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  • CO-OP RPG Suggestions

    We just finished Hammerwatch with my friends tonight. That one is amazing as well.
  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    It's been about perspective and motivation for me. If I pick up a game with the right mindset, it's usually a really nice experience. If I pick one in hopes of finding a virtual world to move into, it's usually a letdown.

    SWTOR has a really decent storyline for some of the characters. It's quite fun to play it for the story. And in contrast to the game on release, you don't need to complete most side missions and still have enough experience to keep up with the main quest.

    ESO is quite nice in terms of exploration. It's a game where you can just run around and visit content at your own pace, which was refreshing for me.

    GW2 is a fun "lobby game" where I can hop in and pick which activity I want to do today. No pressure to follow some grand goal.

    My point is, at least in my case, MMOs have changed from being these giant wholistic experiences that replace my real life, to games that each offer something fun and unique in their own small way.

    Communities are very transient these days. The idea of playing one game for years is difficult. Even if you found a perfect game (which is probably a myth), chances are the stable community wouldn't really be there anyway.

    The closest I've come to this strong community feel that we know from old MMORPGs is when I had my own Minecraft roleplaying server. I think the act of creating any sort of community (be it a server, game development, social media, or Friday night DnD with friends) has a powerful long-term social element that MMOs sadly lack these days.
  • Holiday Stream Delayed

    I'm just confused as to the reasoning they gave for the delay.

    "Our decision to push the stream back 24 hours was a decision to accommodate a global audience, not just a North American one."

    CIG wants to incorporate more time zones, and I'm totally cool with that, but they pushed it back 24 hours to the same exact time. How does that accommodate additional time zones?
    I am guessing their original time is one that's good for both US and EU. If they delayed it by several hours, people in the EU would be in bed. So they delayed it by 24, to make to reasonable for both zones again.
  • The Division 1.8 -- queues to get in the game

    I've been thinking about reinstalling lately.

    The Survival mode is by far the best battle royale I've ever played. It blows games like PUBG out of the water by a mile.

    For those who don't know, it's a mode where you are put into an instance with other people, with the goal of entering a radioactive zone and defeating the boss. To do that, you have to fight your way through the districts of New York crawling with NPCs. There is a real survival aspect to it. You search the environment for warm clothes, better weapons and ultimately radioactive protection. The pacing is great, forcing you to move forward or else you fall behind, while having you make sure you search the locations properly (or you don't have gear/food and die). If you are too slow, the cold and players will beat you. If you are too fast, you will likely die to the end boss through lack of gear.

    It's a brilliant balance of PvE, PvP and survival. It plays amazingly, having a properly polished game engine behind it.

    The game itself is great, but I'd recommend it just for the survival mode alone.
  • Loot Box World

    The regular posters may be familiar with me lurking around the forums. I've been creating threads about gameplay design for the past year, learning, collecting information. After much deliberation, I decided to take all of your opinions on board and create something that will truly revolutionize the market.

    One comment resonated with me the most, people are upset about linking payments to gameplay. This was an epiphany - I've been thinking about my game wrong all along. What if there was no gameplay getting in the way of paying?