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  • Logitech G PowerPlay System with G903/703 Gaming Mice: Bye Bye, Wires -

    I do wish they'd stick with the original G700 button layout. 4 on the side and 3 to the left of the left mouse button. Best mouse I've ever owned. Having access to 4 buttons with your index finger and 4 buttons with your thumb is excellent for when you need to press more than 1 at a time and prefer them on your mouse.

    If it had the same button layout I'd buy one of these complete kits immediately.

    At this rate I'm going to have to buy a few original G700s to save for the future.
  • How Long should playtime be?

  • Favorite video game music composer?

    There's so many great one's but I'm going to pick Nobuo Uematsu for his work on Final Fantasy VI and even more specifically the track Terra's Theme.

    I think that's probably the most nostalgic and thought provoking sound track for me. 
  • High Elves & Mordor Expansion Now Available for Points - Lord of the Rings Online -

    Gorwe said:
    SWTOR doesn't limit you to chapter 1 of class stories unless you subscribe. It merely limits stash space / equipment(boo hoo, you can't use purples, an item tier only really necessary in HM OPs+) etc.

    I mean, I still can't stand by level 30+ locked, locked virtues, locket traits in trees(those on the side you get by putting point into any tree)...?

    Since when are either SWTOR or ES:O so stingy?
    LOTRO has a barrier for entry but once you reach it, you don't have to sub. I subbed for 1 month. Bought 2 expansions with real money and earned everything else for free. Literally everything. I've spent a total of about $40 on the game and that's all I'll ever need to spend. Ever. I have enough free LOTRO point now to buy any future quest packs and expansions and it's still growing.
  • High Elves & Mordor Expansion Now Available for Points - Lord of the Rings Online -

    Dragnelus said:
    Thnx for all the info.

    Lets say I buy all the expansions except mordor, get lvl 20 and dont got a sub or any other packs, can I do dungeons (6man)

    Edit: And I saw one expansion comes with 1k lotro point. Is it worth to get high elves or save ot for something else?
    High elf is just cosmetic really, I wouldn't bother with it. I'd save that 1000 to get Mordor or get inventory space if you're not subbing or get the quest packs you need if you're not subbing. By the time you get to Morder you'll easily have earned waaay more than enough LotRO Points through Deeds to buy it for free.

    Honestly, if you know you like the game and know you'll get enough fun hours out of it, you should sub for 1 month. It'll make the start a lot more enjoyable and you get tons of permanent upgrades for your characters as long as you log in with them once when subbed (Quick travel, Trait Unlocks, Currency cap unlock, Bag Space, Free horse riding at level 20, etc.). Those upgrades stay if you stop subbing.

    Right now, if it's choice between getting Helm's Deep or subbing for 1 month, I'd chose to sub. You can easily earn HD and Mordor for free then with less annoyances along the way. It'll be a while before you even get to Helm's Deep content.

    There is a ton of benefits for subbing for 1 month. After 1 month you don't need it as much anymore.