor license instead. One stop shop for Games and Beer ? Yes please.
  • MMoRPG of The Year // Opinion

    Geeky said:
    Do you have a list of game 'Released' this year that we should be choosing from?
    Legends of Aria
    Bless Online
    Maple Story 2
    Warlords Awaking
    Conan Exiles
    Defiance 2050
    Wild West Online
    Dark & Light
    Soul Worker
    Sea of Thieves
    Project Gorgon
    Conquerors Blade
    Tera (Console version)
    Darkfall New Dawn
    MU Ignition
    Life is Feudal 
    Shroud of the Avatar
  • Bum Simulator

    Im a sucker for these simulator games, This one looks fun
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 still surprising me 20+ hours into the game.


      One of the cool things about Read Dead 2 is the random missions you find when navigating the huge open world. There are no exclamation points above NPC heads you simply get a flashing white circle on your mini map or hear someone calling you out or calling you over, Its all very organic and random none of which is in fixed locations. 

    One such example of this was a week or two ago when i was on my way back from fishing heading to town to sell my catch . As Im going through the woods off the beaten path of the road i hear someone yelling, "Help, Help"  finally i find a guy laying on the ground in pain begging me to help him with his snake bite. I don't remember all the options but i did choose to suck the venom out and getting a good laugh as my character responded to the NPC, he better not tell anyone about this ( It was close to his crotch  :D)

    So a few play sessions go by and last night I'm heading into one of the smaller towns to play poker and i hear some guy outside the general store yelling "Hey buddy, remember me" as i approach the guy he is sitting next to another guy who is goofing on him that "Hey this is the guy who sucked your leg"  The guy i rescued then offers to buy me anything i want inside the general store, 1 item on him.

    What made this event so unique and unlike any game i had played before was the organic nature of the whole event and the time that elapsed between it. There was no cut-scenes , there was no forced options from the start when i found him to the finish of the event when he offered to buy me whatever i choose as a reward from the store. I mean could have easily just shot and robbed him when i found him, I could have just kept on riding by when he called me over for a reward, when he offered the reward i could have just blown him off and kept on riding by. There was no fixed amount of time for the event to trigger, The npc never told me to meet him in town at a certain time. It was all by CHANCE, From start to finish.

     What makes this game so special is the organic nature of everything in its world I could give you a dozen other stories like this one from all aspects of the game, I can't remember which review i read this in but i think this quote pretty much sums up the game " You don't play Red Dead Redemption 2 you live in its world"
  • Mike's Best Games of 2018 - Michael Bitton - MMORPG.com

    TOP 5 OF 2018

    1. Red Dead Redemption 2- Game changer in the RPG genre, This is not only my favorite game of 2018 but one of the greatest games i have ever played. Not your typical Rockstar goof romp, this one is a Cowboy Simulator.

    2.Monster Hunter World- I'll take shit for calling this a MMO on this forum but without question the top MMO of 2018 so it gets my #2 spot

    3.Slay the Spire- Although i had some fun with this one and think its a incredible game something leaves me wanting more out of this one, I can't quite put my finger on whats missing . Either way its #3 on my list

    4.Warhammer Vermintide 2- Immersive & gorgeous visuals , gameplay is fast and most importantly its just a fun game to play

    5. Conan Exiles- Im not sure when EA started buts its official release date was in 2018, Without question the best Survival MMO Rpg on the market.

    My top 3 shit games of 2018

    1.Fallout 76- Bethesda decides to take one of their most beloved genre's and take out the RPG while putting the focus on the weakest part of the series, the gun play. But hey its online........

    2.Battlefield V- Is it world war 2, is it the future, Is that woman fighting with a robotic prosthetic arm ? Why is the gameplay so boring? The hell happened to this once amazing series ?

    3.Madden 19- Once again EA has outdone themselves, Lets add a roster update and slap a few player tattoo's on models and call it a day all while ignoring franchise mode for yet another year. Sad when majority of the football sim fanbase still holds a game from 2007 as the G.O.A.T.