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  • Players to be Able to 'Buy' Legendaries in 7.2.5 + Allied Races + Fate of Artifacts - World of Warcr

    SBFord said:
    Pure P2W.
    Pay to win? You only get the currency through actual play. It's not purchasable. It's not like a loot box, just RNG-based and with the item needed to buy it only obtainable in-game. FFS. This P2W "I hate loot boxes" garbage is getting out of hand.
    I thought this article meant "Buy" with real money too before I read further. Those that didn't read more than the header could have easily misunderstood. Tons of people probably think you can buy BiS equipment with real money now.
  • The World Health Organization to Add 'Obsessive Gaming Disorders' to Its Classification of Diseases

    This is a bit far fetched. Reading books constantly would have the same effect on fitness. Same with watching TV or Movies. Or playing board games.. or just about ANY activity that isn't very physical and holds your attention.

    This is people choosing to do something they want to do and other people telling them they shouldn't do it. It's not like being addicted to drugs or alcohol where there are serious, physical effects when you try to stop doing it... you know, actual physical addiction.

    It's just people not getting the exercise they should because they'd rather play a game, that's all it is. It may well be a bipolar, cyclothymic or depression disorder that causes them to act that way... but it's not a 'video game' disorder.
  •'s Best of 2017 Awards - General Awards

    Torval said:
    I think ESO should be MMO of the year, but I can see why FF14 got it. It's solid and very popular and a lot more traditional in many ways.

    The rest I totally agree with. I'm surprised BotW didn't get top honors, but I agree that D:OS2 deserves it. I think how they've pushed boundaries with multiplayer in that format, while still keeping the great narrative and broad appeal has earned it that place.

    Destiny 2 is an incredible game and so awesome. The shooting is fun and solid. It doesn't matter that it isn't a full on MMO to me because it feels enough like one and the community is good to play with.

    If I had to pick an alternate hybrid-MMO it would be Secret World Legends. Funcom has done a lot to move the idea of a persistent shared world RPG forward. They should get credit for that.

    I don't get the Wildstar hate. That is such a fun MMO. The reason I don't play Wildstar is the same as it is for Final Fantasy XIV, I don't have a group to play with. Those two MMOs aren't fun to me without friends. I never found guilds that clicked while I played and so I lost interest. The kinds of long term progression and goals for both fit with having a guild to pour that energy into.
    My biggest issue with Wildstar is mob/zone density. Everything is really packed together with stuff everywhere.

    You regularly accidentally start challenges and aggro things you didn't want to and it just gets chaotic. All you wanted to do was kill a monkey but you might harvest some wood, some ore, start a jumping challenge, start a kill challenge from a different mob you hit nearby and kill the monkey you wanted to. Now you're on a timer to complete these challenges so you're rushing about trying to kill some birds in 3 minutes.. and the monkeys for your quest... and you've got to jump up come giant mushrooms within 5 minutes. The screen is blasting out kill counts so you rush to kill more mobs. Loot and omnibits are flying out of everything so who knows what you've just picked up.


    Happens all the time. It's exhausting.
  • Diablo 3 - We Think Blizz Wanted to Announce World of Diablo. Here's Why -

    I was with you until you suggested they could be gearing up to put WoW in maintenance mode. Warcraft is the much bigger/more popular IP, they will never sideline it like that.
  • It's Just Cosmetic

    If there's ample cosmetics available to obtain through gameplay, I don't mind them being in the cash shop. I wouldn't buy them for real cash, ever... personally. 

    GW2 is a great system because there's tons of great looks in game and you can still earn the ones in the shop by exchanging gold for gems if you really wanted to.

    If the only way to look good is to buy the look, it's bullshit.

    ESO does this with mounts.. the only cool (premium) mounts are in the shop or found in shop bought loot boxes.

    BDO is absolutely terrible for it. Every class will look the same at max level if they don't buy skins for real money. Like, literally the same. BDO's P2W RNG aspect, focus on PvP and the lack of cosmetic options earn-able through gameplay means it should be torn apart like ArcheAge is... but it isn't for some reason.