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  • Metric for what type of gamer you are.

    Mine said I failed the gamer test.
  • Miners make it harder to find budget video cards

    I'm hearing that right now, the best deal in GFX is the Star Wars Titan Xp edition, at around $1200-1300.

    That is how you know the shit got real I suppose.
  • RUMOR - Reddit User Claims to Have Leaked the First New World Footage - New World - MMORPG.com

    I did happen to get a curious email from Amazon just a couple days ago.

    I had "pre-ordered" New World a long time ago.

    Email said my digital pre-order was ready. Curious.

    The link took me back to the New World page, which shows pre-order only with no release date, and order status shows that I had just "ordered" it again. Cost was $0.00, so not worried about it, it was just curious.


    Hello ----------------,
    Your digital video games and software purchases are now available for use.
    Download, access and manage your digital video games and software now.
    Access your content

    Order Details
    New World [Download]

    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

  • (rumor) Playstation 5 in 2019 SSD 4k 120 fps

    I say 0 chance of that coming out as is. This looks more like a fan boys wet dream than any sort of skunkworks rumor.

    I would believe a Blu-Ray drive, and sure some games would come that way, but the emphasis already is on the digital storefront. I expect more storage. The physical drive is just so that it can continue to be a piece of the home theater equipment. Combined with PS Vue (not to mention their entire suite of home theater electronics), Sony still has every intention of being at the heart of your home theater.

    SSD - probably in an arrangement like Apple Fusion or Intel SRT. People are already cramped on 1TB drives, and throwing in all-SSD storage would be nice, but I don't think by 2020 we'll quite see price parity on SSD vs HDD, but the gap is closing. I'd expect something like 4-5TB, with maybe 256M of that being SSD storage. 

    Speaking of digital downloads, I think we are overdue to see some improvement there. I think we'll see a lot more push into what the MMO patchers have shifted to - you get what you absolutely need in the bulk download, then stream (and cache) the rest as you need it. Microsoft already hinted they are moving their digital storefront closer to this. As titles continue to grow in size, even people with very robust ISP connections are going to start to feel the pinch, but smart downloaders can go a very long way in alleviating that, as well as optimizing storage requirements.

    4K.. yeah. HDR certainly. We have that already. 120 FPS.. you might get some titles to run like that, but not the big AAA titles. Instead, it will be "Up to ...." whatever, with HDMI 2.1 VRR (which the Xb1X already supports, sort of). I think that still, the majority of titles will struggle to get a stable 60FPS. There may be some new tricks that pop up at CES between now and then that get thrown in as well, but overall I don't think there will be a lot of exciting new news here, just continued improvement on what we already have. Even with the PS4Pro, we still don't have stable 60FPS 1080 across a majority of titles - and perhaps we shouldn't, as devs will focus on using all the available resources to give what they think is the best effect, and maybe higher graphics at the expense of framerate is OK sometimes.

    Tech-wise, I wouldn't be surprised with a shift from GDDR5 to HBM or GDDR6.

    I would expect a continued emphasis on VR, Sony has actually been somewhat successful with that. The controllers will probably see a tweak to help in that vein, but I don't expect anything radical on the DualShock - it's not changed a whole lot since the original PS1.

    I don't know how well PSNow is doing for Sony (their streaming "backwards compatibility" solution"). I can't use it, I don't have enough bandwidth. I know I would prefer a more traditional route, but I can understand why they are pushing this direction as well. 

    Backwards compatibility with PS4 would be an interesting proposition. It will likely be another x64/GCN based APU, but no guarantees on that. A jump to Zen/Vega would present some optimization hurdles, but nothing nearly as huge as changing from PPC to x64 did. It's a definitely possibility, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony did something like lock it behind PS Plus.

    As well as PS4 is doing, I don't see Sony in a big hurry to push out a PS5. Nintendo isn't a direct threat, not because they aren't a credible company (they very much are), but Nintendo makes very different products from Sony (and Microsoft), the market share there isn't nearly as exclusive. The last time Nintendo tried to directly compete, it went very poorly for them (WiiU was initially billed as a AAA gamer platform, it was not, and the Switch doesn't even make a pretense about it). And even with the XB1X, Microsoft has a lot of ground to cover before they are a real threat to Sony... it's possible, Sony eventually caught up with Microsoft after making a similar stumble last generation, but it took them nearly 10 years to do it. I don't see Sony giving this generation 10 years before a PS5 comes out.

    PS4 was orignally released in 2013. PS4 Pro came out 2016, a 3 year cycle. I would expect a "PS5" in 2019-2020, the timeline and cadence seem about right. They need to make sure they have enough tech in there to not only differentiate it well enough from the PS4/Pro, but also the XB1X. Right now I don't think that exists in a form factor that will fit under a TV (entire console under 300W), even with a move to Zen/Vega I don't think we get to a dramatic enough jump. I think we may need to look at a jump a couple of generations from now: whatever comes past Navi and Volta, and that may still be a few years yet. Otherwise we are just looking at another refresh of a refresh - the PS4 Super Pro or something. And again, maybe that isn't a bad thing either, that's what PC Master Race has been doing since... forever.
  • Warframe - Does Warframe Need a Gear Score? - MMORPG.com

    I've got, maybe 30-40 hours in Warframe total. Up to MR6 or so.

    I still have no clue what I'm doing. I join in a mission with experienced folks, I struggle to just keep up with them, let alone actually get to shoot anything. Or I get turned around in a tunnel, and see the "3/4 players waiting" at the exit point while I scramble past trying to find it myself, and didn't even get to see the boss or whatever the objective was.

    I feel badly when that happens. But only way to get through it is to go through it.

    I have a lot more fun in the game when I solo a run and just go open every crate and shoot every mob. Sure, it takes more than 95 seconds, but I don't feel nearly as badly about it.

    So sorry if I'm part of the problem that has people wanting GS in the game. I honestly am still figuring out all the mods and stuff, I haven't exactly picked up on all the nuances of how difficult certain missions can be, I don't have the maps memorized, and I'm old and clumsy and get lost easily.