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  • The Way Forward...

    The suggestions you're making OP are too drastic. I doubt any developer can take such bold steps and not face complete failure. Yes FFXIV did it but they are Square Enix and they can absorb the loss. Don't even dream about this solution it is totally impossible.
  • Level Scaling Borefest...

    That's exactly it if you like questing like I do I am actually loving this because the mobs are not easier they remain a challenge and that makes it fun. Plus I nearly died too which hasn't happened in a long time while questing in WoW.
  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    Ok, I don't think I've ever used my join date for bragging rights before but if you check you will see I joined in February of 2005.  I see that that the OP joined in 2007.  So, delete5230, does that make me better than you?

    And besides, aren't you the guy who was all gung-ho to play project 99 and then when you got it set up you didn't even last a week?  I mean, I bitch about the fact that I'm sure Pantheon will be too "no-life" for me but even I have a level 55 character in P99. 

    You talk about Pantheon like it will be the greatest thing ever but when given the chance to play the closest thing to it that exists currently.....you don't.

    I think it is fine to have opinions about things. Even having an ego to post poorly written and thought out threads thinking they are the bomb is fine too. The problem is that the OP constantly has to take swipes at players of other games for the games they enjoy and brand them with stupid names he thinks are clever. He seems to be threatened by the very existence of other games and their player base and belittling them somehow is going to make their existence less valid in some way and less significant to the genre. How misguided is that ?

    OP had the chance to actually put his money where his mouth is and he failed. He cannot play Everquest in its classic version of Project 1999 and his claim is that the game having no map bothered him. Probably that inconvenience completely defeated him. That and the lame excuse that he cannot properly devote the time the game deserves. Seriously you cannot find the time to play Project 1999 but you have time to come here daily and start your dumb threads and to check on them regularly. The reason is simple he chickened out and yet here he is making fun of other gamers and talking about being a real MMORPGamer. 

    OP you have already proven aside from your inability to string proper sentences together and spell that you do not have the stamina to play the type of game you think you can, I seldom read your posts but thankfully the people who respond are coherent and interesting enough. At least you do generate discussion and in some cases here judging from the number of WTFs and LOLs you pile up each time they are entertained by you.

    I was annoyed when I genuinely got taken in by your attempt to play Project 1999 and spent some of my valuable and yes I consider the time I spent advising you in that thread as valuable but hope that it was useful to someone else who actually ended up playing Project 1999.

    You have an inflated view of yourself OP and what you are capable of. I suggest you stop trying to make fun of other games and gamers and try to find satisfaction by playing the games you can enjoy and stop worrying about what others are doing with their free time. At least I can honestly say that I play games each day and enjoy myself and I definitely do not need validation of my hobby on these forums and definitely not from the likes of you.
  • Perma-damage (not permadeath): Peg Legs, Eye Patches, Hook Hands?

  • The Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition Review - MMORPG.com

    I liked both the movies and I enjoyed "The Last Jedi''. My husband and friends who watched it liked it too. I will be buying some nice X'Mas Star Wars stuff for my friends who love Star Wars. Lot of fans liked the movies so it makes sense for them to market to them.

    Is that Donald as a Zabrak Sith Donald Maul?