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  • Lord of the Rings Online Limited Time Legacy Bundle Gives You Boatloads of Content for $199

    Wizardry said:
    Considering i bought my fave game for $15 total package and it's probably at least 3-5x bigger than LOTRO,i would say $200 bucks is highway robbery.

    I can't imagine that office where the big shots sit down and discuss what price they figure would be a good one and that is not even close to being a good one.
    Wait.. there's a game you actually like?
  • Lord of the Rings Online Limited Time Legacy Bundle Gives You Boatloads of Content for $199

    laserit said:
    Sovrath said:

    exile01 said:

    This game launched with a 200 Dollar lifetime pack- and it failed miserably- hence it went f2p wich managed somehow to float into the abyss till the release of a classic server-wich was the reason the game failed in the first place. Its now there where it started- the circle of a retarded gameconcept.

    Or you can just make things up.

    Dungeons and Dragons online launched with Free to Play and it outdid all of Turbine's expectations so they decided to apply the same monetization to Lord of the Rings Online.
    DDO didn't launch with F2P it launched back in 2006 and it definitely had a sub. It was the first game that I knew of that switched yo a F2P model. 
    Same thing applied. DDO went FTP and they made LOTRO FTP because that was so successful, not because LOTRO was struggling. It then tripled the revenue from LOTRO within 2 years. LOTRO was very populated before it went FTP.
  • Lord of the Rings Online Limited Time Legacy Bundle Gives You Boatloads of Content for $199

    gervaise1 said:

    Wait are these actually the expansions? It says "quest packs" on the site for each expansion, so maybe it's just a weird way of wording it?

    It includes the "expansions". The page specifically says: "permanently gives you every quest in the game" and "even quests from Expansions!"

    I use quotes because of this: *Excludes expansion pre-order or bonus items, includes only Quests, Instances, Raids, Deeds.

    There have (maybe still are), for those unaware, expansion quests packs that contained the quests but not the raids but this bundle clearly includes them.

    The extra classes and the High Elf race seem to be the major exclusions.

    It states these are the expansion quest packs, not the expansion bundles. Quests, Deeds, Dungeons, Raids and nothing else. Which means skins, classes, extra characters slots etc. aren't included.

    That's what it says anyway...

    It also included 6000 store points though with the 12 month VIP, which you should get all at once, so you could probably buy everything else you wanted straight away.
  • BioWare Finally Officially Announces Dragon Age 4: The Dread Wolf Rises - MMORPG.com News

    I'm hopeful. Inquisition was good but dragged in the end. The story with Solas was very confusing and probably only made sense to lore hounds. It seemed to just come out of no where at the end and the DLC didn't clear anything up. Looking forward to, hopefully, getting some proper gameplay explanations for what happened.

    Really, though, I think Dragon Age needs to go back to being focused on Darkspawn issues and The Grey Wardens. That was excellent storytelling and lore. I can't understand why they moved on from it.
  • MMORPG.com : General : The Outer Worlds Official Announcement Trailer

    Looks awesome... but with this, cyberpunk, fallout(s), Rage.. Borderlands soon probably... this kind of thing is starting to get bloated.