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Current list of games I play daily: Trove Project 99 ArcheAge Minecraft *NDA* Games I dabble in weekly: Rift AoC Aion ESO Defiance TSW Terraria Dragonage Diablo3 PoE Random steam games


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  • Big Changes Aimed at Reducing Player Stress & Inconvenience - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    Game is trash with so many shitty stuff, why all you people still even play.

    Because I enjoy the combat and small scale open world PvP is pretty fun when you find someone who is near your gear - otherwise it's one/2-shot=dead
  • Automaton Announces CryEngine Licensing for Mavericks, a 1000 Player Battle Royale - General News

    Alomar said:
    I have 0 interest in this battle royale genre, but that's more players than the majority of modern "mmo's" can handle these days. So, it might be enough for me to give it a shot out of sheer boredom with the lack of decent pvp mmo's recently.
    Because MMOs today have different design goals, as they can be very profitable by puttiny players in smaller group instances.

    They cant handle 1000 players in one area because that is simply not something they intend to ever do - except for CU, as high number player battles are something they want.

    So a feature that was never the aim of most modern MMOs is not in games - this is surprising how?

  • Big Changes Aimed at Reducing Player Stress & Inconvenience - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    Linif said:

    Sovrath said:

    I was wondering if they were going to address the enchanting system. I have no issues with them keeping things rare but the current system is just not fun. Or even just sustainable.

    It's just annoying.

    Literally this. The rest of the game feels fine, when I work up the stomach to play again. But a few days in, trying to deal with the enchantment system, I just can't continue.

    For me, at least, that is the biggest thing that needs to change. The enchantment system needs to be changed. To what, I don't know. But it's current state is horrible, and I know very few people who like it.
    Nobody likes the current system because its all heavy RNG at core:

    - No reliable way to build high failstacks

    - Even at 90+ failstacks you still fail and lose BOTH accessories, losing billions of silver on DUO+ attempts

    - Abysmal system of obtaining sharps and hards

    - Cron stones are far too expensive to have any realistic use, except for a PEN attempts

    - Recent nerf to DUO success rates is just downright big F.U. to all players

    its all just hard RNG, just look at number of players quitting BDO because of repeated failed enhancments, like failed TETs more than 10 times and reverting to PRI every time, yep it causes players to just uninstall and move on

    The current enhancment system is something that belongs in a prison camp.
  • Empty worlds

    Read the title and thought - he must be talking about Bless

    I personally like ArcheAge approach of making lower level areas have a huge number of housing plots so they are very relevant the whole time
  • Big Changes Aimed at Reducing Player Stress & Inconvenience - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    For anyone wondering - the changes are in KR patch

    -Junk loot now weighs .1LT instead of .3LT so you can carry 3x more loot when grinding.

    Being overwright doesnt reduce your running speed anymore, only attack speed. So you can run full speed at 101% weight for example.

    As far as the DUO accessory drops - the rates are a fraction of already miniscule rates of getting normal accessory drops.

    In otherwords - chances are you will probably never see a duo drop period.

    Pretty minor stuff but a move in the right direction.

    ArcheAge will remove gear destruction on failed enhancments in 4.5 - can BDO do the same with accessories? Heck losing only one accesory in case of failure would be reasonable, this system of "you lose both" is just overly punishing IMO
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