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  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Amathe said:
    Mendel said:
    Once again, a dissenting opinion is shouted down, without any attempt to try to explain 'why' what another poster is seeing isn't what they are seeing.  

    It wasn't just a dissenting opinion. He said he dislikes one of the essential premises of the game, namely, the bringing back of old school type combat. It would be like going to a Cinnabon bakery and saying "I don't like cinnamon buns!" What are they going to do in response to such a statement? Say "oh ok then we will start over and become an Arbys." 

    There are hundreds of games on this website's game list that I don't like because I don't like the manner of game that they are. But I don't hang out on their forums, making sure to get a shot in on those games every time someone mentions them or God forbid says anything praiseworthy of them. Because that would be pointless trolling. 

    No, he was told to 'go away' without any discussion of his opinion.  Basically, @Theocritus' opinion was ignored, the point he was making was ignored, and @SavageHorizon clearly tried to shut off further discussion of his opinion.

    At least, you bothered to give your opinion and explain it.  @SavageHorizon didn't.  There's not even an implied explaination there.

    Pantheon is news, and a new video is news.  @Theocritus expressed his opinion on a discussion forum.  Discussion of a news topic and expressing one's personal reaction to that news topic isn't any form of trolling that I'm aware of.  It's just another dissenting opinion.  Neither of us know exactly how many other people who also believe the same way.  Maybe it's the majority of gamers, maybe it isn't.  We know it's not preposterous, because at least @Theocritus has that opinion.

  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    Mendel said:
    Cool, already sounds like the foxcelot is being well received. 

    I'm pretty excited, especially with how successful the last sale was. I was beginning to get worried about the lack of income, but it's now seeming like they might be able to extend this without going to publisher for awhile.  
    I will say it again.  Shutting the cash shop at launch is a big mistake.  They are literally selling millions of dollars of items before launch... shutting it down just cuts off revenue that they desperately need.

    I'll always prefer no cash shop at all, but having one that lets people buy millions of dollars of items before launch and then shutting it just seems like the worst of all worlds.

    Opening a cash shop with items like these once the game has launched, as we have discussed many times before in these forums, would be detrimental to the intended structure of the game. Though I am sure if they could find things that wouldn't hurt the game's design to put in a cash shop, the community wouldn't be opposed to the implementation post-launch store. 
    If any specific item would be "detrimental to the intended structure of the game", why would selling it prior to a non-wipe launch not also be detrimental?  That's just seems to be playing semantics.

    Ok, let me try to explain this once again. Those that are purchasing items beforehand are going to be the ones that are filling/building the world prior to launch. Once launch happens it will be players that are going to be the merchants, professionals, breeding pets/mounts, making equipment, tailoring, teaching apprentices. making jewelry, taming wild animals, building infrastructure ext... If those items are sold in a shop it would be harmful to the economies and the player's income. (No loot drops to acquire gold in)

    Let's take the Foxcelot for example, say I buy a male and female so that I can breed them for resale purposes. (Don't forget they do grow old and die, plus they need to be feed so they don't starve to death). If a store was to sell them after launch it would take away from my chosen profession. 

    So, post launch my choice of careers will be limited because I didn't purchase them with cash prior to the game launching.  If that's not Pay to Win, I don't know if I've ever encountered if before.

    The question of why it is detrimental post-launch but not pre-launch remains unanswered.  Basically, the gist of what this 'explanation' provides is that the pre-launch will use these items in-game so it's not a detriment.  It is using at game mechanics (and monetization) to provide a paid-for experience of the game.  People who pay, get one game.  People who don't pay, get an entirely different game.  Protectionism didn't work well in the real world, why would it work in a game?

    Sorry, @Mystichaze, your explanation in that post has done more harm my interest in this game than anything that has come before.  I hope the developers are thankful to you for driving away potential customers.

  • U.S. Copyright Office considering exemption for abandoned online games

    Third thread on this same topic.  Third time I'll give my opinion on this idea.

    It's a horrific idea.  Services (and that's essentially what games are) aren't guaranteed to last forever.  Change happens, and some products simply go away.  Opening up 'retired' video games to 'revival' is totally contrary to the common usage for 'ownership' and specifically 'control of an IP' and the existing laws relating to IPs.  The owner of the IP says that Game 83 which uses their license needs to stop, then that game needs to stop.  I really don't want governments having any input into the IP owner's ability to control their IP.

    Essentially, this would allow people (very much undefined as to who this is and who determines this) to operate the game service without regard to the IP owners wishes.  This would circumvent almost all principles underlying IP laws.

    This is very suspect lawmaking, and could set a very dangerous precedence.

  • Mules permitted?

    The ultimate solution to this problem is a character per account, 1 account per customer restriction.  Easy enough to do, technically, but such a thing would never fly.  I played EQ1 for over 2 years before I caught 'altitis'.

  • Re-Engineering System Will Allow Crafters to Re-roll Certain Mods at Will - Star Trek Online - MMORP

    My only question: how many loot boxes will a typical player have to open in order to get the materials necessary to perform this task?