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Gaming for 25 years now wising to write music for games. Want some free music written, get in touch. https://www.youtube.com/user/Igneall


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  • From seamless universe MMO to region locked fixed single map arena game with multiple instances.

    Regardless of everything else you title is still misleading. Reading it all they are doing is making a simpler version of what they wanted, but can still achieve what they want. You say they're removing seamlessness yet he even says,

    "Next, seamlessly transitioning entities and clients between servers"

    Then you go on about "single map arena game" How did you get that from what they said? it's seems like your describing a MOBA.

    Overall i think you might be confusing their type of instance with what you get in WoW when you enter a dungeon.

    On the topic people making it out that SC and instancing is a new thing.


    This thread was created in 2014.

    Overall, as i said, it seem they're just changing their approach, but aiming for the same goal
  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    Hero? He using he's on disability to gain views, clicks and sympathy. "Shaggy Cripple"
    What relevancy does it have to he's point? 

    He talks about Total Biscuit and he's cancer, why? 

    Then brings in third world countries, again, why? 

    Through out the video he doesn't explain on what grounds he will sue them on or he's plan. Just keeps listing of things on why you should be sympathetic towards what he's doing even if it makes no sense.

    Then he ends it with "come at me bro, literally" Um....what??

    If people are honestly getting behind this guy considering he's attitude and what I said above, I don't know what to say. 
  • It's Just Cosmetic

    Gorwe said:
    Cosmetics are content for some. Just because you don't care about, doesn't mean it's irrelevant. Don't be so smallminded.
    Think that's the overall point Jim makes. The other point he makes as well is that people say "its just cosmetic" or some say "I don't care", but If we to put these people in a situation where you have 0 customization over your characters, your unable to switch genders or you have fixed Armour through out the entire game regardless of what you got equipped, people will kick up a fuss.

     Anthur said:
    You can't really blame the developers when customers complain about a 15$/month subscription but jubilate about a "free" game where they then spend hundreds of $ for micro transactions.

    Unfortunately everyone (even those who don't belong to the "I want everything for free" faction) is affected because micro transactions and cash shops of course do change gameplay. But yeah, it is what it is and it will only become worse from here.
    The video is more directed at B2P games, like BF2 or Destiny.  Games you've already dropped 60 - 100 on already. Jim hasn't talked much about mmos and tends to me more lenient when it comes to F2P
  • The Last Jedi DLC Comes Today + Poor Sales Cut Profit Estimates Sharply - Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Warlyx said:

    12,5M copies sold? ppl still fall for EA crap

    It will take time. Taking into account that the average consumer most likely have no idea about the shit that's been going on with EA and people, like SB said, will buy into cause it's Star Wars. Also on top of that the removal of MTX made some people reconsider buying it.

    Even though it maybe small, an impact was made. the game released is far from what EA wanted to release in terms of monetization. I feel if people keep on talking about MTX into 2018, in time a bigger impact could be made.
  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    kitarad said:

    How come men's body parts don't get so emphasized in games?

    you kinda do