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  • MSI & SteelSeries Collaborate for New Line of Curved Monitors - MMORPG.com News

    Some developers treat 21:9 users like cheaters. Overwatch is an example, it seems like they crop the vertical view, and then scale the picture diagonally to fit the screen. I can understand not wanting to provide an advantage with field of view, but this seems to give 21:9 the same horizontal view as 16:9, but less vertical view. Basically, instead of 21:9 providing an advantage, it gives you a disadvantage. 

    I had to constantly search up and down to be aware of my surroundings.



    It's something to keep in mind. Until 21:9 becomes the new normal, you should expect these kind of problems.
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Sovrath said:
    Kabulozo said:
    Looks an Elder Scrolls rip off.
    There is nothing "elder scrolls" rip off about this game.

    I agree, but it does remind me a lot of the old Daggerfall.

    Anyway, I'm about 60 hours in right now, and it's one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Even some of the bugs are more entertaining than entire AAA releases. It has its problems, that's for damn sure, but they got so much right.
  • Pay-to-Build and Manage vs Pay-to-Win

    Xodic said:
    It has to be a game before it can be a pay-to-win game.
    As stated earlier there are enough threads debating if the game will come to fruition. Can we keep this one on topic, please. 
    Carry on, then. Next you can debate whether or not the game is any fun.
  • State of the Studio

    Nilden said:
    Ungood said:
    BU HA HA...

    Talk about kicking it old school, damn. this guy really is going all out in returning to the MUD roots.

    This is is bringing back memories of the AOL days of text MUDs, when we had to have our own front ends and write our own scripts (or copy someone else) to pull this off, and then run the script off our computers, so we technically stayed logged in to do this (given we paid by the Minuit, you can imagine why they wanted us to stay logged in).

    Now it has a modern take is that as opposed to using our own front ends and needing to be logged in using up bandwidth, we get set and forget our own AK farm scripts In game, using an In-game editor. Definitely an upgrade.

    However, I Hate to break this to you, but nothing new to see here.

    This is Just another rehashed old MUD idea, That kind of thing and the tech behind it has been around for decades. How he sucker anyone to think that this this was gonna be ground breaking, new wave super system, or needed some special super OS to pull off, is beyond me, this kind of thing has been going on for decades. Hell, we used to write scripts for EQ when they opened the Merchant Mall (We had to stay logged in.. like WTF, so we scripted that)

    In fact, I used to write my own scripts for the MUD's I would play, it was so prevalent that they used to script check us, as like 90% of the game was AFK, and even gave in and made no-rules servers where we could script AFK 24/7 (not like we didn't, but I used to have my script log me out, for a random 6 - 8 hours a day to make it look like I slept at least. Modern farming scripts can be found for major MMO's as well, but they often hack the system and do illegal stuff to work right, so I don't suggest them. AFK farm scripts, AK fight Scripts, Pathing Scripts, none of this is new stuff.

    Like for example, Revelations Online, You can autopath to destinations, and then with a simple scrip off Razer you can fight all day and night. So, this is not really "Amazing" as you seem to think it is, it's been done before, a LOT.

    Not trying to be mean here, but this is not even quite as impressive as how EQ used to have AI take over your character mid fight if you DC'ed, equip weapons, cast spells and Finnish the combat for you (sometimes you would even win), or better yet, when a Mob charmed you and your character would turn and attack party members, and even run away when low on health into the Mobs territory, that was some epic level stuff, but even that.. still 90's tech.

    So, just to get this clear,

    You all are really telling me that you don't believe a game system that can run millions of scripts for NPC behaviors, that can react to player actions, and generate engaging combat, won't be able to run some pre-set scripts set by the players themselves? 

    Well this has been fun.. I laughed.

    Still a bad idea IMHO, as script running always turned into a AFK farm fest in the MUDs, gonna bet, it does the same thing here. Even if not used extensively on their main, think about it, if someone can buy a Kingdom they can buy a few extra throw away accounts, set some farm script or whatever, then collect at the end of the year or month or whatever, allowing them to do 10, 20, 100 times work and gather resources, with no additional effort.
    What was the name of the game that your character stayed logged in even if you logged out?
    There was a MUD that left your characters in game, and allowed other players to find and interact with them, and even kill them. It wasn't hundreds of thousands of players, and they certainly didn't mimic human behavior. I know my brother played the hell out of it, I want to say it was Dragon Sword.
  • Minecraft meets Mount and Blade? ~ Life is Feudal

    I played alpha, closed beta 1, and for the first month after the final wipe. I'm in one of the largest guilds, full of great people that I have played with since alpha. If it wasn't for them I would have long abandoned this game.

    This game is not Minecraft meets Mount and Blade. This game is more like your morning job meets your night job. The fun wears off real quick once you realize that you just spent 5 hours cutting down trees to help the guild, and then need to go dig dirt for another 5 hours.

    Wasting your time collecting virtual resources may be OK if you were doing it as a means to an end, but that's not the case. You do those things to wage war and defend the homefront, but the combat is a disaster, not to be compared to M&M.

    It's also bug infested.