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  • How to identify dubious Kickstarters, EarlyAccess and Crowd funded Projects.

    SEANMCAD said:
    ZionBane said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    yes millions of people, Ark ALONE has almost 5 million owners.
    Yes I know, I own it.  It's in my Steam account under the category "shit I'll never play again".

    I think you'll find a similar scenario with the other games you use as examples as well.

    I don't think we need to go back down the road called "owner vs. player" that's been covered so many times before on this site, do we?
    I think assuming that the vast majority of people who are buying 3 of the top 6 games on Steam end up not liking the game is being a bit naive.

    I think one except to that 'mass purchase of a game nobody likes' would be games that hype the hyper hype before the game is even downloadable. Which is something in my view is more offensive then anything Early Access developers do and yet are done by non-early access developers...imagine that!

    I think I have wasted a lot of my time. Some people are just absolutly hell bent on these primary tenats.

    1. They refuse to be anything other than miserable and unhappy. Despite being given the best variety in gaming in the history of the universe they will still complain and wish it was 1994.
    2. They will never under any condition look at an early access game for its game play. As far as they are concerned the game play is not important at all whatsoever, the only thing that is important is:
     A. what a developer says
     B. The version number of the game
     C. how many bugs are in it.

    and there is nothing I can do to help these people
    It's more a question of "if you know the game is not ready, why the hell are selling it?"
    why does that matter?

    if its good, its good, pretty much all that matters
    Ark when launched was super buggy but look at success i have myself i played 3200 hours well worth invest in EA(Rust similar).

    Now we have new King of EA in town called PLAYERUNKNOWNBATLLEGROUNDS its Early Access but man is it HUGE success.

    It soon probaly will have daily 200k players on steam its for past month in TOP3 of best played games. Myself so far have 350 hours in PUBG well worth my money for this EA GAME.

    Sure many EA are a fail but you can still test game for 2 hours or refund. Also all EA give up front WARNING its a EA and have bugs.

    EA nothing vague about it some common sense you won't lose money ever.

    DayZ maybe biggest flop EA but still many who complain have hundreds of hours in that game.

    EA is great!!!