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  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    I received my price.

    @ConstantineMerus is indeed a man of his word.

    Thank you.

    That he is, I received mine also. Thanks so much  <3
  • Quite enjoying this game so far, and yes it does have WASD movement :)

    Hey guys. I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail on this game as I have only played it for a few hours so far, after winning one of the keys from here the other day. What I will say though is that it is fun! And there seems to be a hell of a lot of things to do if you give it the time. It was a tad overwhelming at first, but in a classic MMORPG style that we have moved so far away from as of late. I don't think this is a bad thing, but it will certainly put a number of people off. That said there is a pretty good beginner guide posted here by ShadowBG  http://forum.playwildterra.com/topic/1250/guide-for-beginners-v01 Definitely worth following to get you started.

    One of the big questions asked in the main thread in this forum is about WASD controls, a question that never seemed to get an answer (possible I just missed it in the extensive notes) but I can confirm that it does have WASD support even when played using the web browser which is pretty nifty. The movement and actions at the moment in time are somewhat clunky, but hopefully they will get a little polish in the future. 

    I am looking forward to seeing how this game develops, it seems to have quite a committed and active dev team working on it which can only be a good thing. I would suggest to the devs to open up a free trial for people though. This is an old school looking game and I feel people will want to try before they buy due to that. Even I put off buying it due to uncertainty, despite being a huge fan of this style of game. This type/style of game works its charm once you are actually playing it, not when you watch videos or look at pictures that is for sure, and so a trial would be a logical step in my opinion. Without a trial or being fortunate enough to have won a key (as I did) I would probably have put off trying this for quite a lot longer.

    I will hopefully have more to add once I get into it a little more, but right now I am just enjoying the old school feel of it all.

  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    Haha fair enough, I was just wondering. It is a great thread, in fact it is one of the first threads I have posted in, in a looooong time. Really enjoying coming back to it and seeing what people have come up with. I thought it would have many more posts by now, where is everyone at?!?

    Glad you liked it also. I had some terribly unsavoury, none 'pc' ideas for most of the categories but had to stop myself  :D
  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    Great thread :D

    Tank - The man himself Butterbean (Eric Esch) Good at taking hits, and good at giving them. Has a high knockout ratio so he would be pretty good at stun locking the enemy. Due to his sheer size he would be great to just stand behind whilst he soaks damage. Lets face it, this guy would look glorious in plate :D


    Healer - The current (14th)Dalai Lama, the guy is zen embodied. I can imagine him giving out some epic spiritual healing and keeping the peace. Plus if anyone is going to be able to conjure up a defence bubble, it's this guy. Bet he can levitate too.

    DPS - I have to go with good old Iron Mike Tyson (in his prime, somewhat even now though). Pure savage, stick some claws on the guy and you have real life Wolverine. The guy loves fighting, don't think he is scared of doing it, in fact I think an outlet for all of his rage would be perfect. Hopefully the presence of the Dalai Lama can help keep him calm when needed.

    CC - Vladimir Putin, Toss up between him and Kim. Both are good at controlling people, but Vlad has that extra bit of asskickery built in to boot. Ex KGB so he knows how to subdue a dude.

    Support - Dej Loaf, Raps to take care of her fam. Played basketball so knows how to play in a team. Studied nursing for three semesters so knows how to support when needed. She is also a total badass...try her....