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  • Affliction Warlock Takes Home World First Solo Xavius Kill - World of Warcraft Videos - MMORPG.com

    Xiaoki said:
    SBFord said:
    Thorage said:
    First we got raids tuned to noobs and half-noobs, now we can solo raids.... That clearly shows where Blizzard is going with WoW development.... I am thinking now about Vanilla WoW and how great mmorpg it was....I will never understand why Blizzard destroyed best mmorpg ever made and bend to whining of masses of noobs who were unable to kill anything ....
    People soloing raid bosses has been going on since 2004.
    Probably earlier than that. People were soloing raid bosses in EQ.

    But, oddly, its only a major "problem" when it happens in WoW.

    Exactly it is just that these days you can watch it on youtube. Those days it was just something people did but less well known. I love how people think this is new and criticize   WoW for it. 

    I used to watch in awe as a single Necro would break several mob rooms in Guk and take them over. This was before Kunark even.
  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    I have read things written by others and I am not convinced OP. I do wish you good luck with the game but I won't buy or support it.
  • First Female Player Reportedly On Tap to Join Overwatch League - Overwatch - MMORPG.com

    May be an IP ban will work.
  • Death of MMO genre - Nuff said ...

    pantaro said:
    kitarad said:
    pantaro said:

    After less than a minute of watching the video i had to stop watching and just like i expected clearly he is one of those triple A,triple A,triple A players.

    triple A is one of the major reasons that people think the genre is dead! what have so called triple A mmo's given us in the past 10 years.....i rest my case!

    I will gladly wait on the crowdfunded games and even put my money where my mouth is(already have Camelot Unchained and Crowfall) to studios that at least want to try to give us different kinds of mmo's.

    Even the crowdfunded games that dont appeal to me or I think are too much of a risk i hope every single one of them makes it to launch and achieves some form of success,cause that's exactly what we need right now,enough of the WoW clones!
    You're wrong that is not what he is. He is in fact rooting for the crowd funding. Perhaps you should have continued watching.
    just for you k? lol i'll try to keep my eye rolling to a minimum while i do
    If you watch the whole thing he is actually giving a summary of what went before(when you assumed his support for AAA) and saying kickstarter is our hope and to support it.
  • The Crowd Funded MMO’s, What They Mean For The Genre

    I do not think there's enough accountability in fact I think some are actually fleecing people and more regulations or something has to be done soon to avoid this from exploding and ruining good developers who are using kickstarter for honest development of games.