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  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    I loved my Sword Master. It goes down as one of my favorite classes in any game.

    As far as the npc's they always just stood around. I remember mentioning it to a developer at PAX (he did not work on warhammer) and his response was "well, they aren't pve guys".

    I would have slated it under common sense. I have always wondered if it was just a window into how developers are perpetually clueless about things that seem common sense.
  • Mules permitted?

    Amathe said:
    svann said:
    I disagree with the ideal that you shouldnt be able to transfer stuff to characters on the same account.  Havent heard a valid reason yet for that.
    I'm not saying it should be disallowed. But I am noting that this is one of many possible examples of lesser things about original EQ (as opposed to what EQ is today) that collectively contributed to the overall challenge of playing the game. If you get rid of enough of that kind of thing, the game may start to feel more like EQ2 than EQ.  
    I don't think having awkward mechanics or ways to bypass game limitations and have them be "features" is a goal of game development.

    While it might have been a challenge I don't think it was a done on purpose.
  • CU big announcement Thursday Jan 18th

    CrazKanuk said:
    OK, so they posted a link to the "announcement of the announcement" newsletter on MOP. The newsletter says nothing about this announcement being bigger than beta 1, so I'm now back to being convinced that this will just be the beta 1 announcement that was promised last month. 
    No MJ has clearly said it’s not Beta 1 but bigger than that. Beta 1 announcement will come soon though.

    Ok, so if it's not a Beta 1 announcement, then I'm assuming that a release date announcement is out of the question, so @cameltosis can probably scratch his #1. I'll write a new #1 for you....

    1) That stuff that had us fucked has now been unfucked. 

    I feel like that would be pretty big. 
    Na, if this announcement is bigger than Beta 1, I still think an actual release date is possible. 

    Stuff that fucked them up has already been unfucked. I guess new staff could be a big announcement from CSE's point of view, but from our point of view I can't see it being big news unless they announce new features (which I can't see happening) or confirm a release schedule as a result of the new hires. 
    Pretty much this. I really can't stand when developers make a big "hullabaloo" about some announcement and it's anticlimactic for the players. If one is going to make an announcement make it pertinent to the audience you are addressing. Also make sure you correctly assess the scope of the announcement.

    For example, If you are going to announce a new team member by no means do you make an announcement that "an announcement is going to be made." Just make one announcement and move on.
  • Who is hiring Professional/Veteran Gamers?

    asdfbbq said:
    I want to offer my services as such, having a long history of MMORPG- and FPS-gaming

    Who is hiring Professional/Veteran Gamers with a good payout?
    if you are a professional "gamer" then wouldn't you already know?

    e-sports or try to make money from youtube.
  • Epic Takes Another Cheater to Court for Publicizing Battle Royale V-Bucks Exploit - Fortnite News

    Khegobier said:
    "I'm taking you to court over a flaw in my software."

    Wait, what?  I know protecting a revenue stream is paramount in today's society, but if it's your own damn fault you're just wasting the court's time.  Fix the bug and be on your merry way.
    Interesting way you have of thinking. So if you leave your door unlocked and thieves take some of your more precious belongings it's ok that they stole them as it's your fault.

    Completely interesting.