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  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    Torval said:
    Kyleran said:
    I think a weekend trial would be a great idea. I would give it a go. But the problem for me is that the market is flooded and I have a rotation of MMO's I play now and while the ideas in the game are interesting to me, the problem for me is when I play a game with older graphics it feels like a step back in my gaming. Perhaps the game is great but at this point I wouldn't spend the money they are asking to find out. I do hope they do well though.

    Hopefully they get a solid playerbase that lets them sustain the game because a big problem are people who play the game like an RGP to experience the content and move on.
    I don't think this game's target audience is someone who plays "a rotation of MMOs," its more for the purist looking for a more singular, long term experience.

    Or as we like to say, "your kind doesn't belong around here."

    I think there's room for all kinds of players in the game. You may not be able to go into the toughest areas and dungeons or have super skills, but there is stuff to do and world to exist in no matter how advanced your character is. It is true though that the game isn't fast progression and that playing a little here and there won't progress you far. I've just never felt my character irrelevant or my time poorly spent as a result.
    I'm personally loving it.

    I played in early Alpha and it has come a looong way.

    I still hadn't gotten my key but decided I wanted to play this weekend so ponied up the $30 (I'm sure they can use it) and was actually able to link my account and was happy to find I could access my old character/name which somehow vanished in early alpha.

    Played a bit but then decided I needed to go to the tutorial so deleted and remade my old character and I've been having a blast for over 4 hours. Just on the tutorial island.

    This is wayyy closer to the type of game I want to play than, most to all mmorpg's out there.

    And while aesthetics are very important to me, I sort of adopt a "it's retro" attitude and it's doable.

    The community is helpful and I like the figuring things out. I like that areas have very hard mobs with easy mobs. I like the discovery.

    For an indy two person dev team I think they've done a good job.
  • Vikings?

    karnivor said:
    What the hell is this? https://gallery.mailchimp.com/2b70fd18d895dd960141bac55/images/a121f8c2-99e0-4707-8a70-bc1f1210fd7c.jpg This is NOT a Viking sword whatsoever. Skulls? Cmon, no! And a crescent moon, very muslim, not very Viking.

    This is what a Viking Sword looks like 

    Arthurians have more in common with the Vikings. In Game of Throne it is NOT the Wildlings that are like the Vikings it is the IRONBORN.  If you can't see this then I dont know what your problem is.

    Why can't they just change the name of the Viking faction to Barbarians or something and have Vikings one of the subraces? I am extremely dissapointed in their direction they are going with the Viking faction. Like having Male Valkyries for example. WTF is that?! That's even more retarded than having female dwarfs.
    Why do they need to if the game is an "alternate universe"?

    This doesn't take place on "earth" as far as I can tell. The names help add flavor and help give the player something to grab on to but they aren't "the real vikings" or the "whatever".

    I mean this is from their website:

    "All the world was almost wiped out when the Veilstorms tore across the land, changing and breaking it apart. You live on, to rebuild and reconquer what remains. "

    As far as I know, our dear planet never had one Veilstorm.

    Doesn't this really fall under this ...

    Also there is no such thing as 'the fantasy dwarf' so yes one can have female dwarves if they so choose. It's made up.

  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    How does this game compare to SotA?
    I can't answer that in depth but I can say, having tried both, This game has a more open world, with the exception of smaller areas such as caves and the like that are accessed through loading screens (not sure how extensive that is but it doesn't seem like Black Desert where you enter a cave or ruin and it's seemless - maybe that's here I haven't seen it).

    Shroud of the Avatar has you loading into an overhead map and then you travel to another "area/map".

    This game also has a quirky sense of humor about it with the whole "cow curse" thing. I think some of the other curses might also be a bit humorous.

    I like this game more than Shroud of the Avatar and plan on giving this a solid "go" until Pantheon (hopefully) comes out.
  • EA Removes Paid Loot Boxes & Introduces New Progression System - Star Wars: Battlefront II - MMORPG.

    So is an asshole that tried to steal your wallet any less of an asshole now that he's been caught and realizes he has to now switch tactics to get your money? I mean I've been trying to lay off the negative waves as much as possible the past year or so, but such a total "fuck you" to their own fan base such as BF2's abominable game ruining cash shop debacle is unforgivable in my book.
    Except "this is not a person who is an asshole. It's a company designed to create products and make money".

    And this is the huge problem with gamer logic.

    Gamers want companies to be part of the crew, part of the community, in sync with all their desires, a real gamer buddy.

    But they aren't this. It's a company. They will make good products, they will make bad products. They will have good customer service and bad customer service.

    They will push the envelope so that they can be more successful (because they are a publicly traded company and that's what they have to do) and sometimes it will work and sometimes not.

    They are not there to be our friend.

    So buy their products or don't buy their products and they will adjust accordingly or go out of business. "punishing them" is more about the gamer and some weird issue where they need to feel vindicated and empowered. Trusting them? Why, they aren't a relative or friend, they are there to provide services. That's it. If they can't get it right their business will suffer. If they continue to fail at it the that's it, game over.
  • Visionary Realms Delves into Armor Basics & the Halnir Cave Dungeon - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen N

    Sovrath said:

    I am still looking forward to this game, but I am a little worried after the "how much crappy monetization" are you willing to accept thread.

    If they sell ingame assets for real cash, I will pass.

    I don't think they would've brought attention to that controversial topic themselves, if they had any plans on having a cash shop in Pantheon.

    I think they have run the numbers and realized that they need more than a sub would pay for so they indeed wanted to know what their customer base was comfortable with.

    After all "why bring up a cash shop at all if you never intend to have one".

    They didn't bring up the subject for ha ha's.

    Also, in addition to the first scenario, and somewhat cynical, maybe they always knew that a cash shop was possible but mentioning it when raising money would kill their project so they just waited until the time was right.

    Who's to say they didn't just bring it up for "ha ha's"? Kilsin is a rogue irl, he's quite mischievous.
    If I got to the Pantheon PAX Pub thing I'll make sure to ask.