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  • Might & Magic Mobile - The future is now!

    "Ubisoft has revived the beloved RPG series as a mobile battler called Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians, chock-full of colorful and chibi-esque creatures to collect."

    Full story here: https://www.engadget.com/2018/03/16/might-magic-elemental-guardians-may-31/#/

    Not sure about you, but this is the quality content I was secretly waiting for! Ubisoft was always in touch with their fanbase and it shows. Whatever they touch turns into digital gold.
  • SC is now selling tanks ...

    I read the thread hoping for 30-minute oxygen tanks. You'd have to purchase one whenever you leave your ship. Turns out it's just a vehicle. I've seen those in micro transactions a million times. And these people call themselves innovators ...
  • Pro Russian Player Retires After Opining That LoL Isn't Profitable for CiS Teams - League of Legend

    Competitive bans in LoL are quite rare. When I first read about the story last week, I thought the player said something extremely toxic on stream. That's what usually leads to a ban.

    Riot has been notoriously bad about treating the competitive environment fairly. Just last month, it came to light that the shareholders in the new teams (coming in from the NBA) already own shares in other LoL teams. I think there are 4 such cases at the moment, where one person has shares in two teams at once. The people are allowed to remain in the League, with a 12 month period to "figure things out".

    This is in contrast to situations in the past where whole teams were shut down or forced to immediately sell, just because a conflict of interest could potentially happen sometime in the future. In some cases teams were shut down simply based on a narrative by Riot with no factual basis what so ever.

    The broader issue that will stop Esports from becoming a "real sport" is the fact that a private company owns the game, therefore having control over the league. Riot has a monopoly over the game - and the only incentive for them to be fair is to come across positively to their customers. This is in contrast to a traditional sport, where if a league owner messes up really bad, one could in theory go and make their own competing league (as no one owns the rights to football for example). In Esports, the league is always tied to the IP owner.

  • The Division - Michael Bitton - Patch 1.8 is the Best The Division’s Ever Been - MMORPG.com

    Who are we, but pixels in someone else's eye. If our fleeting lives deserve the courtesy of a fair trial, should we not offer the same to our digital counter parts? For our decisions were our own, but those poor virtual beings were just following someone else's code.

  • Battlefront 2's Loot Boxes And Gambling: Exploring The Secret Psychology Behind It All

    Google news showed me this article based on my reading past Star Wars articles:


    Of note: "He said November U.S. physical game unit sales of "Star Wars Battlefront II" declined 52 percent versus 2015's "Star Wars Battlefront" in its first month, according to NPD sell-through data"

    52% is fairly significant.  Where was the guy flamboyantly professing he would be back to show us all how wrong we were?  I'd like to know what went wrong.
    By now it's obvious that the fiasco directly hurt the sales by a large margin.

    I'm really curious what happens next. Will they reactivate micro-transactions after the movie goes live this week? That was the initial plan, but the loot box situation hasn't blown over yet. And if it does come back, in what form? If it is similarly pay-to-win, I can see another uproar. That would be the final nail to the coffin. Before they pulled the plug on it, Disney's reputation was getting smeared all over the media. They probably don't want to run the risk of that again.

    If it is only cosmetics in the boxes, it leaves the game with a broken progression system. I don't think the long term progression in the game is salvageable without a major overhaul. It would also need development resources to create all the cosmetics, as they likely weren't in the game to begin with.

    And if micro transactions don't come back, then it's a fairly big flop financially. They must be well below their targets by this point. With no significant micro transaction revenue, the game is pretty much a dead product.

    There's probably no win situation for EA here. Or at least I don't see it. My hope is that this will make EA design better progression systems, at least for their Star Wars products. Disney will hopefully keep them in the safe zone. The EA Sports games are probably screwed though - people are eating up the card packs in those like crazy.