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  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Tamanous said:
    This is where multiple monitors and VR comes in. Locked in 1st person view on one screen drives me bonkers. It's like living life with blinders on. Excellent surround sound slightly helps but not enough to emulate 1st person in real life.

    As someone who grew up in sports and has excellent 360° awareness, it's like being blinded in one eye playing these games.

    Game looks cool though.
    Im guessing football (American) wasn't your sport , ie you never wore a helmet before
  • What the world is watching?

    If twitch holds to their word and begins their nazi/gestapo moderating policy tomorrow like they promised look for IRL to go from 7 to 70 in one day.

     I can't wait for TWIT to dump all their entertaining streamers and then regret the move months from now when other streaming platforms start gaining momentum and cut into that twitch money,
  • Monster Hunter World - The List - 5 Things MMOs Can Learn From Monster Hunter World - MMORPG.com

    I agree with Bill's article, this is also my first MH experience and i love the loop. Whats odd is i dislike the dark souls and bloodborne series because i find the games wayyy to difficult. As i mentioned in another post MH feels very challenging without being over the top hard. Also the game is rewarding in defeat throwing you 1 or 2 monster parts which feels gives you the sense of accomplishment for time spent.

    The only place this game lacks and feels frustrating is the multiplayer options. Joining and getting a party together feels clunky and more confusing then it should be. There is not much in the way of tutorials when it comes to the whole party system and im still not sure how to launch my own ingame SOS. My other gripe is i feel like the performance on a base PS4 is lacking, Although its better from the beta(or maybe iv just gotten use to it) 25-30 fps is rough on the eyes. still wished PC would have launched along side console, I think i would be even more into this game if i had the option to play ultra wide at 60 fps with all the bells & whistles on high.
  • Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat - Monster Hunter World Review - MMORPG.com

    Celcius said:

    I've tried to understand the hype on this, and for the life of me i just can't. Talk about bullet sponge games, there's literally a class in this game that shoots water bullets at the monsters that they 'absorb' (takes very minimal damage overall) in fights that go on for what feels like an eternity. To each their own i guess, but this game most certainly was not meant for me

    It is much like the Souls bosses. It is a boss rush souls game essentially. Most souls games have bosses that last 15 minutes or so (The usual length of boss fights in MH). Bullet spongey implies that enemies just have more health for the sake of having more health, but that is not how MH works. Monster hunter bosses have mechanics tied to breakable pieces on there body, once you break these, the mechanics are lessened or removed entirely. Most bosses past early game have some pretty complex mechanics that you have to learn. I think calling them HP sponges is a bit disingenuous, as that would imply every boss is tank and spank. This is usually what I see from people who have not played it. I thought that way too tbh. If you like souls games you are pretty much going to almost certainly like MH. People like the very sophisticated,varied, gameplay mechanics (each weapon is basically a different game) as well as the challenge. That is the main reason people enjoy it.

    What i like about MH over souls games is I feel like monster hunter is challenging and not over the top difficult like souls or bloodborne. To me the souls games are just frustrating to play. 80 Attempts on a single boss with nothing to show for it is not fun in any way. At least in monster hunter even when you wipe on a monster you usally walk away with something, scale,fang,tail xp something, It feels rewarding even in defeat.
  • Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat - Monster Hunter World Review - MMORPG.com

    Im really enjoying this game and its not the genre i usually enjoy. Something about this game scratches my MMO itch despite not being one. I think the biggest thing for me is the monsters themselves, In a game with oversized sometimes silly looking weapons and fighting companion cats the monsters are the real stars. The animation, sound,setting all so immersive.