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Project Gorgon
  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    Lol, some people here would probably swoon if they new how much I already have put into this game. The reason being is that is there is no game out there that is being made with similar  game design concepts of AC. For me this is the closest thing to that yet also has new ideas and the Devs are very passionate . Last night there were tons of people on coming through the starter island and the devs were on helping and answering questions of new comers. Also every night the amount of people on goes up, at any given time yesterday there between 300 and 400 people on.  
  • Steam Launch Day Coming on March 13th - Project Gorgon News

    mmrv said:

    each to their own, but this is nothing more than a cash grab, something many developers in this industry have become accustomed to doing to the consumers in the game industry. I mean someone even mentioned 20 dev team needing 20 millions...so now coders and artists require 200k a year salaries?

    This is a farce would never participate in it and anyone else that does just sets back this industry even further. The industry wont improve until you hold them up to better standards and value for your money.

    I look forward to the news in 18 months of how the PG server is shutting down. There are many graphically inept games out right now that offer "deep" game play including numerous muds this is just a rehash. This is why we get "remastered" versions of games from 2002 like neverwinter instead of new games.

    Visually you can buy every asset/animation in pg for about 1500 bucks off the unreal store.

    Accept for the game has been free to play for years and.... I’ll just say you don’t seem to know much about the game. Cash grab it is not and there is a lot of new ideas in it. If you want to talk rehash’s newer MMORPG ‘s do this just as much if not worse. I look forward to this game being around long after what you have said. Like it has for the past 3 or more years for free you know being the cash grab it is.
  • Staff to Increase Thanks to a Successful Round of Independent Funding - Saga of Lucimia - MMORPG.com

    Renfail said:

    Torval said:

    Congrats on your funding. Keep on going.

    Onwards and upwards!

    Really glad to hear this for you guys. I will be keeping tabs on this and am glad to see more old school games get some love. :)
  • Pantheon will be at Twitch Con this weekend

    So pre alpha starts december some time. :)
  • Ashes of Malmouth Expansion Launches - Grim Dawn - MMORPG.com

    Bought it the other day and got to play it tonight. So far I am really liking inquisitor/demolitionist. :)