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  • It's Official: Elder Scrolls Online Players Headed Off to Elsweyr in June - MMORPG.com

  • If you don't play World of Warcraft, then what in the hell are you playing?

    Aeander said:
    Single player games mostly. Persona 5 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are taking up my time right now. I'll also hop onto GW2 for weekly raids and Warframe periodically.

    Never cared for WoW. 
    That's me, mostly single player games.

    Zelda, breath of the wild with my girlfriend (we take turns), Skyrim, Morrowind, started Dark Souls again, Lord of the Rings Online a bit here and there, Darkest Dungeon every night.

    I've started some indy games but haven't had a lot of time.

    Oh, I should add that I've been dabbling in Everquest.
  • How did you come up with your avatar/forum name and most pathetic in-game name you used?

    My name comes from the time I was going to try my first mmorpg, Lineage 2. I wasn't going to really play for long but my girlfriend was traveling so I thought it was the perfect time.

    I needed a name on the spot and just took some of the letters from my last name and fashioned this.

    Interesting enough, a guy in my Lineage 2 clan left the game to go to World of Warcraft and told me he was going to use my name.

    Kind of felt weird as I made it up based on my name but what could one do right? I then find out there are all sorts of Sovraths in World of Warcraft!

    Sort of feel like a trendsetter. B)

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    The original post and the posts that follow have no cohesive purpose. It is just a collection of nonsensical ramblings.
    Well, then, welcome to the club. B)
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    Gorwe said:

    Let's define one thing. What does "hard" even mean? You can do them perfectly fine with as few as 25 deaths(as a newbie). Which is nothing. But they do require ATTENTION, true enough. And in this modern, multitasking saturated world, they could indeed be "hard" because you xan't watch a <sport> match and play the game efficiently. Just doesn't work in DkS. But even a tiny bit of attention, of perception and the Souls become quite pathetic in difficulty.
    Not everyone can be a sprinter, not everyone can play an instrument, not everyone is good at math.

    Just because you think the game is not hard doesn't mean others do.

    You might be wired and coordinated enough to find these games easy. That's great. But there are many people who have great difficulty with them.

    I can pick up a musical instrument and within 6 months be able to play it fine. within a year I can play close to professional. This is easy. Should I say that playing musical instruments are easy when there are people who struggle with them?

    No. Playing a musical instrument "well" is hard but for a few people they find it easy.

    If Dark Souls is not difficult then most people would figure it out and zip right through them. They don't.