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  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Gdemami said:
    cheyane said:
    Sorry who is harbinger ? 
    ...'polite' name for a troll.
    "Troll" being defined as someone stating something you don't like.
  • State of the Studio

    Am I to assume that this person who was banned at the end of this thread, is the same one who was banned a number of times? The hostility, the demeanor, the attitude, the passive-aggressive disposition, the responses, all appear to be very similar. It's not a stretch to think they might be the same person.

    If that is the case, how does he or she think they are helping their cause? Creating a new account and repeatedly getting banned over and over again by breaking the TOS......

    Do you think........I mean maybe.......just maybe, this isn't working?
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:

    Does anyone like a pessimist even if they are right?
    I understand that you want to be positive. And you may not like the pessimism. However, if this is true, and I believe it is, then SBS it is possibly practicing shady business.
    But see, it's not True, until it happens, right now, it's nothing more then a pessimistic outlook, recited endlessly. Even if you agree with their prediction, it makes it no less pessimistic. And if someone is so sure something is going to fail, why not just walk away from it, why hang around and harp upon it endlessly?

    As for any truth, given that half their ramblings and objections revolve around tin foil hat mudslinging about ivory towers, and what have you, its like they are playing their own delusional fantasy game around this games development.

    Now, If you really look at it, it's more a cry for attention, they want to be head, they want this company to listen due to some self imposed feelings of importance and perhaps they were given a head nod for suggesting an idea that I would wager has already been around for a few decades, and suddenly feel they should have the power to shape the game as a whole, and perhaps got blown off when they pushed too hard, hence their "way forward" post they think is going to change the whole game.

    Now, If that is who you want to follow, be my guest, but.. for me. I like games, I enjoy playing games, and I look forward to new and fun games play. To me, CoE is not new in the sense of Online Games, it's more a return to old school MUDs, which I loved playing back in the day.

    But, this is just one of many games out there to me, so, I am not going to piss away my life tending an ear to the ramblings of pessimist, if that is what makes you happy and you want to cling that they are prophetic truth speakers, be my guest, but don't expect me to give that decision, or the words you cling to, any respect.

    If they end up being right.. Oh well. Guess Ill just have to play something else.. much like what  I am doing right now.. playing something else. So my life won't change, as such, I have no reason to humor such negativity.
    What is true and what can be proven are entirely different things. 

    Right at this very moment, If SBS is looking at shutting down for good, but isn't saying so, it could be a truth, Conversely, if they have found a secret angel investor, and haven't disclosed that yet, that would also be a truth. Either way, our ignorance of these truths does not make them untrue. 

    So at this point, we can only say what we believe and why.
  • State of the Studio

    And the circle jerk continues!

    I'll check in again later to see who gets that participation award OrangeBoy was referrring to.  I think the most-insipid-comment-from-assclown-with-zero-talent is yet to come.  What other amazing insight will the geniuses who probably couldn't separate dog turds from tanbark offer to the current situation? 

    Stay tuned, folks!
    You criticize people personally for criticizing a company. Why are you allowed to pass judgement, but no one else is? How is that not a double standard? How are you not even more guilty of the very thing you are accusing people of when you hurl such nasty Ad-Homs? No one insulted you personally.
  • State of the Studio

    State of the Studio = the game isn't finished yet and they're still working on it


    Or keep circle jerking to speculation.  Don't stop on my account.  Keep your towels handy and stroke away.
    But the studio pretty much is.
    Is what?  Still making the game?  Check.  Not dead yet?  Check.  So you don't really know shit about shit when it comes to the game?  Check.  Keep stroking, dude.  The circle jerk continues ...
    There is plenty of evidence to anyone who opens their eyes. 

    Game developers can't just swap one game engine out for a cheaper one if they have done any coding already. It doesn't work that way. It's not like a car engine that is bolted in, It's more like the foundation of a building. You don't start coding and then say.."Welp there is a more cost effective engine solution" and swap over to that new solution unless you do it before any major coding happens. In other words COE is over before it began.

    So there is some known shit about shit when it comes to the game.