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    Scot said:
    Gorwe said:
    Xarko said:
    Of course, an old Vermintide addict like yourself must find ESO combat slow and impactless.
    But CLICK! it feels slo, wait CLICK! THE SCREAMING ONE!, as I was saying...slow(nah, VT is awesome, seriously). :D

    VT is a favourite of mine, what you seem to want is a MMO with combat as good as that. Remember I said I was not tied to trinity, but the action systems in MMOs were second rate. Give us VT combat in a MMO and I would be there. Until then its ESO, PS2 etc.

    Oh yes, yes! I ask ask, nice nice!

    The point is that they married interesting story with a very nice art with one of my favorite IPs(Warhammer Fantasy) with a very satisfying gameplay. This...I know it had bumps and warts when it launched(oh do I know or what), but...it should've been more recognized.

    I hope that VT 2 gets recognition VT 1 should've had. It's easily better than most "triple A" games right now. It deserves to be wildly popular.

    The point is: I like nicely tuned combat systems where you feel the consequence of your actions. Be it turn based(Mordheim, Shadowrun), RTwP(Dragon Age) or Real Time(Vermintide, hell even GW 1 or EQ2 or WoW could apply). ESO feels...off. It's not off. It FEELS off to me. Like you are swatting flies or something. Like there isn't a feedback to your strike. Lack of procs etc only further this point.

    It's not bad, but it's far away from GW 2 or TERA and the like yet it is far away from WoW, EQ 2 and SWTOR too. In a completely shitty place.

    edit: The real question is, which (combat) is better:

    Vermintide or Dark Souls
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    Edit: The free month of sub applies ONLY to subs who haven't subbed in 90 days. Yet another in line of Biofails. fml
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    Celcius said:

    Coolmer said:

    Hmm, i need to disagree, with every league (comes with "big" patch) we got more imbalanced game instead opposite, you have few skyrocket skills (sometimes unique driven) with insane thresholds and rest is just junk what cant compete at all, that is best shown thru PVP, what don't exist.

    So instead you got more and more skills with similar power, balanced (GGG never heard about that word), every league brings you only few op skills rest are just not worth to lsoe time, not even skills old like four years are balanced in power.

    Every league looks like Deja-vu, with "new" content, most thing copy pasted in different colour.

    AH is needed imo and most peoples who i know disagree with Chris clam "In PoE trade is not meant to be done", because 1st and only stuff with premium tabs (paid) is easier TRADE, just drop in tab and is psoted on 3rd party trade sites, also whole team wasted so much time in some TRADE API contrary to those Chris claims.

    But AH don't sale "new" and "old" STASH TABS.

    Overall drop is disaster in this game, RNG is to the ruff, imo I dont know why ppl say game have crafting, real question is "From when RNG spamming with orbs have anything with crafting word?"

    Best was shown with "Bisco" amulet what improves quantity and rarity in certain ways, price goes in last league (ABYSS) into sky, like 20 Exalt orbs, peoples who play know how much is that and how hard to obtain, so that explain how good is drop.

    Game looks like slot machine in every part from drop to "crafting" (they call it but it is not real crafting).

    Also it is rlly funny when you got patch "league fixes" on end of league instead during league when no one playing it anymore. So is that fixes anything or is just bumbling from old lady, you cant know for real. But funniest thing is just in time before "NEW SUPPORT PACKS" for next league.

    Is PoE ARPG or new kind of slot machine?

    Chris never claimed that he didn't want people to trade. He just didn't wanted automated trading. PoE will never get automated trading and the game is better for it. The AH ruined Diablo 3 even without the RMT part. It ruined the game so much that they just removed the economy altogether. I think there could be improvements (facilitate something like PoE Trade in game, without automated mechanics) certainly, but I would never want to see it become: Farm til full on stuff to sell, list items, log off for day, log in, collect currency, buy whatever you want, repeat". That would ruin the game for me. Fortunately, GGG agrees with me, so that won't ever change! If you don't like it, I would just move on. No forum post on a niche MMO website is going to get you what you want, no matter how much you complain about it. Is PoE a slot machine? Yes, absolutely. Is that bad? No. That is why people play ARPGs.
    Are you CERTAIN that people play it to grind silly virtual items? That it's not because, say...that awesome feeling you get when you plow through bad uns like a bulldozer? Or because of that awesome Kinetic gameplay? Or some sort of badass Roleplay? Or, especially in PoE, the exquisite feeling you constructed a nice and working build?
  • SWTOR has no future anymore

    Gorwe said:
    Gorwe said:
    Sovrath said:
    Scambug said:
    Star Wars has gone full feminist/PC propaganda mode.
    The latest film was a disgrace !
    Screw that, I'm done with the franchise.
    GG WP Disney for totally ruining it.
    The MMO can go die as well. No tears will be shed.

    Huh, I really liked the new film. "oh well".

    I didn't. It was very boring and too preach-y and "changing stuff just because".


    Why did they have to go to Canto Bight? What's wrong with Nar Shaddaa?

    Why Crait? What's wrong with Hoth / Belsavis / Ilum?

    Hosnian system...it got destroyed in TFA, but...wtf happened to Coruscant?

    Jakku...just...lol. Tatooine 2.0 .

    Why is The First Order retarded in battle tactics? Haven't they ever heard of Pincer maneuvers? Why did they have to tag after 4-5 corvettes(and some frigates) the ENTIRE movie?

    Rey...the most uninteresting character ever. Blondie(Man with no name) has more emotions / expressions than her and we're talking about CLINT(=a man with only angry / strict etc expressions)! Total miscast ; have you seen the range of Daisy's emotional expressions? wtf?

    Way to go to waste Boyega. On a completely unimportant Minority "romance"(that even caught F1nN off guard lol). Why was that important? Wouldn't F1nN + Poe gay romance be better? If we simply must have that...

    Also Hux. GG on making him completely unimportant. Just compare him in TFA and TLJ. ... ... ... Rian, why did you do this?
    You do understand that planets are not like city blocks.  They are millions of light years away from each other.  Why didn't  they go to Nar Shaddaa?  Probably because Canto was close and the other might of been very far away.  Same reason for Crait.  Not really sure why this even needs explaining.  
    But they took off from up to that point unknown planet and simply drifted in space. They could've been ANYWHERE! For all we know, they might've been next to Coruscant. See where I am getting with this? The choice to make another casino planet up was kinda lazy. REMEMBER! You don't know locations of Canto, Crait etc until Disney tells you. Understand now why I was upset for not reusing good ole material(s)?
    Each Galaxy consists of billions of stars with billions of planets and moons.  Star Wars is no different.  Seeing new planets is always something I look forward to.  In the SW universe there are thousands if not more occupied planets.  Why should they focus only on a handful?  Seems really boring.
    Fair enough. You prefer to explore the unknown while I prefer to explore the known. Just preferences.
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    Scorchien said:
    Awesome TERA is getting Jetpacks :)
    And looks just like Anthem! (Is that even a picture from TERA?)