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  • MMORPG.com's Best of 2017 Awards - General Awards

    I could never really get into ESO, I played it for a fair bit of time but it just felt really empty and like something was missing the whole time to me.

    FFXIV is a great game, if not very generic. Having put many hours into the game I would say it is worth a run through for the story (if you are into that) but other than that it pretty much becomes a slower version of a WoW style game imo.

    I feel BDO should have at the very least been given an honorable mention just due to the fact that it has so many things that you can do in the game, and is very different from any other MMO currently out once you sink your teeth into it. Yes the business practices are sometimes a little naff, and at its core it is a grind game, but in both aspects its defiantly not the worst, and really lets face it most games have a 'grind' usually dressed up by raids or quests anyway, but at least BDO tries to give people some options outside of the norm. Whatever flaws the game may have (and it does have a number) it is definitely worth trying and giving some time over these other clone type games.
  • 1.2M Concurrent Players & Low Physical Box Sales - Destiny 2 News

    Impressive numbers. Not overly surprised about the box sales, the time of digital download only gaming has been a long time coming. Aside from trade in games or the need to collect the boxes there is little point to going box over digital, especially if you look at it in an environmental sense.

    Not being a console gamer I have never played Destiny. My brother loved the first and is well and truly hooked on the second one as we speak. It is safe to say that I will be giving it a fair shot come PC release, and I predict it will probably do well on the PC format.
  • Quite enjoying this game so far, and yes it does have WASD movement :)

    They must have added the WASD movements; it's possible that they didn't have it before. From what I've read, Wild Terra didn't have a PvE server before, but it was later added.
    I guess they must have, I just noticed it was one of the most asked things and thought I would clear it up, since it is a nightmare having to read through 100's of patch notes just to find something like that out  :)

    I started playing but got a bit confused. It felt like more of a survival game and less of an MMORPG. It felt like Don't Starve, or even that one isometric zombie survival game (can't really remember the name). Does it get more MMO elements as it goes on? In the beginning so far all I did was chop a few logs, make a fire, and unsuccessfully try to kill animals.
    I know what you mean, I can't really tell which of the two it wants to be at the moment. Certainly starting out it feels more like a survival game just on a massive server (I think it had about 1500 players on the pve eu server the other night). I don't think there are any of the newer style features like raids etc but the game feels like an old school mmo. That said with it not having any NPC's that could mean it will have no quests. Maybe the whole point of it is simply to survive, build and then dominate areas. Sadly the PVE servers (the most popular) undo the threat of danger that I think the devs initially wanted to be a constant theme. If they want the game to do well it does need more direction towards PVE content and organised PVP that actually has a point, otherwise it will just be a survival grind, with little or no point.

    My biggest gripe at the moment is the lack of interaction with others, despite there being over a thousand people on the same server. Again I have not played that much but so far the world feels a little dead to me and somewhat copy/pasted for miles and miles, that mixed with travel being so slow initially is a real pain in the behind. They could do with adding some excitement to the start of the game, not that I know for sure just yet that it gets more exciting later on, but whatever the case the beginner experience definitely needs spark added to it  :D.

    I will hopefully play more and get a better idea of what's what and update this thread. In the meantime if one of the dev team see's this and would like to let us know the overall 'point' of the game and the direction they are hoping to take it, that would be great  :)