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  • "A raft of flaws in AMD chips makes bad hacks much, much worse"

    Denambren said:
    Remember everyone, the AMD vulnerability doesn't only make hacks worse once the hacker has root access. It's worse than that. It's much, much worse. Think formatting your hard drive is bad? How about formatting it twice? Three times? Now you're getting the picture. It isn't just bad. It's real bad. Quadruple format of your HD? Very possible. Be afraid. Go intel. Before things get much, much worse.
    Maybe I'm missing the sarcasm here.

    What's the difference between formatting once and 4 times?
  • Nvidia trying to force companies to stop selling AMD GPUs

    First - this is a lot of speculation about non-GPP not getting allocation up front, or restricted allocation, or anything else. The GPP doesn't say that anywhere. Yes, it's an easy thing to infer, but that doesn't make it true. It could possibly be illegal if it were documented as a practice (which it's not), or if it were actually practiced (which is yet to be seen). As of right now, this is a concern, true, but it's not a certainty. I think HardOCP blew this part way out of proportion in order to make a splash (and it worked).

    Second - Yes - GPP says, as a partner, your brand needs to be nVidia only. For example - Asus couldn't sell ROG Strix GeForce and ROG Strix RX580s like they do now. The way I read that, it doesn't mean Asus can't sell AMD products. nVidia products would have to have their own distinct branding: either nVidia keeps the Strix lineup and AMD gets something new, or vice versa. I assume it would also apply to motherboards, PSUs, etc. Not that nVidia produces those products, but they very much want the branding to uniquely identify with GeForce (even though the nVidia GeForce brand already does that), and at least in the case of motherboards, you are then promoting Intel or AMD CPUs, which aren't direct competition to nVidia, but both of which do compete with nVidia in the GPU market.

  • A Business MMO

    Only interested if the in-game currency is a cryptocurrency on a RL exchange. Then it could be a legit day job.
  • GTX 2070 and 2080 to be unveiled in March

    I can't see nVidia going so far as to hardware disable their cards for mining. 

    Driver yes - it's something nVidia can easily do to say "Look - we don't stand for this and don't support mining", but wink and nod on the back end: "...but we aren't doing much to stop you from continuing to do so." Alternative drivers (hacked, open source, or otherwise) would pop up very quickly to work around it, and I don't believe nVidia would do much to squash those.

    That's a similar tact they have taken with GeForce in the data center. Your not supposed to use GeForce/Titan in a data center, and they won't sell them to you or warranty them if that's what you say you are going to use them for. But they don't do anything that really prevents someone from doing it anyway.

    But a hardware lock - they have sold too many units for mining, and regardless of what they are saying publicly, it has been good to their bottom line. They know that AMD is more than happy to sell as many as they possibly can to mining, and the last thing nVidia would want to do is alienate themselves from a community that is not only willing to buy their cards, but to buy them in bulk, at much higher than MSRP.
  • Xbox One X Official Review: The PC Gamer’s Console - MMORPG.com

    Dauzqul said:

    Until consoles include keyboard and PROPER mouse support (raw mouse / 1:1), the console will always be limited to caveman-like gameplay. There is only so much you can do with a controller. As far as graphics and performance, yes... consoles can certainly compete. However, I won't touch one simply because of the limited controls / horrid community.

    Same here at my age and condtion of my hands it has to be keyboard/mouse.
    I don't mean to argue against you here - you know you better than I do.

    But in my own experience... using a mouse for a long period of time flares up my arthritis. I don't have the same issue with gamepad on the couch. I am working very hard to relearn to play FFXIV on the gamepad... it's slow going, and kinda like trying to learn to ride a bike.

    It is more difficult to play FPSs and the like with a controller - it takes a different set of motor skills that I don't have as well developed or practiced... And the MMOs that are excersizes in selecting the right counter-button out of an option of approximately 400 different skills (FFXIV) yeah, those take some practice because you have to get the chording set up on the controller. Not impossible, but not exactly intuitive either. 

    And yeah, gamepad is technically "not as accurate" as mouse - I get that. But as long as the game is written well enough that i don't ~need~ pixel-perfect accuracy to a high level of frustration, I care more about the game being fun.

    Being able to play on the couch, or in the bed at night, with a wireless gamepad and not have to worry about stringing up a lap pad or losing the mouse in the cushions, and not having my hand cramp up after an hour and being painful --- it's slowed me down gaming, I won't get to competitive raiding levels in my lifetime, but I'm still having fun and it's a heck of a lot easier for me.