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  • GW2 released the best expansion I've played this year

    WOW - people are picky but then again this is GW2. Which is a game everybody trashes even if they have never played it. The new GH is pretty amazing really and so beautiful.

    There is a reason for the different mount - they are designed for different types of travel. The Raptor can do canyon hopping, The bunny - jumping up cliffs. The gliding mount, for going over water and quicksand, Finally the jackal which is part sand - to teleport through sand ports and to blink. There are reasons for all and it is part of the story.

    This is quite an immersive expansion and as was said, the maps are huge. You can fit 2-3 of the vanilla GW2 maps into one of these.

    It was nice to go back to Vabbi and see everyone's favorite undead King, Palawa Joko. I think we will see more of him in the future.

    Now if we can have another race to play, that would be icing on the cake.
  • A bit unstable at the moment...

    You need to be along so far to get the Sand Hyena. Just having the Skimmer will not get it. Need a certain amount of EXP done (also 200 Trade Contracts and 20 Gold). Raptor is needed for canyon jumping :D . The Springer is needed to scale heights. You care gimping your exploration without them.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Hands on With Path of Fire - MMORPG.com

    PinoX said:

    Not many youtubers and reviewers are going into details of issues in this PoF demo.

    The unidentified gears problem that was mentioned by this reviewer did not go into details of the downside at all. Salvaging unidentified gears does not give ectos and the overall cost of identifying them just to salvage will plunge you into a loss. Why would you want to identify? it's because rares and exotics are in them too. Potentially, there is a possibility of salvaging precursor.

    There is a huge discussion about it in GW2 official forum. There are some people suggesting this system is possibly put in place for the introduction of Gemstore IDing Kits. Indeed, this might be why the basic cost of the PoF is as low as $30 in comparison to pricier HoT.

    Please go to GW2 official forum to check out the discussion. It seems to be introduction of huge gold sink and lots of ppl seems to be rather unhappy.

    Another problem that come up in this PoF demo is Motion Sickness for quite a number participants as a result from using mounts. There is a major discussion going on in the official GW2 forum too regarding this. Anet has not come up with an official solution for it.

    Please beware mounts are integral part of the PoF maps for travelling. And if there isn't going to be a clear cut solution to this, this could affect you. So, please keep this in mind before purchasing.

    There are also some criticism that the content of demo are rather bland though the maps and mounts are visually pleasing. The East side of the map (2/3 revealed) feels very barren. Indeed, there doesn't seem to be any major meta events show cased in the demo. Overall, the map feels like GW2 vanilla leveling maps. Whether that is a good thing or not, it's not for me to say because it's a rather subjective matter.

    It is not entirely clear whether the barren area was barren for the purpose of the demo or it will be barren when it's released.

    Elite spec demo is next weekend. If they still allowed access to the demo map, please do make sure you don't get motion sickness from the mount and look+feel the map for yourself.

    Beware that a lot of reviewers and youtubers of this game are closer to an extension of Anet's marketing department rather than an objective one.

    It is a desert - it is supposed to be barren. Did you think they turned off many of the major events because it would give too much away? I am just asking because it feels people like to complain just because they can.
  • The PVP in this game is horrid

    cconroy11 said:

    So I reached lvl 40 on my guardian, game is OK so far... decided to try some pvp, and promptly barfed!
    Gear has no effect on pvp.
    Not only do you have to kill someone, you have to then, fend off there team while you try to ram a flag into their body, effectively killing them...again...all while they are able to hit with weird little attacks while laying on the floor.
    This promotes zerging, lack of skill, and its just fucking weird....it literally ruined the game for me.

    This is a deal breaker for me, probably will not login again, the PvE its self is extremely un-immersive, and I was hoping the pvp would be epic....alas its a steaming pile of shit.

    LOL - then this game is not for you. I am happy that gear has no affect, that means you actually have to play the game and understand positioning, etc. Just go back to where Gear is everything and skill is nothing, like Rift, WoW, ESO, I could go on.

    There is nothing wrong with PvE, is you understand the lore of the game. It actually is one game where they actually try to keep the lore whole, not a steaming pile, like Rift.