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Current list of games I play daily: Trove Project 99 ArcheAge Minecraft *NDA* Games I dabble in weekly: Rift AoC Aion ESO Defiance TSW Terraria Dragonage Diablo3 PoE Random steam games


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  • Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    Ungood said:

    Just wondering on my part.. I see people say that Trove is not original, I am left wondering what was the MMO it copied?

    While some people may say,"Minecraft" lets get real, but, last I looked, Minecraft dd not have various biodoems, now that I think about it, did Minecraft even have classes, mounts, wings, or even boats. In fact, did it have any kind of custom stuff like various kinds of picks and weapons?

    I won't deny that they are both Voxel graphic games, but that is about the only thing they have in common.

    So what other game out there really does what Trove puts out?

    Minecraft doesn't have more than one biome?

    What, specifically, are you referring to there?  I was of the understanding Minecraft included cave systems and water bodies.

    The better question is how are classes or mounts, etc. original?  That's pretty standard fare for MMORPGs.

    Certainly, if the new definition is being applied here, there are numerous titles more deserving of this.  PUBG for one.  I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that "psuedo-MMO" titles weren't even considered for this article.


    Single/Multiplayer game out of the box - can be even played offline
    Heavy sandbox - no quests, no levels, no direction of any sort, no classes etc...
    Core gameplay is survival (shelter and food mechanics)


    MMORPG - no single player mode, cannot be played "offline"
    MMORPG design elements- classes, skills, vertical gear progression, vertical crafting progression etc...
    Core gameplay is a class based MMORPG

    Outside of voxel block graphics - Trove and Minecraft are vastly different

    What makes Trove the most original MMO right now:

    1. Fully voxel based destructible worlds - this is still pretty rare in MMOs

    2. Procedurally generated worlds - again in MMORPGs this is rare

    3. Almost zero lore, virtually non-existent quest NPCs, no quest based progression - again most MMOs have questing mechanics, and heavy backstory and character story lines - the entire "story" of trove can be put into a single sentence.

    4. No precise game setting or theme - Trove is a mish-mash of every possible thing from scifi to fantasy to undefinable, there's stuff in Trove that I have never seen in any game (like riding a sushi-roll mount), or floating in a bowl of miso-soup-mount

    5. Grouping turned upside down - every player in Trove is grouped with all players on the server. I am not aware of any MMORPG that uses this mechanic. There is no fighting over loot (every player gets their own loot drops), and XP is awarded to all players in vicinity.

    6. Club worlds - aka large scale building projects - sure many MMORPGs have world building - but not on the scale Trove does it - as it's usually locked to a single player in many games. In Trove - you can have a club full of people all building

    7. A PvE focused MMORPG - how many PvE MMORPGs have come out in the last 3 years? Heck how many western based MMORPGs have come out in the last 3 years?

    8. Corner stones - a house that you can place down and move as you adventure to different plots and biomes - again - I am not aware of what other MMORPG has this feature, I would love to see this in more games

    9. Player built arenas - can play soccer with in-game scoring system, boat racing, glide/flying race circuits, PvP arenas - all made by players - this is not very common in MMORPG design

    10. Most of the game assets are player created - 1000s of weapon styles, hats, masks, costumes, mounts, dungeons even VFX - player created - no MMORPGs has as much player created content as Trove.

    11. Music blocks and building - players have build entire worlds to compose songs or recreate popular songs - again I am not aware of other MMORPGs that has done player created music composition on this scale


    Trove has a crap ton of unique systems going for it - it is without a doubt the most innovative western made mmorpg in a long time

  • Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    Alvonu said:

    It's Trion tho' - Enough said.

    It's more like

    Yeah Trove! - this can't be Trion... wow it is Trion.

    Go Trion!

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  • Bloody Gaming B975 Optical Gaming Keyboard: A Bloody Good Upgrade - MMORPG.com


    replace the keys caps  and add a new logo ,aka re-branded.

    Same with a few mouses I've seen reviewed on here. They simply get the style they want , order a shipment.  A lot of industries do this , it is nothing new.

    Similar layout but IMO that Logitech is FAR better due to RomerG switches.

    The downside to RomerGs - nobody is making replacement keycaps - so you can't get nice doubleshot thick PBTs and put them on - so you are stuck with Logitech's factory ABS keycaps.

    But still - I am a huge fan of Romer Gs Here's what a Romer G looks like - image

    As you can see - there is no middle "stem" like MX switches have or on this keyboard LK switches, Romer Gs are super stable. The LED is in the middle so no light bleed from under or around the key.

  • What the world is watching?

    OP - what you need to understand is that a SINGLE twitch "super streamer" with millions of followers can change that chart and push any game into top 10 spot.

    This is why the most popular twitch streamers are bought and paid by game companies to basically advertise their games for $$$. Top streams all have a time-slots you can buy where they will play a specific game for money - which will push it into top 5 twitch usually - and the "prime time slots" are crazy expensive - can be over $10K per hour.

    So if you really want a realistic chart - you have to go into each game and see if they have a single streamer that has like 30K viewers, then subtract that from total.

    In your example - Runescape had one streamer that had 4K viewers - so that was one guy who put it up there.
  • Bloody Gaming B975 Optical Gaming Keyboard: A Bloody Good Upgrade - MMORPG.com

    "To my knowledge, Bloody is the only company using such a solution but it completely addresses both the looseness and key noise issues. "

    RomerG switches from Logitech beg to differ - they are quiet, stable and IMO feel much better than LK switches due to each RomerG being lubricated internally at the factory (which LK switches are not). Also LK is a MX based design, while RomerGs is a completely different switch designed from ground up

    As far as next generation of switches goes after the old and tired MX switches - I think that RomerGs are a clear leader

    Also not that it matters to me, but RomerG's have by far the best lighting solution - all light comes through the keycap and there is no light bleed underneath and around each key.