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  • Lord of the Rings Online Limited Time Legacy Bundle Gives You Boatloads of Content for $199

    Wizardry said:
    Considering i bought my fave game for $15 total package and it's probably at least 3-5x bigger than LOTRO,i would say $200 bucks is highway robbery.

    I can't imagine that office where the big shots sit down and discuss what price they figure would be a good one and that is not even close to being a good one.
    Wait.. there's a game you actually like?
  • f disk my account please

    So.. you're kind of overreacting to not winning a sweepstake for Bless Online...
  • Bill Murphy - Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For - MMORPG.com

    Albatroes said:
    I have this feeling Bill threw a live grenade into a crowded room just to see the reaction.
    He rubbed his hands together and cackled like an evil genius right before submitting this article.
  • The Recurring Issue in Guild Wars 2 - MMORPG.com

    Nanbino said:

    Some of my issues with GW2:

    1) Cheap design all around: Horrible character design (one of the most unsexies women design ever, their beasts are well done, buthumans just .... bleh. And this was coming from the company that revolutionized "human only" design and combat games. Just play any of their previous titles and look at their art direction...it all went cartoony poo poo).

    Sure there is a cool looking stone arcade on the mountain side...you go up to it, its just a 2D image spray painted behind an invisible wall you can't go between teh arcades you just bounce off. Of course they have "go to this mountain and climb" interaction, but if you really start exploring it is carrot on stick, the world is STALE. (insert mailboxes and NPCs that have the same "just roll off" effect and therefore begs the question: why even have them if they are useless?)

    The biggest: Laziness. Anyone ever just stop to ask self as you are following a main story arch, and have to take a few days off to level grind before next story arch boss fight, WHY there are tons of unrelated content to slag through? "Your following a band of pirates that kidnapped ap rincess....oh but for a few days go explore and killa bunch of outposts that have ghost npc's"...and these ghost NPC's are no other than copy and paste TOWNSMAN assets, and they literally JUST made them transparent...same movements, etc...EXCEPT....EXCEPT! When you target them, their Avatar at top is not transparent, it is literally THE SAME FLESHED OUT STANDARD NPC MODEL they forgot or too lazy to "turn transparent". This is F2P level stuff (and this is of course before core game went F2P)...

    There is more but already tl;dr

    2) Zerg pvp, llack luster. couldn't capture 1/4 of what old school wow pvp thrills had.

    3) ARthritis combat because 1-3 over and over and over and over....I get it if your also ona progression stage where harder maps require more dodge and spam...but when your going through ANY STAGE with scaled content, EVERY fight is like a mini boss fight...dodge, dodoge, etc... It should just be: 1 and dead, since I over level it. I understand you want that "realism" of "every monster can kill" or that "fair" "op players can't carry low players"...but you sacrafice realism the moment you create a fantasy game and mentioned above, crap world design, and you throw out out the pulling idea when the entire "everyone is equal" gets pulled in groups: resulting in pulling.

    4) menus, fast travel, and other useless fluff. Hence the reason people only get mounts "for that one expansion". Remove the diamonds to teleport every inch, and you have a real reason for mounts now...

    And a side point: This website for perma banning me back int he day when this game was so over fan boied, you can smell it through the monitor. One critic or one point to show the slobbering kids that this game was not a wow killer and you got perma banned here. It was bad. Sad. And pretty funny to see the state it is now XD. Sadly, although pretty much a different Genre, the original GW is still their shinning gem


    But.. completely disagree with everything you said except 2).

    Got to comment properly on this one though...

    Mounts? You haven't played the game lately and you don't have Path of Fire. The mounts in GW2 are the best iteration of the feature in any game, ever. The mounts are an absolute requirement for progression in the new zones, are a joy to use and add so much to the experience of playing in the old zones that it completely changes the feel of the game. I expect you saw the mounts, assumed they are like mounts in others games without knowing what you're talking about and decided to slag them off based on your incorrect opinion of them. They are NOT just a speed boost.

    Get the game, ride the mounts, eat your words... or please stop commenting about things you don't understand.
  • Blizzard is not your friend

    I almost played retail World of Warcraft. 

    I has two choices: 

    Pay $15 and must play extremely old content, only for later to pay for the expansion..... seems ligate, but I didn't like that option none the less.  

    Pay $59.95 and only get 10 levels of content, I didn't like that option either !!
    What a ridiculous way of looking at an absolutely massive game.

    New, new, new! Everything must be brand new! If I'm not playing the brand new stuff it must be impossible for me to have any fun. 10 levels? Levels are all that matter! That's all there is to do, get 10 levels! Nevermind the extra 100+ hours of content once you've finished getting 10 levels, none of that matters! I don't like playing games for gameplay, I want moar numbers.

    Sarcasm, just in case anyone was confused.

    Here's a question, if they added 50 new character levels but everything else in the expansion was the same.. is that now 50 levels worth of content?
    You simply twisted this to your assumption, The game is old I've played several expansions in the past... Honestly I'm sick of them, deeply sick of them ! 

    I'm by far from a power leveler, that's the last thing I care about.  

    For this price and the options "to play as a new game"... I don't like it.  

    It's about time blizzard starts all over again, instead of milking big money  !
    Pretty sure I didn't twist anything. You said you almost played retail WoW.. 'almost'.. which means, literally, that you haven't even played it.

    If you didn't communicate what you were trying to say properly that's your fault, not mine.