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  • Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt

    Ubisoft. LOL.

    Talk about taking a step in the wrong direction.
  • State of the Studio

    To be clear, in my totally unprofessional view anyone who used a credit card can get a charge back for non delivery of the product purchased.  That said, I am not advocating people do that currently. There are real jobs with real families involved.  It’s doubtful that they could continue development if they had to refund a significant chunk of their customers.  

    Its really just a screwed up situation right now. 
    Granted that someone who spends 10k on a video game should also afford to lose that money. But can you please stop the dramatization of the situation? People everywhere loses jobs every day, it's the way our economy works.

    What is the alternative? Keep sending money to a company that doesn't produce just because you want to keep the employees happy? This has been around since Keynes brought it up —"The government should pay people to dig holes in the ground and then fill them up" — and has been proven wrong countless times throughout history.

    One thing is boycotting a product to cause damage to the company which is disgraceful, another is to buy a mediocre product (instead of the superior one next to it) just because the company needs money. I am all for meritocracy and if SBS turns up to be inadequate, for whatever reason, there is no point in trying to keep them going.
  • The Number 1 goal; what it might mean.

    Ungood said:
    Tamanous said:
    Ungood said:
    I am wondering what they plan to do about hack programs, or will this be another Aim Bot/Cheat Overlay clustershitfest.
    Most of that stuff won't work due to the physics in the game being controlled completely server side. Beyond that they tackle anything else as best they can like any developer does.

    Any client hack will make that player see things but any other player and the server won't so the cheater is just ruining his own game play.
    No, in competitive PvP games, cheaters ruin the game for everyone.

    What he means is that the hacks working on the client will make it look like they work only to the hacker. The rest of the players and the server (the guy in charge) don't see the effect. The result is some bloke who thinks he's flying around but instead his model is actual running on the ground.

  • Strategies to alleviate social anxiety disorder? Or most friendship friendly mmos?

    In my opinion it has to target a specific audience first and foremost. When a game tries to cater to everyone out there it ends up with very different types of players. It gets harder and harder to meet someone you can get a long with.

    Imagine being a player who enjoys chatting about real life while playing and hoping to find like-minded players in a MOBA. There are bound to be a few out there, but what are the odds of you finding them?
    The genre itself makes it harder to have that attitude because you need to be constantly on your toes during the matches; most of the players behave like savages (whether it is just in game or they are like that in real life too is pointless, because what matters is how they are when you are interacting with them) and the most elaborate conversations consist of mostly memes and namecalling.

    In the end I think it's very hard to form the kind of bonds where you trust the other part implicitly and games that match teenagers with players in their forties make it almost impossible.
  • The Number 1 goal; what it might mean.

    I think that "meaningful" is also an important part of that statement that might be overlooked. I'm pretty sure that it means that players will not just run to a castle to meet up and kill each other, but the whole economy is designed to make that big battle important, not just to have fun now but also to ripe the benefits of the victory later.
    The biggest enemy to performances IMHO will turn out to be the AIR system, it has a lot of potential for messing up the server-load.

    As for the animations I find them ugly. There is one thing about it though, other games with very fluid animations and flashy effects don't need the enemy player to read into them and react to them — imagine having to time your defensives based on the opponent's autoattack animation in WoW — so they can put fluidity overall. It is especially true when you see big skills cycle "on top" of AA animations. I'd like the characters to move a lot better than they do now, but not at the expenses of gameplay.