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  • Did Buy to Play kill Guilds

    Just wondering whether everyone is doing this now or whether that says more about me than about games. As has been suggested, are game designs (eg microtransactions) being used to get people to Buy to Play, spend money on Microtransactions and then move on, or do designers still use guilds to try to keep players?
    It's definitely not you. The only communities I'm part of now are multi gaming ones. Even in GW2, a game I played the most recently, the turnover of my friends was huge.

    The true question to your answer is probably an array of factors. Buy to play, micro transactions, but also Steam, the frequent cancellations of games, relatively low innovation,instanced maps, and the blending of singleplayer/multiplayer genres.

    The overall environment 10 years ago was one where guilds thrived. Today the environment is one where it's a challenge.

    To make it work, you'd have to align your game design, community team and monetisation all in line to support long term community relationships. A game like Crowfall seems to be quite close to that - many of their game systems are designed primarily about interaction. It might be a very niche concept for the market today though. Who knows. I think a game that goes for this needs to be happy with a slow start that builds the community up over time. Crowfall probably isn't going for that. So it might see the typical drop off in players.
  • any MMO/multiplayer has siege like this?

    ESO and GW2 come to mind.

    ESO is probably better in terms of feeling like a siege. You have people setting up war machines, fighting over resources, fighting over key locations around the castle. It very much felt like a siege to me. This is 2 years ago.

    GW2 is very similar, but more arcadey. I also felt like GW2 often devolved into running with as many people as possible at a gate. ESO felt less so.
  • why isn't VR more popular?..i mean, its frikin virtual reality!!

    Room scale VR is a lot more immersive than sitting VR. Moving your body to interact with the experience is a game changer. I wonder how many people can afford that setup though.

    People always bring up the cost of the VR + a PC that can run it. I could save up for both of those if I really wanted, but being able to afford a second room is out of reach where I live.

    I'm 26, recently graduated, moving home on a yearly basis. My last 2 homes didn't have rooms big enough to give me a room scale experience. 3 years ago, I was lucky, having a giant room that I arranged with VR in mind, having a large empty spot in the middle. I'd love to start messing about with VR again, but it's just not feasible where I live at the moment.
  • Elder Scrolls: Summerset on steam, does it include Morrowind chapter?

    If you have to read several pages of forum threads just to know what expansion you're buying, they sure fucked up somewhere.
  • Fallout 76: Plans and Recipes - MMORPG.com

    poobin420 said:
    I don't understand all this hate at all. just about every game, especially mutliplayer ones release with bugs and some balance issues. The really bad stuff will get fixed. Everyone is so melodramatic nowadays. It's like, just because someone doesn't like a game, nobody is allowed to like it either, and if they do, they are terrible people. Well, me, my GF, and three other friends have been having a blast playing every day since release. We will easily get over 100 hours of entertainment. I highly recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the franchise and always wanted to explore the wasteland with friends.
    I do find it strange as well. The game has some major flaws, like the dated engine and the way interactions are handled. Still, it is a reasonably decent game. It is not devoid of lore, it is playable and not entirely ridden with bugs.

    I'd objectively give it 7/10 or 6/10 if you take issue with the engine. If you take the stance that major bugs are completely unacceptable, then perhaps 5/10 - though that is a big stretch in my eyes. Calling it the abomination of gaming is just not accurate from what I've seen and experienced.