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  • Anthem: 7 Minutes of Fort Tarsis Exploration Gameplay - MMORPG.com

    So a bunch of shallow dialog most players will just skip through and ignore.
    yeah but that's their "problem/choice."

    The games are made for a certain group of people in mind, people who like role playing games. People who care about immersion and character.

    Of course, any person with the money is "the right group of people" in the end, but make no mistake, the people who want the world they built will appreciate it.
  • Do you finish games ?

    Yes, but sometimes it takes a few tries to get through some of the bits.

    Sometimes it means me rethinking how the game is supposed to be played/understood.

    For example, I tried to play Witcher 3 like an elder scrolls game and that just didn't work. Playing it more for the quests worked better.
  • Epic Games Store Now Matches Steam's Refund Policy - MMORPG.com News

    Kalafax said:
    Everyone is really doing everything they can to take away from Steam.
    Competition is a good thing. If this means Steam has to step it up and do somethings better then that's good for the consumer.

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  • Updated: Epic & Improbable Providing $25M to 'Help Developers Transition to More Open Engines'

    Kyleran said:
    Sovrath said:
    Well, companies are companies and will always be companies.

    Not sure if anything bad can come out of this and it seems some actual good will come out of this. I don't care if Epic makes another 5 billion dollars if indie devs can benefit.

    Someone's got to pay for things.
    Which at the end of the day will be we gamers. 
    Well, we have jobs! Let's pony up the dough!!!!
  • Role playing is about creating something...

    Nyctelios said:
    I said in other threads and I'll say it here again:

    MMORPGs are not what you should be playing then, go and play an heavy RP Neverwinter Nights (1 or 2) server which has over 60 players always online doing player created content with Dungeon Masters, in real time.

    Those people put their heart and their soul into it, some taking out of their own pockets to keep the servers afloat.

    But I'll disagree with a thing you said: Rpg is not about creation... RPG is about absolute control over your actions and absolute lack of control over any other element.

    It seems modern MMORPGs and other games goes the other way around, forcing you to stick with things you don't necessary look for while giving you tools to control anything but your character.
    I think neither are you are seeing eye to eye on what a rpg is.

    If seems you are more tied into the "bits." Making decisions on abilities and skills, nurturing a character from nothing to something.

    He's talking about character and backstory and creating a type of narrative that acts as a framework for one's actions.

    I wasn't there for Everquest or even Ultima Online but I wonder if, when those games launched, they had more people who were interested in the story/character/narrative.