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  • Rend - PAX South Hands On Preview - Garrett Fuller -

    Surviving the constant stream of "survival games" being released - feels like a survival game in itself.

    Someone should make this into a game - a survival game of course.
  • AKRacing Summit Gaming Desk Review -

    I wish more desks had the ability to convert from sitting to standing, so that would be a Con for me.

    I have replaced my home office and work desks with standing desks 3 years ago. Never looked back.
  • Old School...Such a bad phrase

    The strategy is quite obvious and desperate.

    After trying to pass for a "old school majority member" in the previous thread here:
    and being called out for just being another MMO player who just started with WoW, now he's trying to change the definition of "old school" to make him (and his imaginary majority) fit into it.

    Nice try.

    Ok..... I guess I have to clear this up again. 
    I play mmoprg's for community, because this is what an mmo is. 

    To get others up to speed, I created a post several weeks ago, that I'll be trying P1999 ( EQ1 ).   I began playing it, I researched much on the internet and asked questions here.  I hyped this game because it's a true mmorpg and their are very few of them around because we now have play grounds for kids.  

    Infact it's SO MUCH AN MMORPG soon into it I realized I can't devote the time needed to get involved with the community.  I got married a few months ago and were taking care of a severely disabled child AND EVERYTHING THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT, I'll not go into detail.  

    So with all this: 
    I have P1999 on my mind constantly along with two other offline games.  I don't have time to play any of them.  I'll even admit, I don't have much desire for video games at this time with so many life changes.......  Eventually when life settles down, I plan on not only playing P1999, I can't wait to write a full positive review about it.  

    I have time before 7 am to view this site and post, as the day progresses I'm off and on, other than that not much.   

    Why do I have time now ????......Because Jean_Luc_Picard, keeps throwing this in my face about once a day.  All because he is mad that I called his ESO a child's playground.  

    I'll leave you with this: 
    James T. Kirk was a better Starship Captain than Jean Luc Picard !! 

    We've been over this before - you want something that you don't have time for.

    You want to play a old-school community-centric game that requires lots of dedicated playtime - and you don't have time for it.

    The problem seems very obvious - you need to find games that fit your lifestyle, which includes your time constraints.

    Otherwise - you will stay unhappy making posts about "perfect MMORPGs" that you won't have time to play.
  • Why are bigger developers scared to make an Old School MMO.

    The OP can be answered with a question

    Why is Samsung afraid of making new analog phones?

  • LA Police Make Arrest in Tragic Hoax Case that Led to Swatting Death

    The guy who made the call deserves a special little corner of hell - and I don't even believe in hell - but man for scum like him - I would love nothing more than for hell to be real.

    There is no human or any court justice in existence that can deliver the amount of hurt and pain that he deserves.

    I'd torture him for years just make every second of his life more miserable than the one before, and that still wouldn't be enough.