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  • Your Favorite MMO Classes? - The List - MMORPG.com

    I guess I can list my favorites in games I played. Be warned, this could get long:

    Guild Wars 1: Mesmer, Paragon, Ritualist (Beast Mastery attribute honorable mention)

    Mesmer-it's such an awesome fun to basically troll people and mobs. It also has quite a significant indirect impact on the game
    Paragon-this class can be played in oh so many ways. And I was one of those loons who actually wanted to play full(well as full as it can get) Command or Motivation builds. I even custom built my AI parties around that. And the pristine White look is simply amazing. Not a fan of Sandals + Skirts for males though. I don't mind it because I always went around in Elonian armor which has more like Sabatons and large skirt.
    Ritualist- namely, Communing attribute. It's just fascinating how versatile this can get. It got very, very fun once they reworked some skills in one of last skill updates. Channeling + Communing was so very fun.
    Beast Mastery-there was a lot of potential within it. Too bad that it always felt kinda out of the place and awkward to use. Still...directly commanding pets what to use and when? Would be fantastic if pets had skills of their own alongside what we command them to do.

    Age of Conan: Guardian, Barbarian, Assassin, Dark Templar

    Guardian-it was just beautiful running into a mob of twelve+ mobs that I shouldn't survive by any normal logic and not only surviving, but not losing even half hp. Damn, this was a good feeling.
    Dark Templar-this class is nominated more as an honorable mention. It was fun and flavorful to the top, but it was simply too backended. Too top heavy.
    Barbarian-the Berserk stance with stacking health regen was just over the top fun. Combine that with VERY kinetic dual wield gameplay(or CC oriented 2H) and it gets VERY FUN.
    Assassin-possibly one of the most fun classes in the game. Too bad that everything apart from 1v3 is a lost cause. And you are going to run into such cases rather commonly.
    (Herald of Xotli- also very fun, but kinda too evil and broken for my taste)

    WAR: pretty much everything, but going by factions:

    Empire(Knight of the Blazing Sun ; Bright Wizard)-I like those two practically equally. Both are VERY flavorful and very fun to play. Though I AM a bigger fan of Knight, admittedly.
    Dwarfs(Ironbreaker)-it was just an awesome fun being a literal tin can that requires like 6 others to crack open. While simultaneously buffing allies, debuffing enemies and being awesome.
    High Elves(everything)-what did you expect? Foolish mayfly. Though I could say that I enjoyed Shadow Warrior the most. But it's hard to choose, really.
    Chaos(Zealot)-there is something cool about being a Scribe of Dark Gods. Very, very cool class.
    Greenskins(Black Orc)-why did you reckon I'd put anything else here? Though Choppa was good too.
    Dark Elves(Blackguard ; Sorcerer)-preferably nothing, but Blackguard WAS very fun admittedly. Sorcerer was just stylish, so there's that.

    LoTRO: Guardian, Champion, Warden (Burglar ; Rune Keeper)

    Guardian-I'm talking 2H Red Tree Guardian here. Meaning more of a Tanky DPS. It was very kinetic, a lot of procs and oh so very alive. I don't care as much about the other two, but that one was phenomenal(The Keen Blade afaik).
    Champion-Again, I was playing mostly Blue Tree(Martial Paragon) with 2H weapons and dabbles into other trees here and there. It was very fun watching enemies having to put their darnedest only to breach my shield lol. All the while still dealing very respectable damage.
    Runki-One of my favorite classes, but kinda boring in the early game. Also it lacks the visual / implicit impact. Fire simply puts DoTs and Ltng simply sparks enemies. wtf. Still, a tremendous potential and very fun. I think I'll put it in Honorable mentions.
    Burglar-honorable mention #1. Yes, it has the potential to be very fun and everything gets hectic on him. Meaning, fun. But I don't feel he's as effective as he should be and is also kinda top heavy.
    Warden-very much alive, very much kinetic, 3 wildly different play styles. So very much fun and so very much flavorful. Easily the best class in the game.

    EQ 2: Haven't played much, but I like the concepts of Guardian, Paladin, Assassin, Swashbuckler, Inquisitor, Warlock and Illusionist

    Guardian-just a bunch of HP and passive aggressive retaliatory playstyle. How can I say no to that?
    Paladin-like above but with Knightly undertones etc. I simply can't say no to that!
    Assassin-especially when played on the good side(Qeynos). There is something to playing the shady guys of the good side that's alluring. Basically a Qeynosian Witch Hunter.
    Swashbuckler-just pretend you're Jack Sparrow or SWTOR Smuggler in medieval theme. ??? . PROFIT! An awesome class. To be sure. Would've liked if they did more with pseudo defensive focus, but there's that.
    Inquisitor-so you are a heavily armored, melee priest. That has spells with chain and fire effects. Eh...YES!
    Warlock-so you are basically what WAR's Zealot is(or Magus) but don't have to be evil. So I get the benefits of both sides? AWESOME!
    Illusionist-what did you think I'd pass this one? Don't be foolish.

    SWTOR: Guardian, Vanguard, Gunslinger and Agent

    Guardian-this name comes up an awful lot in my top classes, does it not? Anyhow, while this class isn't as fun from get go, it certainly can be hell of a fun time! Especially when Focus comes into its own! Damn, that is a fine Discipline. Also, dps Tank Guardian can be very effective. Very nice story and overall, what's not to like?
    Vanguard-I still stand by one of my first SWTOR loves! I have a faith of the heart that this'll get good once. Whom am I kidding? SWTOR'll most likely shut down sooner than that! Still, the memories are so powerful! Tbh, I also like Rifle Gunnery very much. (don't like the assault cannon of Commando's. Story's very, very good and I like that style myself(I understand why others don't). Captain Republic!
    Gunslinger-damn, both this playstyle AND its story surprised me quite a LOT. There isn't a Discipline here I don't like and the story was so warm, so funny, so EVERYTHING you'd expect from an entertainment product! Really, but really, I love Smuggler / Slinger!
    Agent-both of its classes are actually awesome. Sniper just feels like a Sniper would(it lacks the range, but I can get beyond that problem). Especially Marksman Discipline. Virulence feels out of place sadly. Operative, otoh, is simply captivating. The Knife Poetry of Concealment's is...WOW! and Lethality just feels like an AGENT / FIELD OPERATIVE should. Story's also very good, but somewhat lacking in emotions.


    I think that should suffice, eh?
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    After all it is still Warhammer with all of its flaws. But the devs are doing a lot in making patches, fixing things and bringing new content. So far so good, the problem with this project is the behaviour of the staff. GMs, Devs, etc. They are very aggressive with the players and making it clear on a daily basis that they dont give a fuck about them. It is really that bad that it is ridiculous some times. They ban people for really minor reasons ar whenever they feel like. There are no rules at all for the staff and basically everyone does what he wants. RoR is great if you ignore the people making it, which is really a pitty.

    Yeah. Let me quote Chancellor Janarus:

    "It's... atrocious. A monumental abuse of power"

    It's a perfectly fun game, but when you practically can't speak? Yeah, fuck that!
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    Yoofaloof said:
    Loved this MMO and the public quests. I was sad to see it go.

    I am glad it died. It was sick, bloated and otherwise very mishandled. Painted the wrong picture of the IP and...

    ...With it around, EA'd would STRANGLE the LIFE OUT OF WARHAMMER(just like it does currently with Star Wars) and we wouldn't get these nifty little games(most likely):

    -> Vermintide
    -> Mordheim

    Oh and a pair of very insignificant tiny games:

    -> Total Warhammer 1+ 2

    (tbh TWs are kinda unnecessary due to presence of Rage of Dark Gods mod for M:TW 2. But I guess GRAPHICS!)

    And a potential for EVEN MORE AWESOME Fantasy games in the future. So yeah, rot for all I care WAR. The price is next to insignificant next to what we received. Just like I said in 2012 / 13.

    Side note: Eat your hearts out Fail Workshop! You were 2 months too impatient(couldn't Age of Sigmar wait a BIT more?). Now...I can have my satisfaction and glee in seeing them react to such a fantastic reception of Warhammer: Fantasy on PC. Fucking, impatient pricks! HAHA! >:)
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    I can vouch for this server, have a 40 runepriest, though I haven't played it in awhile. My only recommendation to anyone planning to play there, don't mouth off to, or around the staff, they are ruthless and take absolutely no shit from anyone, which isn't really a bad thing. Don't run your mouth in open warbands, because sometimes you don't know who is a staff member, you talk shit to other players and you'll face the banhammer quickly for stupidity.

    In other words: "Don't speak, don't suggest, don't criticize, don't complain or there is a HIGH CHANCE of a BAN. Sometimes really long lasting". These devs are HIGHLY authoritarian, don't give them your time. This is one of those Pvt Servers which give them ALL a bad rep. Where devs are literally god modding.

    Let WAR rest in peace. These so called do gooders and saviours are nothing more than power hungry necromancers.
    Gavyne said:
    WAR was fun, I really liked their class concepts, their introduction of public quests to the MMO genre, and the fact that we could level while doing PvP instances rather than be forced to grind PvE.  I played the game for 3 months and enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Unfortunately there were issues that caused the game to nosedive.

    1. -Lack of content past Tier 3 was evident, you really felt it and it was anticlimactic for you to progress through these levels only to find that the game wasn't finished towards the end.  Once the game lost its PvE endgame players, it lost half of its population.  Game launched in September, had 750k subscribers by October, but reduced to 300k players by end of December.

    2. -Public Quests were overused.  You had PQ's in PvE, you had PQ's in RvR, public quests were everywhere, forced onto you whether you liked it or not.  Because PQ was a random system, you could've played your hearts out and never got rewarded for it.  Both in PvE and RvR, if you were unlucky, you simply didn't get loot.  That was a fatal flaw with the design, and many got discouraged over-time due to public quests.

    3. -Because people were so starved of loot and rewards, RvR became musical keeps after awhile.  Realms started to avoid each other because the faster you took keeps, the more chances you had at getting a roll for something.  So it was more rewarding to take empty keeps and avoid having to fight.  We've seen these fatal design flaws in RvR games since DAOC introduced RvR.  Things were just worse in WAR.

    It was a fun game, but had issues that people just couldn't overlook.  But all in all it was a successful AAA title launch, with 1.2 mil copies sold within 2 weeks, 750k subscribers within 1 month.  Unfortunately it couldn't retain players due to the issues mentioned above.  Oh and the engine had issues handling large large scale RvR like city sieges, but what's new.

    I'm glad people are having fun with the emu.  I myself can't get motivated to play on emus of dead games.

    1. Yeah, true. One simply has to compare the layout of RvR lakes to notice this. One goes from very nicely designed Keeps and rolling hills etc to a basically flat panel where you run / ride from one side to the other. Also visible in other parts of t4.

    2. Sort of. What interests me, if someone implemented such a blatant in game gamble system TODAY, would there be or wouldn't there be ruckus over it?

    3. True. Keep / Zone trades were very normal thing to notice. 0 fights only chasing rewards. And rewards were TOO POWERFUL in WAR. They put some PvE progression systems to shame lol(in power creep / acquired sort of way)!
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    Scorchien said:
       I played Live War to RR 93 had my statue up in Altdorf at one point for 10 months running..
                      And  this private server has a better version of War running than EA did at close .. Devs have done a fine job .. Tweaking/fixing and adding content ..

      The only people i have seen have trouble with these devs are those that deserve it .. By being a dick in chat or on the forums...

      These devs are doing this for free .. Why should they tolerate some idiots BS .. I wouldnt .. Its hard work and they have done a fine job..

      Be respectful of the devs and the community if you have a concern there a ways to discuss with out being a dick .. Otherwise enjoy the ban ..


    Yeah, they have a nasty habit of silencing the critiques or advice for improving the game with "stfu ; what do you know ; are you a dev?".

    While some did deserve what they got, these devs are anything but paragons of good and decent morale / behavior. They are a bunch of stuck up elitists IMMENSELY enjoying their power.

    Most of forum bans happened directly because they GOADED people. They are abrasive, rude, hypocritical and sometimes outright deceitful. Not a bunch of people I want to have anything in common with.

    To finalize, if they really cared about WAR as much as they claim they do, they'd release the Source Code and allow people to create their own pvt.servers. BUT! They are doing the EXACT THING they were very worried about when they bought(iirc) the code from Dyox. Corollary? They don't care that much about the game itself.

    At this point I think Dyox would've handled this with more grace.