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  • Comparing FFXIV to WoW

    Been playing the same toon since Vanilla , BC & Wrath both held my interest for well over a year but since then no wow expansion can keep me playing past the 3 month mark. Now whether its the quality of the game that has gone down or if its a matter of iv simply over stayed my welcome in Azeroth i could not tell you.

    Ff14 Was amazing for me at launch i played the shit out of it like i was back in vanilla wow.Heavensward also kept me playing for close to a year of its launch, But something about Stormblood turned me off. I was only able to grind maybe 4 levels before leaving. Stormblood feels so empty and void of life. Although the graphics are beautiful the world lacks life. Again maybe its just me, Like wow maybe iv over stayed my welcome in FF14.

    FF14 will always be my go to suggestion for anyone who loves wow but is bored between expansions. Something about ff14 scratches that itch you get when WOW gets stale.
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Most Wanted MMO - General Awards

    Vexiusx said:
    Anthem of-course.

    Hope they will show Destiny 2 what it should of been and take their small remaining playerbase away.
    Bought Destiny 2 at launch played about 2-3 hours of  it, wrote game off as a steaming pile of horse shit. Decided to give it a go one last time a few days ago & really enjoying the game now, Go figure.

    Btw game looks glorious in Ultra Wide
  • Call of Duty Swatting leads to death of a innocent man in Kansas

    Just a quick update on this story and getting back to what the tragedy is really about, The kid (grown man 25) who called in the swat apparently was arrested in California and does this swatting for money, people hire him to swat others ( for 5-20 bucks) and he openly brags about it on his twitter page which i wont link but is easy to find if you go to reddit or just a simple google search. The big Argument the swatter is making on his twitter is its the police fault and he should be set free...... /sigh 
  • Call of Duty Swatting leads to death of a innocent man in Kansas

    Charge caller with Murder In my opinion. 

    The fact some people are focusing on law enforcement in this thread is really disturbing and clearly proves you have no idea what law enforcement deal with day in & day out. The reality of this situation is this, Some basement dweller thought it would be funny to have swat team show up on this mans door and got him killed, Thats all there is to it.

     Im not one for "making a example of someone" "Or sending a message" but in this case IT NEEDS TO BE DONE. Hopefully a murder charge against the caller will put a scare into the Millennial Brats calling these things in.

    Also these idiotic streamers like Ice Poisden need to stop encouraging this kind of behavior with "Im on the corner of 54th and 7th st but dont dox or swat me guys"...... Its all part of his shtick and encourages this kind of behavior

    God i sound old..........
  • Dead and Gone: What shuttered MMO did you want to succeed the most?

    Does "shuttered" mean shut down , no longer in service, 86'ed ? If so then yes i would go with Landmark as well, I really thought that game had potential and their vision of the future trailers looked awesome or was that everquest 3 ? I forgot what landmarks deal was but i remember being disappointed when ponytail guy shut it down and disappeared into the night with my founder money,

    If Im allowed to pick a game still in service then it would be SWTOR, All i wanted at the time was a WOW clone set in the star wars universe what I got was a bioware game stuck in a MMO.