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Gaming for 25 years now wising to write music for games. Want some free music written, get in touch. https://www.youtube.com/user/Igneall


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  • From seamless universe MMO to region locked fixed single map arena game with multiple instances.

    Regardless of everything else you title is still misleading. Reading it all they are doing is making a simpler version of what they wanted, but can still achieve what they want. You say they're removing seamlessness yet he even says,

    "Next, seamlessly transitioning entities and clients between servers"

    Then you go on about "single map arena game" How did you get that from what they said? it's seems like your describing a MOBA.

    Overall i think you might be confusing their type of instance with what you get in WoW when you enter a dungeon.

    On the topic people making it out that SC and instancing is a new thing.


    This thread was created in 2014.

    Overall, as i said, it seem they're just changing their approach, but aiming for the same goal
  • New Zealand - Loot Boxes Not Legally Gambling, UK May Beg to Differ - MMORPG.com News

    DMKano said:

    I am a firm believer that instead of trying to put kids in a glass bubble to protect them from the real world - educate them instead, give them knowledge and skills to deal with the real world.

    I would agree, but teaching them won't mean anything if lootboxes do't fall under anything. If it doesn't fall under the "legal definition" of gambling or something, in the eyes of a child, heck even adults, it gives the impression that there's nothing wrong with them and that's just how the games meant to be played.

    Mix in that the fact the money they spend is very small, say £1 - £5, it wont seem like they're spending or mismanaging money.

    It only takes someone doing a few times before they're addicted and once they are, no amount of education can fix that. 

  • Petition rapidly growing for EA to lose Star Wars license passes 110k signers.

    Herase said:
    rofl yeah I'm the naive one. That's too fucking rich. My post doesn't address that at all, for a very good reason, because it's irrelevant. They're not going to 'get out of the contract' because you want them to. Deal with it.
    Maybe or maybe not. I do think if EA cause more problems like they did with BF2 where Disney had to tell them to "chill the fuck out", we could probably see them losing it.

    I think if it causes enough commotion with customers to the point, press and other outlets start talking about it, bringing more bad press to the IP, I don't think it's unreasonable to think Disney might call it quits.

    imho I think out right denying that anything could happen at this point is a little unreasonable, not saying it's a high chance at all, it could be 1%, but the fact they've been called out by Disney once, means it can happen again and I think if repeats, they could lose it or something else.

     Disney didn't pay 4 billion dollars to own the most lucrative IP in the world so that a bunch of internet plebs can tell them what they need to do with it. And Disney certainly isn't going to completely alienate the only developer likely willing to pay them what these rights are actually worth because of "Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble." The only thing unreasonable here is even entertaining that you have any say in multi million dollar transactions of massive billion dollar media conglomerates. You don't in this case and you never will. There's also a non zero probability that you will suddenly disappear from your computer chair and suddenly appear on Mars, but the difference is you're not here pretending to know something about quantum mechanics so thankfully we can avoid that equally ridiculous conversation.  

    But thanks for the laugh anyways fellas.
    Damn, just sharing my thoughts, never claimed anything. Didn't have to be a dick about it, fucking hell lol
  • I just noticed something pretty hilarious

    Don't waste your time like I did.

    Spoiler, the final date he wants you to see is April 1, 2019. Big whoop.
    Ahh, another thread about release dates.  Thought people had a point with the land claiming, but see we're already back to this nonsense. 
  • Free Trial for PC, PlayStation 4 & XBox One Begins November 28th - Destiny 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    Think this Polygon post killed.

    "LivingTheBlue: It’s pretty generous of Bungie to throw in almost half the game with this trial."