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  • Carbine Studios Shutting Down, WildStar to Close - MMORPG.com

    DeadSpock said:

    When you campaign against WoW, you really campaign against 100 million+ blizzard fans

    I’m not a blizzard fan and never liked wildstar I’m happy the crap is officially dead. I called it since release that it was crap and loudmouth fans of it called me names that’s what you get it...
    Show me on this Chua where they hurt you...

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  • Help Shape the Future of Lord of the Rings Online in the Palantir Private Preview Program - MMORPG.c

    How about instead, you guys pass off the torch to another more capable company so that it can be completely redone in a proper more modern format, one that will allow for a better ease-of-play for modern players.

    Yeh, let's burn one of the very few classic/vintage MMOs left, the kind that made the genre popular in the first place, and replace it with fake action combat on rails MMO number 87 with a Lord of the Rings skin on it.

    Can't wait.
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  • Need some advice on what I should do

    WoW is one of those games where the real game is at endgame. Everything before that can certainly be enjoyable but most people are at the end and that's where most of the action is at.

    I'd stick with one character until you get to that point because, like you said, you don't want to get bored before you get to the best content. What you are playing now is all very very old and the newer content is a massive improvement in terms of flow and presentation.. and storytelling. WoD, Legion and BfA questing is a hell of a lot more fun and interesting.

    If you play for dungeons then it's the perfect game for you. Endgame is all about dungeons and raids. People will talk properly once you're doing the hardest content. LFD can still be a very unsociable experience sometimes though. Right now, at lower levels, you are probably doing dungeon runs with people who are likely not serious players. They are probably returning or new players just trying out the game. Before level 20 a lot of them might have been trial players. They tend to speak less.
  • Steam Numbers Show MHW's Massive Success - It's Steam's Biggest Game So Far in 2018 - Monster Hunter

    You guys know you can just use a controller on PC, right?

    Why be stubborn and insist on using k&m even though you know it's crap?

    The game is meant to be played with a controller, use a controller. You don't need to be afraid of the almighty controller.
  • I don't get the point of VIP

    lahnmir said:
    lahnmir said:
    VIP members get priority when logging in, that is worth the money alone for serious players, the rest is just a nice bonus.
    Pay $50 for a chance to play the game... or subscribe as well so you can always play the game. Nice! Really respect them....  :#

    FTP rules in a BTP game.
    You completely missed the point. You can always log in, the one a bit faster then the other, not being able to play is nonsense. Faster logging in might be crucial for competitive guilds though.

    Since when do we whine about subs and box prices around here? You had no choice back in "the golden days," it was pay your sub or don't play at all....

    You really don't see that they've done this to stop people wanting multiple non-VIP accounts instead of VIP ones? Swapping accounts to play your other character(s), craft something, gather something, etc. will put you in a queue. That is not being able to log in.

    And if you think paying your VIP fee makes you more competitive, well.. that's just pay to win really isn't it... which is something I hadn't even thought of until you said it.