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Gaming for 25 years now wising to write music for games. Want some free music written, get in touch. https://www.youtube.com/user/Igneall


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  • Petition rapidly growing for EA to lose Star Wars license passes 110k signers.

    Herase said:
    rofl yeah I'm the naive one. That's too fucking rich. My post doesn't address that at all, for a very good reason, because it's irrelevant. They're not going to 'get out of the contract' because you want them to. Deal with it.
    Maybe or maybe not. I do think if EA cause more problems like they did with BF2 where Disney had to tell them to "chill the fuck out", we could probably see them losing it.

    I think if it causes enough commotion with customers to the point, press and other outlets start talking about it, bringing more bad press to the IP, I don't think it's unreasonable to think Disney might call it quits.

    imho I think out right denying that anything could happen at this point is a little unreasonable, not saying it's a high chance at all, it could be 1%, but the fact they've been called out by Disney once, means it can happen again and I think if repeats, they could lose it or something else.

     Disney didn't pay 4 billion dollars to own the most lucrative IP in the world so that a bunch of internet plebs can tell them what they need to do with it. And Disney certainly isn't going to completely alienate the only developer likely willing to pay them what these rights are actually worth because of "Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble." The only thing unreasonable here is even entertaining that you have any say in multi million dollar transactions of massive billion dollar media conglomerates. You don't in this case and you never will. There's also a non zero probability that you will suddenly disappear from your computer chair and suddenly appear on Mars, but the difference is you're not here pretending to know something about quantum mechanics so thankfully we can avoid that equally ridiculous conversation.  

    But thanks for the laugh anyways fellas.
    Damn, just sharing my thoughts, never claimed anything. Didn't have to be a dick about it, fucking hell lol
  • Free Trial for PC, PlayStation 4 & XBox One Begins November 28th - Destiny 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    Think this Polygon post killed.

    "LivingTheBlue: It’s pretty generous of Bungie to throw in almost half the game with this trial."
  • Hawaiian Legislators Call EA Loot Boxes a 'Predatory Practice' - Star Wars: Battlefront II - MMORPG.

    Bet every company who had loot boxes before this is looking at EA like that kid in class who reminds the teacher that there was homework to be handed in xD
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  • Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris Hands-On Preview - MMORPG.com

    This is what pisses me off so much with the current crop of publishers. This isn't content that's been developed after release. You don't get an expansion done in 2 months. Obviously this content was either finished or close to complete when the game launched but deliberately withheld so they could squeeze some more cash from the playerbase.

    Is it really different than an MMO releasing its first update 2-3 months after launch? Since there's no sub or other microtransactions, it seems fair to ask for some compensation. 

    I would agree, but if you release a base game that severally lacking in content and story, to the point people don't know what to do, and on top of that remove content ideas that were in your previous version of the game, then turn around and try to sell us DLC. Just feels like they're trying to sell us back content that would otherwise fill out the base game.

    A good qutoe from their forums:

    "The game should have been good enough that we purchase DLC because we WANT more of what it offered, not because the original experience was poor and it's required to make it better."

  • Star Wars Battlefront II Blog Reveals 75% Reduction in Top Hero Credit Costs - MMORPG.com News

    kaz350 said:

    Its sad to see players still yelling "STILL NOT BUYING IT"

    You spoke, they listened. Whats the problem? This is why its hard to take player feedback, even if you adjust for the complaints people still spit at you lol.

    The underlying problem was you can pay to skip the grind. People would have been okay with the time if irl money wasn't a factor. To me and maybe most, this was the main problem, not the actual time.

    And some people said complaining about it would change nothing.....

    Agree, shows we do have voice and hope other companies see this, but still disappointed they didn't just change the lootbox