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  • What happens if you pick the wrong side ?

    Sovrath said:
    Say you pick the loosing side, will the game suck for you ?
    get people together to make it the winning side?
    When has that ever worked? In DAOC, there was a side that won the vast majority of time. Lots of people moved to the faction that won the majority of the time. That made the other two factions far less populated, even when they both allied together they were too outnumbered (most of the time).

    In GW2, people choose the "winning" server and win the majority of the time

    In ESO, same thing

    The vast majority of people are going to choose the side that wins. Or the side that is most populated (as seen in WoW, most people choose the popular faction of whatever is popular on that server)

    No one is going to join a game and go "I wonder what side is losing, I LOVE to lose" no, they are going to go and search what side wins the most and choose that side.
    Well, we had it in Lineage 2. And as I mentioned, it was the Hindemith server. Elder Scrolls Online? Guild wars 2? Sorry I don't think they make the grade there. Can't comment on Dark Age of Camelot but when you have a game that isn't realm vs realm, where there are clans/guilds who are all fighting each other and plotting then the power is more fluid. And eventually those larger groups break up and start fighting each other.

    I mean, you pick games where there are artificial sides created for you. I highly suspect you have never played Lineage 2 or EVE for that matter.

    And again, to punctuate the point, there are powers that rise and eventually they fall and it continues. Now, if you want perfect balance you will never get this. This doesn't happen.
  • Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat - Monster Hunter World Review - MMORPG.com

    Grakulen said:

    Sovrath said:

    I really don't mean to be that guy but there are a lot of errors in this review.

    Otherwise thanks for the review, great information and I'm looking forward to trying the game!

    Factual or typos? Because if it’s the latter I like to keep Bill on his toes.

    typos. Not to rat bill out or anything!
  • Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat - Monster Hunter World Review - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:
    I didnt like it much. 

    Was bored to tears, but I dont like long TTK games at all, so not a good fit for me.

    The game is technically done well, it plays well it looks good, but just not a good fit fot me where it counts - gameplay.

    Oh well, differrent strokes and all that
    I think that's where I'm the opposite, I love long "time to kill" games (I am assuming that's what that means?).

    I loved killing Bams in Tera with just my lancer. The battles feel more epic which is something I miss from most mmorpg's.
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  • Gothic 3 better than Skyrim

    Flyte27 said:
    Sovrath said:
    Flyte27 said:

    One final note is that the head Guru has two women with him that appears to be slaves.  That seems a bit stupid for a group that is supposed to be spiritual.
    No offense that doesn't make any sense except looking at at it through a 20th/21st century lens.
    I may be mistaken, but they appear to be mimicking Buddhism.  To my knowledge, the men couldn't have sex and the women remained separate from the men.  They certainly didn't keep slaves.  

    At any rate, I don't really care that much.  I'm just saying I prefer to take the side of the group that doesn't pretend to be anything else but sleazy.  This is a bunch of prisoners after all.  It's obviously not meant to be taken seriously.  I'm just justifying my alignment in my mind heh.
    Slaves were kept in Buddhist countries though eventually it was outlawed. There is mention of slavery in Buddhist texts. So it was known and practiced by some.

    edit: I should add I"m like you and generally don't want to be on the sleazy side. I think I"m going to try to liberate as much as possible in this game.
  • Your Favorite MMO Classes? - The List - MMORPG.com

    Lineage 2 - Storm Screamer
    Lord of the Rings Online - Guardian
    Warhammer - Sword Master Tera - Lancer
    Black Desert - Valkyrie
    Star Wars the Old Republic - Sith Marauder/Jedi Sentinel
    Vanguard - Dread Knight
    Everquest 2 - Shadowknight
    Elder Scrolls Online - TBD
    Guild Wars (first one) Necromancer