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  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Did Jeromy sell his property or mortgage it?  Has any Crowdfunding money been used to pay it off?  Do we know?  Do we care?
    Asked and answered:
    The land sale closed around this time last year which infused the company with another $350k - bringing us to a toal of $500k in starting capital.
    (edited to add that quote is from Dec 2016)

    So kudos to him.  He has much more skin in the game than many Kickstarters do.

    Holy shit slap.  That sounds like a... Compliment?

    Well I'll be damned.  I might actually be getting somewhere with some of you.  Told you he's the greatest developer ever to walk the earth.

    (obviously joking on that last one)

    Here I'll even delete my snarky comment about ya.
    I call it like I see it.  If you want to build credibility here I suggest less (IMHO) brown nosing on Discord and toning down the verbal assault with calling folks assholes or douche or putting down MMORPG.COM in general on the Discord.  Talk about issues and not other posters and we’ll get along fine.

    I don't agree with some of the stuff your saying but sure man.  I'll try to be more civil in discussion.  But to be honest this isn't exactly a place that's very welcoming to new posters.  And there is a very strong bias in this forum of negativity about this game, and a lot of it is unfounded.

    But again.  I'll try to do better at the snarky comments, and insults.  
    With all due respect. The negativity is founded. Most of us have been here for years. This site has seen everything that has come down the pipeline that anyone can even remotely call an MMO. And trust me, this site will call anything with a login screen an MMO.

    It has discussed development, monetization, game play, time tables....everything about everything about all the games that have come through here for years.

    The site has seen enough for all of us to have developed a pretty good idea what it takes for a studio to put out a game. We have seen what happens when corners are cut. We have seen what happens when there are layoffs. We have seen what happens when developers chose the wrong engine. Etc Etc. None of it is new and we aren't ignorant to what it means. These are all signs of trouble and have ended with canceled projects. The Repopulation, EQNext, Dominus, The list goes on.

    The ideas that "development has stabilized" after layoffs or that they can create their own substitute for "SpatialOS" are absurd.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Gdemami said:
    cheyane said:
    Sorry who is harbinger ? 
    ...'polite' name for a troll.
    "Troll" being defined as someone stating something you don't like.
  • State of the Studio

    cjmarsh said:
    lahnmir said:
    Gdemami said:
    frostymug said:
    Is there any progress that can be quantified by a layperson?
    That is the crux here, there isn't.

    They are in early development which means all the works goes towards backend - a part you, as a user don't see. The fact that the game is very different in design and thus in development terms does not help much either.

    And when you add lack of technical/management savvyness, you get plenty of fuel for trolling...therefore threads like this one.
    Right, because they already built so much "back end" on SpatialOS.........oh wait. No they didn't.
    Back end, isn't that the part they talk out of? Because it seems very much in use  ;)

    And very well developed
    But it's not on SpacialOS
    We should probably keep your fascination with Caspian's well-developed back end to another forum...
    It's not the back end it self, as much as it's the talking from it.
  • State of the Studio

    Am I to assume that this person who was banned at the end of this thread, is the same one who was banned a number of times? The hostility, the demeanor, the attitude, the passive-aggressive disposition, the responses, all appear to be very similar. It's not a stretch to think they might be the same person.

    If that is the case, how does he or she think they are helping their cause? Creating a new account and repeatedly getting banned over and over again by breaking the TOS......

    Do you think........I mean maybe.......just maybe, this isn't working?
  • State of the Studio

    Nilden said:
    So a studio that raised 4 million, that had to lay off 3 people, missed its initial release date by what looks like a couple years, cancelled its partnership with spatialOS touted as the fabric of the game, sold pay 2 king for 10k and vote tokens, that thought it was a good idea to make a MUD and can't find a publisher or additional investors since April...

    Thats the horse you got your money on?

    Image result for half dead race horse

    Has there been a single game that hasn't missed their date on kickstarter?  Crowfall originally was I believe estimated December 2016.  Star Citizen's originally 2015.  Ashes of Creation claims 2018, which everyone knows is bullshit.

    SHenmue 3 claimed December of 2017.  Like honestly I don't know a single game that has ever hit the estimated release date given on kickstarter.  

    And they have found publishers.  THey could easily change the payment model and get a publisher, but they don't want to, and hopefully they don't have to, because even adding sell able cosmetics in CoE effects the ultimate vision of the game. 
    The main problem isn't missed deadlines. It's that they only raised 4M when they probably need 5 times what they have raised so far and things don't look promising for the rest of what they need.

    All these claims about people being too negative without facts, and who don't know shit about shit and all naysayer's and harbingers being ignorant. but the math just isn't there folks.

    Please enlighten me with your math.
    $4M + x = COE
    x= the amount of money greater than 4M required to create an MMORPG.
    (Unless you believe that an MMORPG can be developed for 4M)