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  • Investigation into Paragon Institute Raises More Than a Few Red Flags - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG

    IceAge said:
    Weak thinking here.

    You are defending "not informed News" at his best it seems. I am done with naive and weak mentality I just saw on mmorpg.com this past day. I will always comment on things I don't like.
    I would say the weak thinking here is someone making a mountain out of a mole hill. So fretful when it doesn't have to be. But "whatever" glad you feel comfortable commenting on things you don't like.

    I just pity the person who tells another person this news only to have you overhear ...

    person 1: Did you hear? Someone is trying to buy the assets of Marvel Heroes.
    person 2: Really? That's great. Though I doubt they'll get it.
    person 1: True but it will be interesting to see how that turns out
    IceAge: OMG why are you spreading that information?!?!?! Don't you know that this isn't verified and they are probably scammers, you should know better.
    person 1: I don't know, I just heard it, it's no big deal ...
    IceAge: 20 minute lecture on being responsible on what you say ...

  • 'Paragon Institute' Wants to Raise Funds to Buy Marvel Heroes - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG.com

    IceAge said:

    Face it, this "News" was just to get some buzz here. Don't make me look up for other News here, where Suzi or other did indeed do their job and wrote info about who's behind the project , what do they think of it, etc. 

    What I am talking, is not censorship. What I don't like is , a big site like mmorpg.com , thrown a shitty "News" and call it "News" without a bit of information about wtf is with this ..kids. I already wrote on a previous post of mine, that this kids are from Pakistan, Nepal, India and some other country. Now you would think that those might be some short of spectacular intelligent kids. No , they are not. This is yet again another "KS Project" , where someone wants to make fast and easy cash. If this kids were indeed good , they would of show us something else,  beside a big wall of text and their "dream".

    Maybe you , and others, don't "bite" this , but I am pretty sure that there might be some ...uninformed people around here, who will just think that this kids are serious and they might buy the game IP and "donate". If Suzi would indeed say much more about those kids, then people will get well informed and things might be different. Didn't you read that whatever sum of money is "donated" , they will keep it, even if the "project" is not successful ? THAT should ring lots of bells. 
    You are 100% correct in that there are people who would jump on something like this. Only, in truth, not many people did as they really haven't raised any money.

    But no matter, "point was made".

    The thing is, you want all "news" to be the level or "x diplomat was escorted out of x country because of y and z" when there is sometimes news that's just "young 16 year old finds love letter from 1912 in between walls of house".

    Human interest stories are just that "human interest". It's interesting that a game that just closed down has a group (organization whatever) that wants to purchase it.

    Just like it was interesting when people wanted to buy Ryzom and interesting when people wanted to buy City of Heroes.

    In no place did mmorpg.com say "endorse this group". It was just "hey! FYI! This is happening!".

    I'm a big believe in "fool me once" and I'm ok with people failing and learning from those mistakes. And if they don't? Then nothing is going to help them.

    Now, had this site really endorsed going and giving them money then sure you would not only have a point but you would have a larger point of organizations not doing due diligence and influencing their readership.

    But that's not what happened here.
  • Investigation into Paragon Institute Raises More Than a Few Red Flags - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG

    BruceYee said:

    Good job MMORPG for reporting this scam.
    What was he right about? Trying to protect the children? I suppose no one thought of the children.

    Oh wait, this project hasn't left the $300 range for donations. I guess most people didn't need his protection.
  • 'Paragon Institute' Wants to Raise Funds to Buy Marvel Heroes - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG.com

    IceAge said:

    I will say it again : Is because of mentality like yours, we get shits like this. Meaning "KS Projects" , P2W games, etc. Because people , who support this "NEWS" , are people who also support ANY kind of "whateversoundsgoodonpaper". 

    So keep supporting this kind of "projects". If this kids want to do some, first they need to EARN it. They earned shit. They want money first with NO implications and knowledge from them. Write a "good story" and wait for the "believers" to pump cash.

    It blows my mind to meet people who support things like this, which they don't even know if this kids know how the manage a server, let alone code something. 

    Naivety at his best. 
    It sounds to me like you feel that we need to be protected from ourselves. That people can't make up their own minds. That's sad.

    It's clear that people are not "buying" into this project by how much they have made so far (I imagine that friends and family have kicked in and that's about it).

    It's news that a group wants to do this. It will be news when that fails. I don't think we need "news" to be curated. You keep using the word "kids". Curated news is for kids. Truthfully, you seem pretty controlling. So nice job I guess.

    In any case, let us adults make up our own minds ok?
  • 'Paragon Institute' Wants to Raise Funds to Buy Marvel Heroes - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG.com

    IceAge said:
    Way to go mmorpg.com . Making "News" , some teens who just want to get some cash ( as I am pretty sure they know 100% that they can't buy the IP ) , is like you are encouraging this shit.

    "That means we can still save the game and, if necessary, launch a re-branded successor with your support! Based on social media, it’s clear that Gazillion didn’t listen to the user community; this is our chance to start with a great foundation and turn this into the game we want to play again. You get to be the hero on this quest. Will you step up to the challenge?" - Really?! This sounds much like "lord british" and SC maker advertising.

    Delete this "News"!
    It's just "news".

    This is happening. There is a group that wants to do this. It's just reporting on this.