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  • MMORPG.com : General : Fetch Quests in Real Life - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader

    DMKano said:
    DMKano said:

    Alverant said:

    Who puts cookies in the fridge?

    Someone who doesn't want their kids, who aren't strong enough to open the door, getting to them.

    The real question is - why even buy cookies in the first place?

    No junk food - win-win for everyone.
    You must run a mad house! ;)
    My kids don't even ask anymore - because they know there's no cookies in the house :)

    My wife and I are not tempted to eat them either.

    Again - everyone wins
    I agree with your method. I realized the best way to stop eating is to stop buying. 
    meh, a few cookies are fine. If anything it's a good way to teach moderation.

    I believe that life is supposed to be lived.

    I have a friend who tries to never touch anything "bad for you" and then when she does she beats herself up.

    The gentle taste of a Ferrero Rocher makes life just that much better!
  • Child Like

    The original post and the posts that follow have no cohesive purpose. It is just a collection of nonsensical ramblings.
    Well, then, welcome to the club. B)
  • The PC Version of The Division 2 Will be Bypassing Steam - MMORPG.com

    Why is this site shilling so hard for Epic? How much are they paying you for this shameless hype? Why isn't it clearly marked as sponsored content?

    berlight said:
    I never knew there was steam fanbois. New 2019 trent
    It's not about being a Steam fanboi. It's about not wanting to be inconvenienced.

    So it's ok for you to say it's not about being "Steam fanboi" and surely not being paid by Steam but this site has to be shilling if they report regular news?

    Since Epic has a new service and launcher then no one should report on it?

    I'm going with you and everyone who likes Steam are being paid by Valve.

    Yup, totally it, couldn't possibly be anything else. Totally paid. Totally.

    Personally love Steam so I'm being paid too.

  • Some PvE Players Are A Cult

    Moxom914 said:
    i personally hate pvp. yes, i suck at it. the reason i hate it is because there is no progression for doing it. its just mindless killing with no real goal other than to stroke an epeen. i would do it if it meant character progression even though i would probably hate it.
    That's a bit cynical though.

    For some, those who are more stable and less about screwing people over, it is about "personal best."

    Just like the Olympics.

    An Olympic athlete gets rewarded for winning but there is also personal pride about devoting one's self to being great and actually achieving that state.

    It's very satisfying.

    I will tell you that I used to "suck" at pvp until Tera where my actual skill had an effect at winning/losing.

    Oh sure, I was "good" in Lineag2 but that game was about gear and level which I had both. But get someone who outgeared/leveled me and I would lose.

    Just different types of games but that's why I'm a proponent for pvp games where my actual skill is part of the win/lose equation.
  • Most Frustrating Part of Gaming Community

    Kyleran said:
    Quizzical said:

    How many features are foundational to a game?  If someone gets upset about the single, core, most important feature of a game, then yeah, he's being ridiculous.  But if there are ten things you're looking for in a game, no game has all ten, and a particular game has nine of the ten, you might play it anyway even though that tenth thing on your list is definitely not what you're looking for.
    First, there cannot be 10 foundational things to a game.
    You may be confusing 'features' with 'foundational' (as I use it here).

    Secondly, given that PvE vs. PvP is used to define entire servers - and that for many games that designation shows up on the server selection screen - it seems to me that wouldn't be just a feature but the absolute first consideration any gamer would ponder before entering a world.

    So if you log onto a PvP server and immediately try to circumvent PvP you're doing it wrong.

    It is as idiotic as logging into a PvE server and suggesting the developers allow open world PvP and begin making changes in that direction.
    If every game offered the choice of separate PVE/PVP only servers then your argument holds some merit.

    It still holds merit.

    Pve/pvp servers - pve/pvp games.

    Just choose games that have features you want and stay away from games that have features you dislike.

    Maybe that's my frustration of certain members of the community, some think every game needs to be for them.