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  • Are in-game communities today weaker or stronger?

    I am currently playing some vanilla wow because, well why not.

    My first dungeon run, a max level player decided to boost me and the rest of the group. He ran us through the dungeon and at the end, finding out those were our first characters, he gave us 10 golds each and 2 inventory bags (big ones!).

    A week ago I was asked by a couple of guys I had run dungeons with if I needed an elite quest on the other side of the world. I didn't but I knew it was a though one so I told them "let me finish this quest here and then I'll fly over there to help you".

    Yesterday I was smelting ore at a forge in a questing area. I was semi-afk reading something on the other screen. When I came back I saw I had a couple of whispers from some stranger who needed help with an elite quest . I had done that quest a week ago and knew how though it was. I apologized for being afk, out of politeness, and went to help them.

    Today I tried to solo an elite quest in one corner of the world. Failed miserably and decided to ask in the world chat if anyone needed it. Someone replied, I invited and this guy started moving. He realised he was on the next step of the quest when he was halfway through but decided to stay and help me. Took him 10 minutes to reach me and 10 more minutes to finish it.

    Are there any games out there where, if one has the inclination to be nice, one has a chance to show it?
    Quest-mobs die just by looking at them. Everything is designed to be soloable to the point that, in the wow guild I have been in for 10+ years, there is people who, while being online at the right time, prefers to pug raids rather than doing them with the guild they are in.
    To use a pretty obscure analogy from a pretty famous movie: games today are designed around single-serving content. Either it can be done alone or it requires no socialization, one just needs to be there to be eligible for a medal, and everything is quick and short-lived.
    This is not bad per se. Adults with responsibilities often have time only for some bite-sized entertainment and it's better to accommodate them than to lose them as customers.
  • World of Warcraft - 5 Things We've Learned from the Battle for Azeroth Alpha (NO SPOILERS!) - MMORPG

    BruceYee said:

    no idea why this new blizzard B team feels the need to reinvent major system EVERY SINGLE XPAC

    To present something as "new" that previously existed in the game with some minor alterations to fool people who either haven't played for very long or don't remember/care.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they bring back talent trees sometime and call it a new feature along with insect swarm druid spell and spellstones.

    They probably plan future expansions by writing features that exist/existed in the game on tiny pieces of paper, put them into a jar and hold a "development meeting" where they pick them out. Whatever feature is chosen has to be either resurrected, severely nerfed/modified, or completely removed from current WoW so they'll be able to present it as new 1-2-3 expansions later.
    Maybe now that they are working on the Vanilla code they are having one epiphany after another: "Yo, remember this? This was cool back in the day, let's put it back in." 
  • Camelot Unchained - EXCLUSIVE - Mark Jacobs on the Road Ahead for Camelot Unchained - MMORPG.com

    Since nobody wanted to answer my question I went and looked around on their official site.  After a short time there I remembered why I wasn't interested in this game.

    They are going for very complicated character building but with no way to respec.  Or maybe some very limited and difficult to get respecs. 

    You know, at first when I was reading through that stuff it almost sounded fun.  Sort of like building a deck with Magic cards which I really did enjoy doing.  But the problem is that it would be like building a Magic deck when you only get a few cards a week to choose from; you aren't told just exactly how all the cards will interact with each other; It will take months to finish building your deck, and after it's done you're stuck with it and can't make any changes.....ever.

    Yeah....no thanks.  Also, I got the very distinct impression that they are so focused on their convoluted character building system that they are probably forgetting that the actual combat itself needs to be fun.  Ok guys, so you have this really complex character building stuff but when a player takes his character out into the battlefield to fight--is that part fun?

    If that is what you got from their site, there might be some mistakes printed there. The streams and forums and other ways of communications should be more reliable.
    The idea behind character progression is that you pick a class and a race at start, that part is very important because race selection is not just aesthetical but also functional (a Gargoyle is weaker to crushing damage because he's made of stone but more resistant to cutting for instance). That choice is the hard one and I would agree to call it not respec-friendly.
    The rest however is all open to you, all abilities can be levelled up if you have the time. One part I am not sure about so I would like someone else to pitch in on this: while statistics are a way for the character to unlock different gear you can still adapt these stats by "using" them. You can tailor your character to whatever spec you want to use, it's just can't be swapped instantly. It takes a long time as you pointed out, but you are not stuck with one "build" at the end.

    On a side note: can you please tell me what parts of the site you read, which articles and/or videos you watched to get that impression? If one potential customer gets that idea it means that they might have to be revisited and I would like to point it out to them.
  • With $7.5M in New Funding, Accelerated Development On Its Way - Camelot Unchained - MMORPG.com

    Weird thing.
    Their obsession with lowering the poly count on every single new model the draw, the performance over graphics attitude and overall the fun game first and postcard maker last is what prompted me to back the game.

    There IS a crowd of players who, pardon my French, truly don't give a shit about the graphics. Even though it might be hard to believe, we are not saying it because we are in self-denial or because we have some other agenda, we REALLY don't care. I would play DAOC still if the UI was not so atrociously incompatible to today's resolutions.

    It's just that different players have different "needs". Maybe they don't care to cater to the players who want graphics over everything else, which makes sense to me: not every game should be designed to please every player (even though that seems the trend with MMOs nowadays)
  • Amy Hennig talks loot boxes and the cancelation of the Visceral Star Wars game

    Tiller said:

    There is also this trend now that, as much as people protest and say, “Why are you canceling a linear, story-based game? This is the kind of game we want,” people aren’t necessarily buying them. They’re watching somebody else play them online.

    Maybe it is thanks because of my crappy connection preventing me from watching twitch, but I never really understood the whole point behind watching someone else play a video game. It's like choosing porn over sex.