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    Kyleran said:
    Dullahan said:

    No he is not kidding himself, How does EQ have infinitely more depth to its game play than AC? I know the guy before was being rude but you have nothing backing your claim besides your friends say so. Did you play AC?
    Yeah just me and my friends and around half a million other people who chose EQ over AC. The real question is did you even play EQ? Serious question.

    It doesn't mean AC was a bad game, but it speaks for itself. Just the people playing on the EQ pvp servers would have been more than all their pvp players and a few of their PvE server playerbases combined. And this wasn't a WoW scenario where another established publisher came along years later with updated graphics, EQ and AC were contemporary. AC even had advantages in some of the features pointed out like a non-zoned world and better graphics, but those things were not enough to pull people away.
    So, people thought more popular equals better, even back in 1998 eh?

    I thought that was just a WOW thing. 

    Indeed, numbers don't equal better. There was depth in both games in different ways. I am glad he didn't say it was a sucky game at least. I did play EQ for a while and liked XI better.
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    Kyleran said:
    Kyleran said:
    Dullahan said:
    Kyleran said:
    drivendawn said:no

    Yeah, I think a mistake that people make on here is believing that basically only old EQ players are interested in playing. I think people will find there is a higher number of people wanting to play from vanguard and ffxi then they think. Also delete5230 may have a point about the old being like the new to many out there.
    I think a bigger mistake might be in assuming Pantheon will actually end up that much like EQ.
    Maybe you missed the streams, but it's currently very similar conceptually. Don't know what you saw that made you think they were going to change. Completely open world/no instancing, no fast travel, high risk vs high reward, highly cooperative/limited soloing. The only known systems which may run contrary to that philosophy would be caravans and mentoring.

    While I'd like to think there would be none of the convenience features of that sort (because it never truly improves the game or player retention), it will probably exist in some forms to some degree. Still, from what they've said, it will be minimal.
    From Brads last few blogs,  he seems to be considering some changes which he admits may anger some and appear to.go against the stated core philosophy. 

    He asks for their patience while they work through everything.

    I'm not up on any blogs, it's too early in development for me to go deep.  However I consider him a genius when it comes to creating mmos.  So if he is making changes I believe in him and his ability to make mmos. But I guess I could understand the feelings on the original player base wanting exact nostalgia.  

    To this day he is unmatched on character development.  This is where he seems to focus everything in all his games.  This to me is the key to the universe.

    I'm 100% for group content...100% ... But in reality the game better have a good percentage of solo content.

    Ten percent, twenty percent, it's hard to put a number on it.  But this is a must for this game to survive.  To me this is just a cold hard fact.  It's human nature for people to run off and do their own thing now and then.

    I'm completely confident Brad will make us a great mmo, I'm only concerned with the coding and will it play !
    Check this one out, I think it hints strongly of changes to come.


    Well brad and company have been saying for a while that this game isn't EQ it's Pantheon so not to expect a carbon copy. That being said many of the core mechanics from EQ will be there. Such as xp camps, the quadrinity, open world contested NM's, gear being more meaningful for longer periods of time and many others as well. Mix this with some of their own ideas plus some got from other old school games and a dash of convenience.
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    Mendel said:
    Dullahan said:
    I wouldn't use eq number for any exact estimates, but if eq had half a million and vanguard attracted a quarter mill, 25k is obviously low.
    If that 500k players are still around, and if they are still playing MMORPGs, and if they aren't busy with another game (any genre), and if they actually liked EQ1/Vanguard the first time around, and if they have similar available time, and if they have the same expectations they had in 1999, THEN there might be 25k people curious enough to look in on the Pantheon launch.  Then they might leave again before a year because they remembered why they left that game the first (or second) time around.

    I just really think there's not enough known about this 2020 player base to be comfortable with even an estimation of 25,000 players.

    Good point about the Unknown 2020 player base.

    I always say this "old school only" thing is a bunch of crap.  New players will be coming on board like crazy...... Why ?...... Because it's new again ! 
    Yeah, I think a mistake that people make on here is believing that basically only old EQ players are interested in playing. I think people will find there is a higher number of people wanting to play from vanguard and ffxi then they think. Also delete5230 may have a point about the old being like the new to many out there.
  • Global Version Opens Through Game & Game - Record of Lodoss War Online - MMORPG.com

    Sovrath said:

    Dakeru said:

    Sovrath said:

    I started watching the series but there is some real weirdness in the 2nd half of each episode.

    It's as if they have "kiddie" versions of all the characters and it's very over the top as they retell the story in a sort of "recap".

    The Anime also differs from the Manga.
    The Anime is kind of forced into a standard fantasy story.

    It's just so weird. The episode is all this:

    and then (not a half but the end) the ending is this odd completely different tone thing:

    I thought my head broke the first it happened.

    And now what you have all been waiting for, THE SECOND PART!!! lol
  • D3 or Grim Dawn ?

    I would go with GD or POE if I were you because of the crazy amount of builds and such. Also in games like this "IMO" it's about the types of builds you make and whether or not they work well to complete the same goal as others. The cool part is to me that you can fail if you aren't careful in your choices.