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  • Serious question. Do some of you even like video games?

    Im pretty sure i still like video games im just so goddam picky lately. Everything I play  just feels stale and been their done that. I feel like the most enjoyment iv been getting out of gaming lately has been from simulators like , Car mechanic simulator , Fishing Planet and then quick games i can hop in and out of like Hearthstone or even the new 40 K game where i can play 1 or 2 missions and logg out after 30 mins.
  • Valve policy change: All games allowed on Steam

    Tiller said:

    Well I literally laughed out loud. It's all a little funny now isn't it. We've gone over everything neither one of us deciding to agree to disagree, and in many cases, it still seems you fail to even see my point of view.  Not that you haven't had the chance, you just contort whats been said by making baseless analogies.  :shrug:   Not to mention the irony of the situation, as I've explained it several times now.  

    I think after frenchie and I spent a substantial amount of time getting many of the subject points we mentioned completely skirted or misrepresented, it makes it a lot easier to disassociate from taking this as a serious conversation at this point.
    You spent your entire time trying to convince me to look under my bed for NAZIs and blame Valve for it.

    Fearmongering, backed by nothing outside of your liberal circle-jerk.
    Sir, I don't come here to read about your political views, or issues over race. I come here to read about and discuss games. If I wanted to read a convo like this I would read my twitter feed.
    Although i do agree with you regarding why i visit this website He is far from the only one talking politics in this thread, To call him out alone is douchey. 

    TBH alot of threads seem to be popping up on this site lately that incite political arguments its a shame. When did political activists start posing as journalists ? 
  • Valve policy change: All games allowed on Steam

    Is anyone keeping score? What side is currently winning the debate?
    The good guys 
  • Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr - Our Hands On Preview - MMORPG.com

    The game is gorgeous looking and i love ARPG's but dam the gameplay is slow, Now i rolled Crusader and iv read that is the worst class to play. I haven't had time to try out the other 2 classes which im assuming play abit faster. Not sure if i can stand the slog of playing Crusader but those armor models are just too cool looking.
  • Amazing game, it has the old school feel and magic that I've missed

    Kyleran said:
    Someday maybe, but for now its just not "finished."
    Yeah its got all the pieces there but it does feel very unfinished. The biggest thing for me is the graphics, I know people will say gameplay > graphics but i play MMO's to be immersed into another world, Thats tough to achieve when your character models are on par with something  from Coleco Vision Circa 1984