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  • My Most Wanted Features - Elder Scrolls Online Columns

    Love those who want and auction house. I do just fine with the website that TELLS ME where the item is, how much, when it was posted. As for the list I agree, I want a single sword and spell option
    But isn't that just an auction house with a run attached?
    Almost, but it's worse because the item might have already been sold when you get there.

    A flawed solution but it's better than nothing I guess.
  • Enhanced Reshade Mod Brings Even More Beauty to Geralt's World - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay F

    Never been a fan of reshades personally. The contrast kind of strains the eyes over time and the colours always look too colourful, if you get what I mean.. they are unrealistically colourful.

    Looks good for those that are into this kind of thing though.
  • My Most Wanted Features - Elder Scrolls Online Columns

    gervaise1 said:
    Good list.

    As far as Auction Houses go what I have been thinking is: could they introduce a "shopping assistant".

    1. First the AH system is what it is in part - I am sure - for technical reasons. A global AH were you have to scroll through 50,000 (or 500,000!) lumps of metal until you get to ... logs of wood or cloth is a non-starter. Its a mega-server = lots of people = lots of stuff on sale. And the big trade guilds advertise an awful lot of sales.

    Which says that if even if there was such a thing as a global AH what we would then be clamouring for would be a decent filter!

    2. OK the existing AHs do have a filter. It could be better but as it stands anyone who has used it will - I am sure - have experienced a slight "delay" before the results come back. So on a global AH scale I reckon that this delay would become much more marked. If the search was run in the background however that shouldn't be an issue.

    3. Which gave birth to the idea of a "shopping assistant". You want to buy something but you don't want to scour the various AHs. So you give your assistant instructions to go and buy you - something. And this is were the filter could - perhaps - be improved. Or maybe - before you can narrow down your search - a list of possible options needs to be generated. A list from which you could select or maybe use to narrow down the seach down further.

    4. Now - obviously - the assistant is going to have to be paid! Which also brings in the current AH structure. The most prized locations are the ones with the most footfall and as a result they tend to be the most well stocked and also the most expensive! Automate everything though .... would destroys the current structure.

    5. So - perhaps - a search of the most popular AH sites is a) cheaper and b) takes less time. With searches that take the assistant to more remote places becoming increasingly more expensive and time consuming. Youl would decide how wide a search should be made. Remember sakes will be in real time so taking more time could have an impact.

    And when the assistant is finally sent out to buy something then - maybe - the more popular AHs have the items at a "reasonable" price the assistant won't spend the next week trying to save 1 copper but will but it at the more popular AH.

    And - maybe - the guilds that run the AHs get a % of the assistant's fee. A way of protecting the current structure. (Worst case: all AHs are treated equally, with assistants visiting them all and guilds will just be bidding to have a slot.)

    Note: No change to current set up. You would still need to be in a guild - with an AH - to sell stuff to people not in your guild. (People don't need to be in a guild to buy and an AH skot is not needed to offer items for sale to members of your guild.)

    In summary: whilst people talk about wanting a global AH - I understand! - there is already "lag" when you search on even a small AH when you are the only person searching! On a global AH with - presumably - auctioneers across the land with people clustered around them, running searches 24/7 .... I am pretty sure we would not be at all happy.

    A "shopping assistant" would allow the searches to be done "in slow time" - in the background. Unless you knew that you wanted a Shield of Protection Against Overpriced Goods .... at a maximum price of 100 gold then your search is probably going to be iterative. It could become (would be) more of a house keeping function rather than a chore however to find stuff that you want.
    GW2 does fine with a global auction house (even though it's just buy and sell orders and not actual auctions). So... look at that interface and see that it's completely viable to have a global trading system on a megaserver. The value of everything is properly standardized and rises and falls based on supply and demand, much like stock trading in real life.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - E3 Demo Impressions - MMORPG.com

    Why choose not to have some of this gameplay footage released publicly? Clearly everyone who saw it was impressed but it's hard to get excited about it or even begin to imagine what makes it so impressive if we can't even see it.
  • Fallout 76 - Bivouac with C.A.M.P. - MMORPG.com

    Not enough clear details to make any real conclusions about the system.

    I think if they do go this.. full PvP, destructible base.. route then they are going to annoy a lot of loyal Fallout fans.

    Survival fans will love it.